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Lockdowns Forever: Biden, Dems to Impose Restrictions Even with Vaccine in the Pipeline

Joe Biden is being advised to immediately enact strict new mandates and institute lockdowns as soon as he takes office in mid-January. This despite the fact a pair of vaccines are about to end the pandemic. The unconstitutional measures are driven by political and authoritarian impulses.

President Trump and his lawyers continues to uncover the extent to which voter fraud swayed tallies in battleground states such as Pennsylvania. Trump’s team does not allege that mass voter fraud was conducted across the country, but rather, it was targeted and done only in a handful of swing states that Joe Biden needed to win in order to secure 270 electoral votes.

In Georgia, a pair of Senate runoffs could hand liberals the majority needed to pass the party’s radical agenda. If both Democrats win the elections in January, then Democrats will control the White House, House of Representatives and Senate. There will be nothing to stop Joe Biden and the aggressive left-wing faction of his party from passing their most radical agenda items. The Green New Deal, court packing, Medicaid for All…all of these things would be an inevitability.

Democrats are clearly testing the waters to see how far they can go in terms of eliminating freedoms. What makes their ultimatums politically transparent is the fact that Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are expected to be released within weeks.

“The FDA wants to see two months of safety monitoring for at least half of the 30,000 people in the trial, a milestone Moderna expects by the end of November,” The Wall Street Journal reports. “In the early look, the company said no significant safety concerns were reported, and the vaccine was generally well-tolerated, with injection-site pain for some people after the first dose, and fatigue, headache, and joint pain after the second.”

Former FDA commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb recently indicated that with 20 million doses from Pfizer and Moderna going into circulation and more on their heels, COVID could be completely eradicated in the coming months. Other’s estimate that as many as 60 million doses could be released by year’s end.

“Once we get these vaccines, in sufficient qualities, heading in 2021, the combination of the fact that a lot of the population will have already had Covid, combined with the fact that we’ll be vaccinating the public with a highly effective vaccine, we could effectively end this pandemic in 2021 with our technology,” Gottlieb said.

Widespread testing has revealed an increasing number of Americans have endured the virus and developed antibodies. With infection testing-rates up and hospitalizations and deaths in retreat, it seems counterintuitive for Democrats to be pushing for more economic devastation.

But decreased deaths isn’t stopping some Democrats from enacting new sanctions, curfews and lockdowns. Several Democrat Governors have announced these actions just this week, among them are California Governor Gavin Newsom, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Governor Whitmer, whose previous orders have been reversed by the state’s supreme court, plans to shutter businesses such as restaurants and thinks she has the power to outlaw Thanksgiving. Her recent mandate states that indoor family gatherings cannot exceed two households — TWO! Her illegal order runs through Thanksgiving and was issued by using the Michigan Dept. of Health and Human Services as a way to do an end-around of the state’s GOP-majority legislature.

“Instead of working with our elected representatives at the state and local level, she is trying a one-size-fits-all approach that will only exacerbate the issues our state and its economy are facing,” Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman Laura Cox reportedly said. “Small businesses, particularly restaurants, cannot sustain themselves through another lock-down, and these new orders will certainly spell doom for the livelihood of many.”

Joe Biden could stop all of this and promise he will not lockdown the country ever again, the last of which sent our economy spiraling downward and caused over 20 million Americans to lose their jobs. But Biden hasn’t said anything like that. Many anticipate he will lead from behind and bend to the political will of Democrat extremism. In fact, one of Joe Biden’s advisors recently floated a 4- to 6-week national lockdown during an interview.

“We are in … the most dangerous public health period since 1918,” adviser Dr. Michael Osterholm reportedly said on Meet the Press. “If we don’t take important steps like stop swapping air with our neighbors, our friends, our colleagues, we’re going to see numbers grow substantially.”

Lockdowns and other restrictions have already proven to have negative results and did not tamp down the spread. It’s obvious the Democratic Party is still politically motivated to exercise authoritarian rule and sow chaos until the final election results are certified.

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  1. Erleebird says

    Keep our nation together and follow the constitution! These deadheads who continually want to control us are power freaks! Enjoy your Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings! Keep America Great and The truth shall set you free!!

  2. russell remmert says

    biden is not or will ever be my president, needs to stay in basement

  3. Stephen C Potts says

    Lockdowns are just another term for illegal Martial Law!

  4. John M says

    I feared the Covid boogie man under my bed for over six months. It’s now the ones sitting in the state capitals I fear the most.

  5. Terry Bell says

    Biden is an idiot…..Its what DUMPACRAPS are !

  6. Terry Bell says

    I agree 100 %

  7. Bruce says

    Last time I looked this is not Communist Russia, North Korea or Nazi Germany or any other extreme Liberal country where your basic civil liberties are trampled upon. We must get Democrats out of the White House and make certain we keep control of the Senate or we are in a lot of trouble.

  8. Wyatt Earp says

    Biden doesn’t have i POWER to shutdown the country! He didn’t even win the election! We all know PHONY media who are getting pay by george soros will post anything that is a LIES! I’m sure lot of them stay awake at night wonder if there a HITMAN outside their house! Knowing what they are doing is trying to DESTORY AMERICA from WITHIN!

  9. Scarlet says

    Who are they kidding. We’ve had a flu vaccine for years and we still have the flu going around.

  10. Wyatt Earp says

    Biden is NOT MY PRESIDENT! After 47 years in Congress and NOTHING WAS ACCOMPLISHED! But once he became Obama VP he sold out the country to CHINA and RUSSIA! Even IRAN is involved in this! He knows all about the coronavirus was planted by CHINA TO HELP DEMOCRAT SCARED THE PEOPLE! Only one he scared are those who are STUPID ENOUGH to believe DR. FAUCI! The man can’t even think straight! Saying one thing then another! Dr. Fauci DIDN’T FO ANYTHING ABOUT THE N1H1 OR THE SWINE FLU! BUT HE DID AS WELL AS OBAMA GIVE CHINA MULLION OF DOLLARS TO INVENT THIS CORONAVIRUS! TO HELP DEMOCRAT DESTORY AMERICA FROM WITHIN.

  11. 9MM says

    Big step one in the new Socialist Devilcratic try at a total take over. This will take all from we the people so Venezuela style Government can be gifted to we the people.

  12. John Fobare. Jr says

    Biden doesn’t want to be the president he wants to be the dictator of the USA

  13. Nate says

    Locking himself in The White House might be the one thing that saves this country!

  14. Gerald S Ladd says

    It may be before long, if the idiot, and the slut get into the WH.

  15. Rivahmitch says

    Of course, if you isolate everyone from their friends and neighbors noone will notice when people disappear. Wise up and prepare.

  16. Aline says

    He’s an idiot, does not even know what he’s doing or what he will do to this country IF he were to take office. Thank you left for voting for an idiot that wants the government to rule us and our freedom. He will never take office. And all of you that voted illegally/fraud for him, you have put us all in jeopardy and we will not have a life of our own. You have allowed the government to think and act for us. You have taken our freedom to work, play, think away from us IF THE IDIOT WERE TO TAKE OFFICE, WHICH HE WILL NEVER.

  17. Sidney Polley says

    “If Powell is right, the CIA worked with Dominion to infiltrate and alter our elections. The CIA deliberately incorporated fraudulent voting machines that systematically switched votes cast for Trump to count for Biden. This is the highest level of election fraud imaginable, and it shows that the deep state is being aided by the CIA. They violated everything we hold dear to fight back against President Trump’s battle against the swamp.”

    • The demon-crats keep demonstrating that they are merely spawns/pawns of Satan being used to tear this country down, as founded upon Christian principles, and turn it into a godless Socialist country! Of course, thinking they as the elite will be the rulers over we peons!!!!

  18. Jeanne says

    Biden is a Liar & A thief. Count all Votes for Our President of the United States Trump 2021

  19. Jeanne Buckley says

    Votes for Our President Trump. None for Biden the dummy Democrats

  20. Mike S says

    If the stinking Democrats and their puppet Biden were to institute an unnecessary lock down, it would be an example of a government at war with it’s people. If Biden were to enter the White House with half the country believing that he did not win the election, most would bitterly accept it. Many, many will not. I question whether this republic will survive. It’s time for the Convention of States to take this problem to the people and establish a constitutional convention that will reduce the power of the federal government. It’s vitally important for the will of the people to determine how their country is governed, not an individual and a few of his puppet masters. If this country is to survive, this is vitally necessary. Terms Limits and balanced budget are just the first implements of taking the country back.

  21. Vicky says

    First, Creepy Joe will not be assuming the office of president because he won’t be president. Mr. Trump does not need to concede because he didn’t lose. Biden and his minions lie and cheat to get their way but it won’t work this time. They are frauds and we don’t like frauds. If course, Creepy Joe probably doesn’t even know what is going on since he is demented. Hang on to your hat because it is going to get interesting!

  22. Fredie says

    These psychos are have simply lost touch with reality. How is it that so many can seem to be on such a different thought process they truly believe in? If you haven’t seen Netflix’s The Social Dilemma, it explains it all. This is why my husband and I both have never engaged in social media. Also, if you haven’t seen the video on YouTube by Vaughn something rather, because it keeps getting taken down, he explains it very well. If we end up in the House with them deciding the election, Nancy Pelosi does not make the call. Each state gets one vote, not every state Rep. As it stands, we the people have a republican state majority in this country so in the House there is no way Biden could legally be awarded the presidency. Have peace in that. But with the lawsuits and all the fraud, this will instead be decided by the SCOTUS. Have peace and trust in that. However, either way there will absolutely be violence and blood on the streets when the election is officially called because Conservatives are not going to let these radical Pelosi, Biden, Clinton, Obama followers take our country from us. Likewise, the left who is brainwashed will fight for what they think we are taking from them. Pray for President Trump, a very smart and brave leader, and please help protect the Senate by supporting the fundraising regardless where you live. This runoff election will have an impact on us all, in this country and all over the world.

  23. Fredie says

    An example of what is to come if this does not end in an honest election, with President Trump, who impressively earned his place as our Commander in Chief…

    My husband and I were banned from our local co-op, which we are fractional owners for 18-years. The only place we grocery shop. The month leading up to the election I shopped always wearing my Trump hat and some sort of political shirt which was offensive to the radical whiney liberals living in moms basement. Friday November 13 we arrived to shop only to be harassed by the staff, including the store assistant manager and then several store customers. I cannot wear a mask due to breathing issues that have become worse from a traumatic spinal trauma I’ve spent two years in therapy for now, including to be able to walk again. All year shopped without a mask and not a problem. Not until I started showing up with Trump clothing. So they know they can’t infringe on my rights to wear my Trump attire so they finally made it about my not wearing a mask and said they are no longer accepting medical exemptions. Totally illegal, by the way. So the police were called, the staff lied about what happened and we were sent out without the groceries we had in our cart. Now our lawyer is on it. Humiliating, upsetting and completely illegal! We cannot continue to tolerate these unconstitutional lockdowns and face-rags that impact ones ability to breathe, clearly identify themselves and quite frankly, not be demeaned or made to look like we all share the same political beliefs!

  24. Daniel Stewart says

    The American Socialist Party ( Democrats ) have been moving toward this moment in history since FDR was President. ALL THE EVIDENCE points to the Democrats stealing this election. The SCOUS needs to decide this election for President and for Congress. Then a two-term limit needs to be enacted for Senators and Congressmen. Outlawing the Socialist Democratic Party would also be a step in the right direction. We are the closest we have ever been to losing our freedom. If Crazy Joe Biden and Kamala Harris occupy the White House it’s the end of a free U.S.A. It’s time for a new March on Washington. All true Americans of every race, religion, or country of origin, it’s time to show the world you will not meekly and quietly give up the freedom that so many have fought and died for.

  25. Guy Gibbs says

    I think Then Democratic Party and all its members need to be fined for all the problems with the votes in the 2020 election. The vote was against them in the first place but with the help of the billionaires they have caused the election officials to violate the law and now they all should be fined at lest $1million to clear it up. If I were a Democrat I would be afraid of Biden becoming President and embarrassing all of us. HE WILL LET U ALL DOWN BECAUSE HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON OR WHERE HE IS.
    Guy Gibbs

  26. Eileen Mitchell says

    It’s too late baby. Here she comes

  27. Walter Goddard says

    That’s the Liberal path, to removal of checks and balances…
    Open borders for illegal aliens, but lock down the Citizens, and shut down any small business used to support the Family…

    Only Liberals’ celebrations are allowed, along with mostly peaceful protests, looters, rioters, cop killers, and anti-Trump gangs… all others are subject to be ostracized from a peaceful society!

    I have to wonder, did Biden tell everyone; who opposes oil/gas, to burn their olive branches to stay warm?!

  28. Billy Wilson says

    Biden/Harris and their followers need to spend time in Prison for Fraud and Treason against the American people.

  29. John Roberts says

    All the sheep believe if a Governor or Biden makes a mandate they MUST comply…These are MANDATES sheeple not laws and Federal Courts have said you cant be fined or arrested for breaking a MANDATE…A mandate is simply a powerful suggestion and NOT A LAW….Screw Biden and the REAL presidential Candidate Kamaltoe Hairyass… MANDATES ARE NOT ENFORCEABLE LAWS….COMPLIANCE EQUALS IMPLIED CONSENT….Consent implies your OK with them taking your freedom from you…WHY would you do that?…Dangerous freedom is better than safe Slavery.

  30. DAV says

    To Russell Remmert: IF somehow Joek Obiden manages to steal the presidency, we should attempt impeachment on his first day. He should be treated the same way Trump was treated.

  31. Wyatt Earp says


  32. John Decker says

    If the Left actually manages to win the election, and the courts roll over for the Dems, Biden will only be President until he forgets he won, which will take about a week. Then he’ll either step, or be pushed down, and Camela will be President. The first time she disobeys a Soros order will be the last, and Soros may step forward as Dictator, or simply put Hillary in as his puppet. Of course the same penalties for disobedience will still apply. Unfortunately for all of them, they won’t survive the Second American Revolution. The end.

  33. STEVEN says

    Biden will never be my president-EVER!


    Harris the whore and Biden the pedafile reads the headline if they were to get in the white house. God forbid it from happening. China would be moving into the white house and harris and biden would be kissing their feet while they are scubbing the toilets for them. China knows what stupids they are that is why they want them in. America we need Trump to be in that office for another four years or for life. the only person that knows and cares about the american people and would take care of america the way it should be done. Democrats you best put your knee pads on because you will be on your knees cleaning up all the crap you dumped on us. Harris go stand on the street corner and see if you can get anyone to bite on you. biden take your whole family of criminals and enjoy life in prison holding hands through the bars because that is all you deserve you good for nothing criminals.

  35. Mike Williams says

    I’ll be damn if I’m going to “Lockdown”. I believe their will be a civil war if he tries.

  36. Will says

    It makes zero sense to have lockdowns once the vaccine is distributed. That will come back to hurt the old coot should he end up in the White House and he follows through on the lockdowns.

    I also hope people up in MI vote out Whitmer in 2022.

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