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Interim Report: Wisconsin Special Counsel Shakes the 2020 Election Bushes

Here’s one surprising thing that Wisconsin has going for it when compared to other swing states: The voters are mad as hell about the 2020 election and continue to demand action from their elected representatives and senators. They continue to demand an audit, transparency and an overturn of the results if their questions are not answered. Good for them!

The recent Legislative Audit Bureau report on the election found massive discrepancies between the official results and the “anomalies” that took place in 2020. The Racine County Sheriff also recently exploded the nursing home scandal in that state, in which tens of thousands of elderly and incapacitated people had votes cast for them. And now, the Special Counsel has issued an interim report to the Wisconsin state legislature.

Special Counsel Mike Gableman has been slowly, methodically investigating all the allegations of vote fraud in the 2020 election in Wisconsin. The interim report he just issued is about 25 pages long. I read it, so you won’t have to – although I’ll place the link to the report at the bottom of this missive.

Keep in mind that Joe Biden supposedly “won” Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes by just 20,682 votes. Here’s a look at what the Special Counsel’s Interim Report says thus far.

First, the report acknowledges that the Legislative Audit Bureau did a fairly good job, despite auditing elections not being their job at all. The Wisconsin LAB is a bunch of accountants. Their normal job is to audit state projects to make sure taxpayer money isn’t being wasted. Still, despite the limitations they were held to, they managed to find some very questionable things. The Special Counsel hopes to expand on those items and uncover more.

A huge red flag that jumps out from the Interim Report is the absentee balloting scandal in Wisconsin. As you know by now, only individuals who are indefinitely confined at home are allowed to cast absentee ballots in Wisconsin election. This is intended so that people with severe developmental or physical disabilities are still able to vote. And somehow, there was a massive explosion in absentee ballots in Wisconsin in 2020. This also allows people to bypass the voter ID laws in Wisconsin. It’s believed that many city clerks were also allowing people to cite fear of COVID as the reason for their “indefinite confinement,” which is absurd at this point.

The Special Counsel notes that there were two very large public events in the city of Madison in September and October of 2020. These events were called “Democracy in the Park.” The Special Counsel alludes to the fact that these appear to have been partisan get-out-the-vote efforts for the Democrat Party. Many of the volunteers working with the election clerks were not properly trained at helping people fill out applications. Yet those two Democracy in the Park events yielded as many as 17,000 invalid absentee ballot applications being approved.

Riddle me this, fellow election sleuths: How do 17,000 people who are “indefinitely confined” at home somehow show up at large public events at city parks to register for absentee voting? The Special Counsel would like to know the answer to that riddle as well. Oh, and those 17,000 ineligible votes in the city of Madison make up almost Joe Biden’s entire margin of victory in the state of Wisconsin.

The Special Counsel has also found evidence that corroborates the Racine County Sheriff’s investigation into elder voting abuse. The Wisconsin Election Commission ruled that its own deputies (teams of one Republican and one Democrat) were too dangerous to enter nursing home facilities. So instead, they instructed partisan nursing home staff members to cast ballots for dementia patients. The Special Counsel concludes that this resulted in record-high turnout among elderly voters who had not voted in the past decade.

Finally, the Special Counsel is also digging into the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) owned by Mark Zuckerberg and other billionaires who offered lucrative financial contracts to Wisconsin election clerks, in exchange for administering the 2020 election. (I feel like I’m in an insane asylum every time I type a sentence about that. How in the world did that EVER happen in American elections?)

The Special Counsel has announced that it has uncovered solid evidence that these NGOs engaged in explicitly partisan get-out-the-vote activities for the Democrat Party, while under the guise of working for municipal election clerks.

The Interim Report makes it clear that Special Counsel Mike Gableman is looking for scalps over the 2020 election. He’s making criminal referrals and he’s turning over all the rocks that the state legislature should have turned over months ago.

If you want to read the Interim Report for yourself, you can check it out HERE.

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  1. Cheryl says

    There are enough states of FRAUD to overturn the 2020 ELECTION! It is a SAD day, when people have to CHEAT to win! This is not teaching our children to ALWAYS BE TRUTHFUL AND FOLLOW THE LAWS OF THE LAND! That is why we have so many CRIMES! THERE ARE ALWAYS RULES, WHERE EVER YOU GO! GOD BLESS THE USA!

  2. Steve B says

    I hope the investigation continues and heads roll! Let’s Go Brandon!!!

  3. the angler says

    THIS is encouraging and ’bout time but unfortunately a little late for “WE THE PEOPLE” and our COUNTRY!
    It appears after reading this article that there were a plethora of ELECTION LAWS either ignored or broken by local election offices who caved (like most Democrats) to the U.S. Dollar by accepting funds from folks like Mark Zuckerberg. All of these folks including the Nursing Home employees that participated in these activities must and should be prosecuted.
    It is very important to note that this DEMOCRATIC MACHINE was working in other states like Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, etc. as well and should be pursued by those states to re-instate ELECTION INTEGRITY! WHEN I read about Nursing Home patients voting for the first time in a decade or having dementia is on the fringes of PATIENT ABUSE by having the patient possible commit an act against their will! ALL NURSING HOME STAFF who participated should be FIRED IMMEDIATELY or at least the ADMINISTRATOR who allowed this action to move forward!
    I Thank U.S. Politics and News the opportunity to voice my opinion and THANK GOD for this GREAT NATION!

  4. Mickey mouse says

    Somebody tell the people of Wisconsin to stop the scam investigation nobody’s gonna be arrested for violating voter laws and even if they find out that the election was rigged AGAINST Donald Trump there is not nothing that you can do to change ANYTHING. PROVE me wrong arrest the lowlife Biden.

  5. Brian says

    At last we can see something happening. These fasists who are operating the New Nazi Party should all be jailed for treason. This has gone beyond fraud, this is an afront to true Americans. If those who vote for democrats are happy to win this way, they have no right to call themselve American citizens, and ignorance is no excuse. This is a blatent attack on the constitution, and all those who think its okay, should beware. One day you may need the constitution for your own protection, and when you do not get it, you can thank yourself.

  6. Joe says

    Fraud every where in swing states and others, we know the election was stolen, and it needs ti be rectified, and hidenbiden needs to be thrown out of office, and trump re=instated as the legitimate president. So much fraud that it can’t be covered up.Change needs to happen immediately, and hidenbiden and his corrupt phony administration needs to be removed.

  7. Martha J. Omley says

    I am so thankful to see Wisconsin officials doing this! They are standing up for the honest Americans who do not want to win by cheating. I hope all the wrong doers get prosecuted and held accountable for taking part in this
    fraudulent election. We should be holding people accountable and punished, especially our so called leaders in America if we want to remain the blessed America we have always been.

  8. Jay says

    This is an indication that the 2020 Election should be overturned! The true President, Donald Trump, should be immediately returned to his rightful place in the Oval Office. This charade should not be allowed to continue. Our country is in peril under the False President, Joe Biden! Our country is suffering because of the deliberate actions taken by the current occupant of the Oval Office! President Trump can and will clean up the horrible mess that has been created by the Democratic Party! As United States Citizens, it is up to all of us to demand this dilemma be handled immediately! Our country desires better and must be reconciled NOW, while we still have a country!

  9. Charles says

    Sadly noting will happen to overturn the 2020 election ! Politicians on both sides will use their get out of Jail Card saying it is all Just Politics . Both democrats and republicans are involved in the STOLLEN 2020 ELECTION !

  10. henry_g says

    Take the house & senate back; Finish the wall; no $ or help of any kind or health care for illegal persons; English language only; teach US history and Constitution in schools; audit the Fed Reserve; no visas of any kind except merit visas, revert to back our $ with gold, cancel the security clearances for all Obama, Biden hold overs and RINO’s & get rid of them; voting with photo ID only, NO MAIL-IN voting, NO SAME DAY VOTING REGISTRATION AND VOTING; no doing any business with China; do not use dominion HAMMER computer and scorecard software in future voting; seize all bank accounts belonging or affiliated with George Soros’ Open Society Foundations; stop the resettlement of illegals around the USA; Do not get the VAX; Stop promoting CRT; This is my opinion.

  11. rabbit says

    I hope it is overturned, that will start a snowball effect in the other states. Was Zuckerberg bribing officials?

  12. FunnyDragon says

    Corruption and fraud at all the government’s levels !
    Just like in any banana republic!!!

  13. Funny Dragon says

    Of course Zuckerberg bribed them !!
    Not only him !
    How about the “ Rasputin like guy, the one with that very cute ??!! nose ring , the Tweeter CEO, and Bill Gates, and all Hollywood, and all the rest of the marxist sympathizers , plus of course the radical left
    media ???!!
    2020 election was a joke !!!!
    Shamelessly Stolen, Rigged, by all the Marxists infiltrated in all kind of political positions !!!
    American people MUST let the DC / WH / DOJ, and all the rest of those thugs know that we will NOT vote anymore unless a very serious investigation is being done into what happened on Nov 2020 and all the ones that participated in helping the thugs stole our votes, will be put in jail !!!!!

    If we’re not putting pressure on them ( meaning millions of people to demand that) , the marxist in power now will continue to force their communist / fascist agenda on us and ones implementing it, there will be no wAy to reverse it .

  14. louise says

    i agree with everyone of these people saying wisconsin is a fraud, so was arizona, georgia andgod knows what everother states fraud. trump won he said it and the people have said it. this demorat party need to be expelled.therea disgrace to our country. pelosi and f her adminastration need to be held accountable for treason. there a disgrace to the united states of america.we the people had enough of there lies an cheating.treason for everyone thats in the demorat party.evil people cheaters, liers, they all need to be up for treason.disgraceful persons.

  15. kath says

    right on louise.demorats need to be up for treason. trump won.biden doesnt even know what day it is. dementia man running our country.jill biden should be responsible for haveing her sick husband run for the presidency.her too is a disgrace to our country.treason for all these demorats party.

  16. Deb says

    Everyone that tries to block your efforts to the truth in even the smallest way, I hope you will prosecute for interfering with lawful processes. We need to get the rightful president in office as soon as possible! The one in there now has dementia. It would be a disaster if he launched nuclear codes because he got angry with someone! Anger is one of the symptoms of it and it can be very bad!

  17. RowZ says

    I pray Wisconsin will see justice done….and I hope it will rub off on our corrupt leaders in Michigan. They pretend there is nothing to see – but thanks to Patrick Colbeck (former state senator) there is still life in the investigation for those knowing there was mass election fraud. We whine and cry out almost daily to complain to our legislators and congressmen to NO AVAIL. They never respond…which leads me to believe they too are corrupt. If they do not care about our legal votes being cast aside, they will not see a vote from this household.

  18. Leo says

    Too bad Wisconsin didn’t have a law like Florida does. No voting for 3 years the registration expires.

  19. Larry! says

    All election cheaters need removed from the USA without their money!!!

  20. Wyatt Earp says

    Best way to fixed this. Is be sure there are conservative in polls! If someone tell you time to go, but they and other stay behind. You should NOT leave til they leave! Something fishy is planning by them! That show you they were BROUGHT BY PEOPLE LIKE MARK ZUCKERBERG! I remember back in September when I was talking to one of FACEBOOK employees of their giveaway prize. She even TOLD ME BIDEN DONE WON! How was that possible? The election was in NOVEMBER!

  21. Kathleen Giddings says

    This morning I see on TV hundreds of people/ families from Europe are now waiting to get in at the Southern border. Millions of illegals really are replacing Americans as millions of our citizens succumb to fentanyl poisonings, poverty, covid, and horrible crimes inflicted upon us. Illegals are exempt from covid mandates and from obeying our laws and they get generous portions of our hard-earned tax money. WILL AMERICA SURVIVE THIS EVIL REGIME?

  22. Shirley says

    I have yet to see anyone arrested in any State that have audited the election and found fraud. I have see pictures of the scum that were shredding and destroying ballots. Yet nobody knows who these slugs are. Once they start arresting these cheaters I will be convinced that they are serious,

  23. Iris says

    When all is said and done, there will be NO DOUBT that Trump won the election! THEN EVERYTHING that Joe has done will need to be revoked~

  24. fay rolfe says

    This whole election was corrupt and needs to be set aside. The fraudulent money from Zuckerberg, Soros , Gates and Hollywood flakes allowed this to happen. Money talks and shit walks. Trump was the winner hands down and anyone with a brain knows that. Basement dementia Joe did not even campaign because he already knew it was a slam dunk fraudulent win for him without trying. Bought and paid for. It was a sad day when this communist marxist got into office to destroy our America. When in our history would a man guilty of treason against his country become President?? He first became filthy rich with treason money from Communist China, then fraudulently became President of the country he sold out. Consequently in a few short days single handedly destroying our democracy, economy, trampling constitutional rights, dismantling justice, law and order and introducing CRT in our schools, violating religious right, and instituting the covid lockdown BS instilling fear to accomplish sheep obedience. This one man wrecking crew needs to be eliminated from our society. He should be rotting in prison along with his co-conspirator puppet string pullers. Or maybe the ultimate punishment for traitors as in history, firing squad. We have been had as even DOJ and justice system were bought to turn their heads to the crime. The Biden Crime Family and their followers did a number on America.

  25. fay rolfe says

    And don’t forget all the Americans murdered because of Bidens blessing on looters and rioters for months, the murder he is responsible for of 13 military in Afghanistan, say nothing of the murders of Americans and allies of the US abandoned and murdered by Taliban he aided and abetted. That in itself is treason punishable by death. This man is more evil than Satan himself. Shameful when Americans murdered with our own military guns, ammunition, drones, helicopters etc. Where is democracy, accountability and proper punishment for heinous crimes against our society. Are there no Americans, Republicans, law abiding politicians, courts with any backbone to demand and force accountability of this disgrace? This communist Biden regime should not have survived this long in America and been allowed and still allowed to keep destroying our country, murdering Americans and continually selling out our rights and country to Commies. It is time to end it. Those of you condoning this need to go with him and his cronies.

  26. Tim says

    So why are the democrats still in charge instead of being in prison for they’re FRAUD. There needs to be swift and severe repercussion for they’re FRAUD

  27. J. R. Justice says

    More TALK, TALK, TALK, and ABSOLUTELY NO ACTION !!!! There is now more PROOF of FRAUD in the 2020 elections than there is that the sun will rise tomorrow, yet NO ACTION AT ALL !!!!! DO SOMETHING DAMMIT !!!!

  28. Linda Brodzeller says

    Please if anyone can tell me if a person with a felon is and should be allowed to work with ballots? Asking for a very good reason so if anyone knows let me know.

  29. William T Booth says

    Americans know what happened in this election. We know that the democrat party has been planning an overthrow for a long time. They’ve been unable to do it, so they manufactured a crisis to get people to stay home. They had their people in place long before the election, officials, judges, anyone who could go along with their plan or turn a blind eye to it. Weve read numbers of articles about this problem, but nothing has been done. And it wont. Because that was part of their plan. Have people in place that wouldnt do anything about it. There will not be another FREE major election in this country again. They will do the same thing. They are counting on the American people to give up and let there communist regime takeover. Unless the people stand up, and stop it, with whatever means necessary, it will continue. All people who have sided with biden and their fascist ways need to be removed.

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