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“I Need Help” – Tortured & Jailed Trump Supporters Beg for Release

“I’ve been here a long time. It’s not fair. You’re letting everyone else out. I need help.” That’s a quote from the burly blue-collar Trump supporter who was photographed putting his feet on Nancy Pelosi’s desk back on January 6th as he begged a court to let him out on bail after all these months. He’s been in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day since his arrest in January. He’s forced to eat on the floor. The only contact he has with other humans on most days is when one of the burly DC jail guards walks by his cell and yells, “I hate all white people and your honky religion!” But at least two United States Senators have finally had the moral courage to speak out against the horrific treatment of our fellow Americans at the hands of the Biden regime.

An elderly retired Navy veteran who didn’t even walk into the US Capitol on January 6 was finally released and placed in home confinement. The Trump supporter who was zip-tied by prison guards and beaten until they punched out his eyeball has been transferred to a hospital. The buffalo horns guy – QAnon shaman Jacob Chansley – was transferred to a Virginia prison after the DC jail decided it was too much of a pain to provide him with organic food.

Other than a handful of exceptions like those, the war criminal Biden regime still has the rest of the “insurrectionists” locked up in solitary confinement, in violation of the UN’s “Mandela Rule.” They’re being subjected to cruel and unusual punishments on a daily basis, even though none of them have been to trial yet on charges that range from trespassing to slightly delaying a congressional meeting.

The FBI says it will take months to gather all the evidence against these dangerous meeting interrupters, before any of them can be brought to trial. In the meantime, the Biden Justice Department says that all of the military veterans, gym owners, software developers, Seattle police department officers, schoolteachers, housewives and homeschooled teenagers that it has in custody are dangerous terrorists and flight risks – who must not be released from the DC jail. They’re as bad as the Uighurs in China.

In case the severity of this extraordinary miscarriage of justice is lost on anyone, we haven’t had a large group of prisoners in America treated this badly since the North and South were operating prisoner-of-war camps during the Civil War. I hate sounding like some ACLU lawyer, but this is a nearly unprecedented treatment of innocent-until-proven-guilty prisoners in America.

I’ve been wondering for months whether any Member of Congress would finally speak out against the illegal imprisonment and torture of these everyday Americans who are now political prisoners. And I have to admit with some surprise that the two who finally are calling attention to the Biden regime’s torture… are members of Joe Biden’s party.

Yeah. Didn’t see that coming, did you?

But credit where credit is due, Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Dick Durbin (D-IL) are calling out the Justice Department for its horrific treatment of these Trump supporters.

Elizabeth Warren sounds kind of like a watered-down version of me when she states:

“Solitary confinement is a form of punishment that is cruel and psychologically damaging. And we’re talking about people who haven’t been convicted of anything yet.”

Can’t disagree with that at all. Warren adds that she’s worried the prisoners are being “punished” because they are Donald Trump supporters. She says she thinks solitary confinement is being used to “break them so that they will cooperate.”

Durbin told Politico, “There has to be clear justification for that [solitary confinement], in very limited circumstances.”

I never thought I’d see the day when I would be complimenting Pocahontas Warren or Dick Durbin – but here we are. I’ll sing their praises from the rooftops if it helps to get our fellow countrymen released from Joe Biden’s political torture chambers. And I am SO disgusted with the GOP right now.

Where’s Ted Cruz right now? Why isn’t he saying any of this? Or Josh Hawley? Or Tom Cotton? Or Jim Jordan? Or Louie Gohmert? Where are you guys?

Why is Elizabeth Warren carrying your water?

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  1. Megamousegw says

    This is a sham of justice. These protestors did NOTHING wrong. They were using their rights to protest a stolen election. They should not be in jail, but upon pedastals worshiped for their guts to try and right a wrong. Biden is not president and i will never recognize him nor his entire mafia as our leaders.

  2. Elizabeth says

    It’s unconscionable for all these people to be in jail without bail when they haven’t been convicted of anything. Why aren’t the Ant-fa and BLM who are rioting, burning and killing, in jail also? They are the danger to America, not these people. It’s clear what the left is doing. They are trying to brain wash by violence these people. This is what out country will look like if no one does anything or says anything. Wake up Republican!! Where is your outrage! Speak up! If you’re afraid of your government positions, you pr0bably won’t keep them anyway if you say or do nothing, once the left takes over.

  3. Richard Pierce says

    We are ALL political prisoners of Biden and his Marxist Deep State handlers. It’s going to get worse.

    These people need to be released NOW. If this was a Republican administration, the Liberal Media would be screaming 24/7.

  4. Chris Jenson says

    What’s happening is definitely what the Bible says is going to happen, and that is, that anyone who opposes the Beast is going to be persecuted. And don’t expect any Republicans to help, they have already accepted the Beast’s mark by the mere fact they are doing nothing. They are following the Beast by placating those, opposed to what’s going on, by pretending we have a voice in the Evil Government.

  5. Mighty Mouse says

    I at 90+ Never thought that I would EVER, EVER, EVER see this is America. I don’t think that the Democrats of this Country have missed a Single Article of the Constitution during this Heinous show of Governing since the January proceedings at the Capitol. So many in Jail all this time none of the people have been charged yet, people in SOLITARY have been forced to eat off the floor and are PESONALLY being Verbally harassed constantly. Folks I am 100% for imprisonment IF THEY HAVE been tried and convicted. NOT on what one old Trump Hater says .
    Mighty Mouse GOD BLESS AMERICA

  6. Steven Marshall says

    It’s completely outrageous, today I will email some Republicans.
    And Krysten Senima here in AZ.
    I have emailed her a few times, not sure if it helped but she stood firm on the topics.
    They should have been released a long time ago.
    Can any of the family members get a lawsuit going and sue the Washington DC .
    And the US government.
    Those people need a Sidney Powell.

  7. Susan M DeMars says

    What is wrong with our judicial system? For blacks, they don’t want any punishment at all and let them back out on the street after they’ve stabbed their mother to death! BLM can burn, loot and kill under the guise of protesting and are allowed out on bail after Kamel face bails them out! In America ALL LIVES MATTER! Is the FBI now completely corrupt too? I hope the audit in AZ can reveal what all of the cowards in our courts were afraid to uncover, the total corruption of the democRatic party and the stolen election! If fraud is uncovered, I hope we can get that illegitimate regime out of the white house! How blatant can they be that they’ll an illegal regime that has overthrown our government? Troops and barbed wire around the white house should be a clue!!! THESE POLITICAL PRISONERS MUST BE RELEASED NOW!!!

  8. Gary Smith says

    Thanks to US Politics and News for highlighting this travesty. We need to write our Senators and Representatives to demand the Biden administration follow the law. If these trespassers are “domestic terrorists” what shall we call the BLM protesters who burned buildings and attacked persons? Baldylocks in Nevada

  9. Lemont Cranston says

    Dt. 29:29 States,”the secret things belong unto the Lord our God: But those things which are revealed belong unto us and our children for ever,”
    The Lord has given us the Constitution by which “We the People” may defend ourselves from a tyrannical government. All that is needed is for “We the People” to invoke it. Have all you people forgotten what the Constitution says or what power it gives “We the People”? You have heard that the government is “of the people!” Which means, the government exists by our consent! It is “by the people”! Which means we elect the Public Servants! It is “for the people!” Which means, These politicians are to serve “We the People” for our Benefit!!! But none of these democrats or rinos have served anything but themselves and the government, which, in itself, is Tyranny!!!
    Thomas Jefferson stated “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves from tyranny in government.” We have been putting up w/tyranny for decades!
    George Washington said of government,”It is not reason; it is not eloquence. It is force. And force, like fire, is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” If you own and use a wood burning fireplace, you understand him well. A fire under control in the fireplace, warms a room. Out of control and into the room, it destroys!

  10. Rachel says

    How awful we treat some protesters and allow the one who burned up cities out of jail and are walking our streets. With time, our city street will become unsafe for our elderly, our children and the average taxpayer you and me. The RNC is dead. Justice is dead. Righteous look Bing is dead and Christianity will soon be too if we do not rise and speak out . In God’s Holy Name

  11. Albert M. Bryson says

    These people in jail since January 6, 2021 should have been released on bond and their trials scheduled. Their constitutional rights are being violated. They are political prisoners. This is an outrage. We should be demanding their release on bail and their trials schedule. Apparently the Constitution and Bill of Rights no longer apply anymore. They are political prisoners.

  12. Marilyn Fredrick says

    Shame, shame on we the people for allowing this to go on!!! Especially shame on our elected officials for not doing ANYTHING! Get busy – NOW!!

  13. Guest says

    What is wrong with our government. This is horrific. Where are the Republicans to help get these people out of jail. They need help and its the job you were elected to do. We are a dying country with all this corrupt dictatorship. God bless these people cause no one is helping them. They did nothing compared to antifa and blm riots. Sounds like communistic rule.

  14. jboo7 says

    As I said before: These so called “Democrats” treat political opposition like “someone else” treated the Jews.
    And that is not the only similarity!

  15. Vic says

    I wondered why Biden had a TWO HOUR phone call to China’s Xi, and bragged about it, chuckling. He said he hadn’t discussed Taiwan, Japan, Tibetan monks getting their organs harvested, the South China Seas and fishing and rights of international water. TWO HOURS of what? Then I wondered, how much could a person learn about being a dictator, imprisonment and mistreatment, even torture of opponents, “breaking them”, steps a country needs to follow to convert it to Communism or Marxism, or some new level of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. We need to get the transcript of that phone call.
    And follow-up calls to learn more? He can do like Kerry: use a personal cell, no recordings, all illegalities private. Maybe that’s what Biden used for the 2 hr call even. He has a long history of being comfortable with corruption.

  16. Vic says

    During Biden’s speech on Wednesday, he said “We the people” was the GOVERNMENT. NO, IT’S NOT. “WE THE PEOPLE” is US, American citizens. The government works for US, as the Constitution states. Cruz and McCarthy couldn’t believe he said that. We have to stand up against Biden’s and handlers’ extreme, destructive policies and bills, negative changes to voting, and against his extreme expansion of government control.
    Yesterday he went on MSM and declared the economy was doing so well because of his policies, EOs, bills, and increased taxes proposals!
    Get Republicans elected in 22, 24. Call your Congress people NOW to fight these bills, and to get the Trump supporters released from their prisons, solitary confinement, torture, no bail, no court dates. Find and prosecute the REAL 1/6 riot organizers, funders, planners, participants. Prosecute then to the highest conviction possible.
    Continue to investigate Biden family corruption re China, Ukraine, etc. Go full speed ahead to expose 2020 election fraud (President, Representatives, Senators, Govs, etc.), get it back to SCOTUS for hearing. SCOTUS was only short ONE VOTE to hear it last time. GET THIS EXTREME REGIME OUT OF OFFICE, charge those responsible, NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE. And as “FRUIT of the POISON TREE”, everything Biden has done, signed, appointed, touched…ALL GOES. Trump is back in and starts correcting all Biden’s horrendous dealings.

  17. Honest says

    Hey Joe!!!!!! Are You Allowing This BS To Happen To Express Themselves While You And Your Gangsters Just Continue Spending Tax Dollars On More BS?!!!! Your Day WILL COME FOR ALL YOUR COMRADES ~~ WAIT AND SEE !

  18. Erleebird says

    Why is this happening? It is obvious Biden Hussein O’Biden is holding these people BECAUSE they are Trump supporters. How the hell can this be happening to innocent people – it is now May 3rd – the alleged “crimes” occurred on January 6th. Why aren’t the REAL criminals in jail -[ Black Lives Matter; Antifa?

  19. Lyudmila Loseva says

    If a corrupt FBI claims that it will take them months to gather evidence against peaceful protesters to bring them to justice, this means that this corrupt FBI does not and cannot have any evidence against their victims, whom they are holding behind bars.
    FREEDOM for the victims of the corrupt FBI!

  20. D says

    This has to be the most flagrant abuse of power I have seen or heard in my 84 years of age as an American citizen..The outrage should be across the board and if true as alleged, decency should prevail and these kind of tactics have no place in the USA.

  21. PattyAnn says

    It looks like even the judges are crooked!!How can they hold American citizens with out bail or any kind of crime being done…is it because these innocent people are Trump supporters?? Shame on the USA and the so called senators/congress people. Where are Republican senators who are suppose to be working for us?? God help us…we have met the enemy and it is our own people!!! All those traitors in the White House should face a firing squad..NOW!!!!

  22. Valerie says

    The fact that two Democrat politicians are the objectors, verifies what many are suspecting. That these were Democrats/Leftists posing as MAGA.

    I don’t know how any of these people can get held since the Capitol Police motioned them into the Capitol. Clearly the cops did not do that on their own authority but that of some Dem, likely Pelosi herself.

  23. brooday says


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