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BLM Raking in Millions from Corporate Donations

Black Lives Matter claims to be a social justice movement, but their founder’s actions show they are more of a political, left-wing organization. I mean what have they done for blacks in America so far?  The BLM protests and riots have been insane and dangerous. Support for the organization dropped dramatically from over 55% immediately after the death of George Floyd to under 40% now because of their looting, continued rioting and property destruction. Still the organization gets constant praise from the left-stream media.

When you’re a media darling like BLM is, the media go out of their way to hide any damaging information. They actively conceal news from the American people.  Everyone needs to know exactly what this organization is and what they’re trying to do so they can judge this organizations true motives for themselves

BLM was founded by three women: Opal Tometi, Alicia Garza and Patrisse Cullors. Each is more extreme and deranged than the next. Opal is a student of liberation theology and studied under Stuart Hall. He’s an infamous radical Marxist who pushed for the downfall of western society. Opal has never shied from showing her affinity for Marxist teachings. She has even openly praised Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro, after he starved millions of his own people.

Alicia Garza is an openly radical Marxist. According to an interview she gave, she and the other two are “trained Marxists”. The whole reason for BLM is to push that Marxist radicalism, rather than do anything for black people in America. Only the abolition of western society will suffice.

Then we get to Patrisse Cullors. She’s a witch. That’s not a metaphor. She’s an actual praying-to-mother-earth-spirits witch. She regularly participates in rituals to try to call the spirits of the dead to fuel the movement. She has even claimed to get to know spirits of the dead long after their passing.

If only this was a weird joke . . .

Considering the founders, it shouldn’t surprise you that BLM is a radical movement. It’s not about black lives. It’s not even about police brutality. According to the organization charter, their goals are to instill Marxism and bring down western civilization. They want to annihilate the concept of the nuclear family, release all prisoners and abolish all police. None of which have anything to do with raising up black people.

The goal of BLM is the destruction of America.

So, we have a radical movement, founded by radical witches. They have publicly announced their goals to destroy America. You might think that would make major companies shy away from support. Quite the opposite is true. Here’s a shortlist of major donations:

  • Cisco–$5 million
  • Microsoft–$1.5 million
  • Amazon–a whopping $10 million
  • Gatorade–$500,000
  • DoorDash–$1,000,000
  • Intel–$1,000,000
  • Airbnb–$500,000

This is far from being a complete list, but just with these few donors, you’re looking at $20 million given to an organization trying to overthrow our country. How is this acceptable?

The only way we’re going to defeat this resurgent Marxist movement is to shine a spotlight on it. It means we have to risk life and limb to film these monsters starting fires, beating people in the streets and trying to murder anyone in their way. It means we have to get the word out and show as many people as possible in this country what BLM is really trying to do. The American people will not stand for a Marxist revolution. Our job is to make them realize that this is in fact the situation.

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  1. william couch says

    The next time there’s a riot,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, GET a few helicopter “GUN” ships to fly around with flur (night vision) and the most concentrated parts ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, !!! “OPEN FIRE “!!!!!!!!

    1. Doris says

      This is probably exactly what it is going to take to put a stop to this violent madness. It never should have got this bad. And for those companies who have supported this domestic terrorist group SHAME ON YOU. Do you realize the businesses these disgusting people have burned down and caused millions of dollars worth of damage. Now they are openly murdering police and others. Little mom and pop shops destroyed that they have worked hard their whole life for. People trying to eat in an open patio and these disgusting morons attack them, take their food, drinks and get up in their face, It is a disgrace. I am a senior and have never seen so much violence and disrespect for one another in my life and it is very disturbing that these people think this is ok and the powers to be in these cities are doing absolutely NOTHING to protect their citizens from these violent people. IT NEEDS TO STOP,

      1. Steven says

        EVIDENTLY, you aren’t familiar with how EVIL works. They could care less about what you or I think as long as they obtain their ultimate goal of total control and destruction of this country, then the world.

      2. Philip Simon says

        This is not the first time Corp., have contributed to dangerous groups and divisive people, past, now and in the future will it go on.

        1. Carl T Smith says

          The Very Reverend Al Sharpton and his Extortionist Side Kick Jessie Jackson set the stage for Shaming Corporations years ago. I had an experience a few centuries ago when asked to review a deposition from someone suing our Corporation. I spent a couple of hours Red Lining and making notes to refute 90% of the claims. I thought I had done a decent job and asked the Lawyer ( OUR Corporate Lawyer) how the case turned out. He said they settled with the complaint for $ 3,000,000.00 > In the ’60s this was an astronomical sum and I was incensed, since this subtracted from MY Stock & Retirement Fund. His reply floored me! We could have LOST and had to pay triple damages!! I gave enough information to 100% debunk the claim and He was AFRAID of losing? I say he and his staff were Lazy or Incompetent or both! This is what the Corporations are faced with-Incompetence and FEAR. I could have had my 16 year old try the case with a 100% guarantee he would win UNLESS the JURY was bought! This was going to Trial in Louisiana so maybe the Mafia had a hand?

      3. RJ says

        Everyone should avoid buying anything from these businessEs. Money is power and frankly, take away their power: hard to finance anything when broke!

      4. Charles Wilson says

        Doris… this is much, much more than what is “reported” in the very dishonest MSM. What is IS, is a revolution. The single “almost” only thing very missing now is full-blown, actual, war. This is inevitable if we are to continue as the nation we KNOW and in which we have been reared. From our youth, OUR United States of America. This is inevitable. A shooting war. The Socialists/Communists, for example, “The Squad” ~and now joined and linked by the Democrat Party, are determined to “change” everything about our great nation, and the change is Communism. This is their goal. The goal of Socialism is Communism. Like it or not, THIS is what we have. Be prepared. Follow the Five P’s. Proper preparedness precludes poor performance. Be Prepared. .It is inevitable.

      5. Eli says

        Reports say Biden is endorsed with big money by the Communist Party, and the many Chinese purchased companies in the U.S. The Obama/Biden administration funded the Wuhan Viral lab in 2015, the same time Cullor, Garza, and Tometi, started the Marxist BLM org. Their funds for the Black Futures Project deception, goes into the Chinese Progressive Associations with ties to the Chinese Communist Party. CPA ties in with the N.Y. China Daily News. College classes, teach how to overthrow a state, by Socialist professors, one Bill Ayers, formerly associated with Obama. Patrisse Cullor has a research, Civics class to inspire the unrest.

    2. Jack says

      Don’t need to buy or use anything from these companies and any company that supports these tree swingers, as well as the ugly and deranged ANTIFA THUGS.

      1. Don says

        True and I don’t. They can rot.

      2. Carl T Smith says

        The Full list needs to be published EVERYWHERE so the few Patriots left in America can see Who NOT to Buy from! Amazon just got canceled at my house!

      3. Shirley says

        We can start by boycotting them. Other places to buy their goods.

    3. Wyatt Earp says

      These trained Marxist want to DESTORY AMERICA and it freedom of religion. Why are they here? Plenty of other countries they can go do their damage. I for one rather see them lying in the street! Because we are the ONLY COUNTRY WHERE YOU HAVE A VOICE! They want to shut you up! Sound like you don’t deserve to have FREE SPEECH! OR A RIGHT TO WORSHIP GOD! NOT sure where they got their ideaolgy of destory AMERICA! I personally believe they should be executed by FIRING SQUAD! If they don’t like living FREE and HAVING FREE SPEECH then LEAVE! There Iran, China, Russia, north korea, VENEZUELA, Cuba, countries that CONTROL the life of OTHER PEOPLE! These so call MARXIST CAN GO LIVE IN ONE OF THEM! I will keep MY WESTERN Way of LIFE, because I have the CHOICE OF WORSHIPPING THE ONLY TRUE GOD—– WHO IS JESUS CHRIST!

      1. steven says

        They worship Satan, not Christ. They must destroy America and Israel.

        1. Judy Cheney says

          That is true and when America falls and Israel falls then the whole world will fall.

    4. Kenneth says

      We have to many wannabe blacks, white traders playing into their hands doing their dirty work catching criminal charges, while these low life peaces of sh-t black are responsible for causing all this destruction/deaths whites and are children, they are raking in millions off dollars and reracing are history, fuc-ing are weman, we are being played like major fools, they are the most racist race in are country constantly playing the race card to gain more and more grown, igorent whites are buying their bullsh-t, this must stop !!!!!

    5. Boone says

      I agree 100%

    6. Barbara says

      There’s helicopters flying over my house now, it would be nice if that were to happen..Only thing is, no riots here as of yet..I’m sure after the election, they will start.

    7. Roland says

      Officially denote BLM a terrorist organization and arrest officials and CEO’s of these companies for sedition and aiding a terrorist organization. Then fine both officials and company and imprison all connected officials. And confiscate and sell these companies with proceeds going to the American citizens.

      1. Don says

        Agreed….and start with Soros.

    8. Kenneth says

      This small group of blacks don’t give a flying “F” about black lives. On top of getting away with destruction, rape, murder and so forth, is really about them making a ton of money starting with the idiots being used to loot and turnover the stolen goods to the main ones which turn it into money in their pockets. making business pay protection fees but and, donations as well this group of black low lifes are getting rich, most people are too blind to see this is happening.

    9. Chad says

      Your idea is better than mine .As a US Marine ,I called in gun shops often
      If people balk at using gun ships ,air drops of sewer sludge on the rioters may slow them down
      The draw back is that so many of them are unwashed ,they may not notice .

      1. Marc says

        I do not need to comment – you said it all!

  2. Sonja Moreau says

    It’s time for the people who want freedom according to the constitution of the USA to stop funding these companies that are giving their profits to BLM and other left organizations. Hit them in their pockets, it’s not right to fund these horrible organizations. These movements are costing the American people everything they own, their j0bs, and some their very lives. We need to fight for our rights. Now we see schools and colleges stripping away constitutional rights, people wake up before it’s too late. Vote Trump 20/20!

  3. william couch says

    In Viet Nam we had 2 gun ships ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, “PUFF The MAGIC DRAGON…. This was a C-47 with gatlin guns at every window,, 10 total… Then there was “The Jollie Green Giant”,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, a C-130H gunship.. IT carried 6 Gatlin guns(3 per side),, 8 23MM CHAINGUNS ,, (4 per side),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, these 2 gunships could put a bullet in every square foot of a football field..

    1. Dewey Wayne Shelton says

      Personally saw them in action…..CWO4 USMC Retired….

    2. Jim says

      Good idea, start at the NFL football fields !

  4. Wil says

    Absolutely! Or,. Fly a few Predators Drone strikes to Portland and Seattle, both cities are so burnt out that the only thing that can be hit are the City financed Terrorist tent cities on City owned land, courtesy of the Treasonous Demoncrap governors, mayor’s, and city councils. A few dozen drone strikes would not only improve the gene pool by removing terrorists and Traitors, they would create millions of shovel ready jobs in reconstruction.

  5. Dog says

    Just another greedy organization taking advantage of the plight of the black community. 60+ years of broken promises by Democrats and a long list of corrupt organizations.

    1. Baker says

      Exactly! What needs to be done, most importantly, is to get to the root. The heads of the BLM and the corporations that support them materially needs to be eradicated. They think these little robots doing their dirty work for hire are disposable and there are more of where they come from. These people running BLM are hate-filled demons who are getting rich from other peoples’ misery.

      1. Interested Taxpayer says

        Do they pay taxes on that money they are getting or are they committing tax evasion?

  6. mike G says

    Be careful you creeps, you are going to wake a sleeping giant that will wipe out BLM, Amtifa, and the communist Dem party. GOD BLESS AMERICA SEMPER FI.

    1. iamvirgo says

      Thank you!

    2. Dewey Wayne Shelton says

      Semper Fi Mike…..coming from a Retired CWO4 USMC…..

  7. Jeff says

    Unfortunately you are assuming that the people do not support this “rebellion”. As stated in the article 40% still support BLM. This in itself is a warning to the majority of Americans. A large percentage of the public wants to destroy our country. Patriots need to film and post videos of these criminals whenever possible.

    1. Dewey Wayne Shelton says

      Don’t film them…..SHOOT them…..

  8. Ray says

    So exactly when are the conservatives going to stop talking and actually do some thing to stop this raping of our country? Condemnation can only go so far. These street monkeys only understand one thing; power. The longer we let this continue, the worse it will get.

    1. Wyatt Earp says

      Ray, lot of CONSERVATIVE PEOPLE want to do something! That time is coming. First we got to be sure we have enough people to stand by our RIGHTS TO PROTECT AND live. The point is these BLM has EVERY FEDERAL JUDGE ON THE LOWER BENCH. And POLITICAN who twisted lies to benefit themselves. To help keep them out of jail! You should see that already being done by DEMOCRAT SUPPORTER working as DA . What do we have? TRUMP AND A FEW REPUBLICAN . WE DON’T HAVE THE SUPREME COURT THANK TO ROBERTS! WHO LEAN TOWARDS LEFTIST . So PATIENT is gettin worn down and people are getting tired of this. Going to take ALL OF US WHO BELIEVE IN FREEDOM AND LIBERTY FOR ALL! TO STAND UP AGAINST THOSE WHO HATE AMERICA! EVEN IF IT ONE OF YOUR OWN CHILD OR FRIENDS!

  9. F F Tramutola Jr. says


  10. Helen says

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE STOP DEALING WITH THESE COMPANIES!!! Your inconvenience NOW is nothing compared to your inconvenience in the future when our rights have been taken away and we feel even more unsafer than we do now. GET INVOLVED WITH YOUR WALLET! That’s the only solution to correct this problem. ALSO STOP SUPPORTING THE SPORTS WHERE THEY TAKE A KNEE. The real reason this has continued this far is we didn’t want to inconvenient ourselves when the first football player took a knee. We are the blame, not them. If we are not good enough for them to honor our Country, we are too sorry for them (companies, sports, etc.) to get money from us and this Country. They need to go overseas but be sure TO LEAVE YOUR BAD PAYCHECK HERE IN THIS BAD COUNTRY. I’m sure North Korea, Iran, Germany, China, etc. would be glad to welcome you and your disrespect to their prisons. You are HYPOCRITES, but only because we let you. Again it is the public’s fault!! One more thing, every idea the public has is racist if it differs with the radical left. You are racist! You are racist! Biden is racist (only a black was chosen) and a sexist (only a female was chosen). Why hasn’t the public stood up to that over and over again. I’ve not heard a word about that. Public, you have been calm and quite TOO-O-O long. You and your town could be next. It seems like Trump is the only one with nerve. He can’t do it by himself.
    If BLM cares that much about Blacks, why is it that 80% of blacks that have violence done to them are by OTHER BLACKS! I hope you saw a big black man walk up to another black man and shot him point blank. Just notice the “person of color” the next time you see the mess on TV. I guess because I’m not color blind, I’m racist also. BULL!

  11. Susan says

    Doris, I am a senior as well and have never in my life time seen anything like this happening. Even back in the 60’s there was no looting and burning down people’s property. I know there people have been blinded and do see what they are doing is wrong. The only thing that get’s me through this is pray. God does answer our pray’s. So keep praying.

  12. Sic&Tired says

    Corporate America…..with their Dumb Ass CEO’s and Executives are Pathetic.!!! They show their True Dumb Brains for giving any money to the Bum Stinken BLM’s and or ANTIFA groups. This Country “BETTER” smarten up real quick and is already past due.!!! How can Corporate America support the Terrorist Groups…??? Can’t Correct Stupid.!!!!

  13. George & Mary Price says

    the same as each of our “ONE VOTE” I will discontinue doing any kind of business with the donor list of business names, could care less if it costs me a little more to do business or buy products – Gates, Bezos, etc ….. HAVE to be purged from America no matter the cost

    1. Vita says

      I found this on “American Pickers” danielle colby site: “please first donate to Black Lives Matters and bail funds for protestors, if you have anything extra, Barks Of Hope is definitely in crucial need right now”
      – i could not believe my eyes ????

  14. George P says

    as a lifelong resident of NW Oregon watching these “antifa” (piles of stinking humanity) I am now watchful wherever I go for sinister behavior of any kind and when I am in the “woods” I “carry” (ready to use) AND a shovel too

    1. Baker says

      Good for you! If no one will help us, then we need to do it yourself and in the process, not give them an excuse to riot any more than they are. These hired thugs’ parents should have taught them better than to pick on defenseless people who are disabled by their useless public elected officials. After all, what are these elected officials in the job for? It seems that they are catering to the elite to destroy this country. And of course, the large corporations love to see the small mom and pop companies get pushed out of their livelihoods so that they get all of our business whether or not we like it because there will be no one else left to do business with.

  15. Donald W. Hansen says

    There are three reasons why these corporations are contributing to BLM : 1 . The board of directors who authorize these donations don”t know or choose not to know what BLM is. Apparently the real time pictures on TV of riots, looting, arson, etc. are not believable. 2. They think paying extortion to BLM will prevent them from the wrath of BLM is they don”t contribute. 3. The influx of BLM supporting blacks to corporate structure who want to give BLM money.

  16. Wyatt Earp says

    If you consider yourself a PATROIT AMERICANS why are you attending pro sports? You either love your COUNTRY or you SUPPORT the ENEMY! These athletic do not have a clue about the TRUTH! It only takes one to spread LIES! And then ESPN show it Thousand times a day! The MEDIA NARRATIVE doesn’t fit the TRUTH! BECAUSE IT DOESN’T SELL NEWSPAPER!

  17. Keith Clark says

    So make these Terrorists pay for the damage they have caused!

  18. Dennis Sund says

    We need to bring down the benefactors. Block their front doors with protests, their outlets. Prevent them from doing any business. Stop the flow of money.

  19. Dewey Wayne Shelton says

    Clean your gun….load it….and join me on my Hunt for antifa pigs and BLM monkeys…..time for a antifa pig roast and monkey mush dessert…..

  20. GB60 says

    No longer watch Pro Sports & biased,lying MSM. Don’t patronize Amazon,Microsoft & Facebook.

  21. Bella says


  22. Bella says


    1. Ann says

      It is not just companies, the entertainment industry is donating large sums of money to benefit these crazy psychopaths. Perhaps we should not watch any movies where the actors and actresses are contributing to this situation of violence and riots. It is to bad that people are being played for fools by this so called “movement” that is just violence hiding under the umbrella of freedom of speech and peaceful protest to avoid consequences for their deplorable behavior. I guess the biggest fools are those who are donating the most.

  23. Barbaree says

    Why just a short list of corporations? Give us the complete list!

  24. Barbaree says

    With all the money they’ve collected, they can provide all the reparations needed!

  25. U Bet says

    Much of this is happening because Prosecutors, backed by George Soros, will NOT prosecute them for their crimes if they get arrested. Our country will NOT be helped by more lawlessness by our side. We need to come up with lawful solutions!!! It will not be easy. And no one solution will do the job. When we figure out something that works, they will change their tactics and we will need to have another worked out and ready to use. Lets be smarter and more determined than they are.

  26. Ferrell Sullivant says

    I have a better way to stop them, every city that has a riot going on get a fire tank truck with a 3in water cannon on it
    you will be able to put out their fires, hose them down even push them back without putting your self in harm’s way.
    No one can lob a fire cocktail as far as that 3in stream of water will reach. If it takes more tank trucks then your fire department has, ask the state and fed. forest service to barrow more. Have the police flank the tankers the same way that the military does tanks. When you run out of water you have a builtin resupply, hook up to the next fire hydrant. You have them all over your city put them to use. I guarantee two days of washing them down and letting them know that the next time they come out they will get the same. You won’t have them comeing back for more. They won’t be able to yell police brutality. Stop them dead in their tracks. Push them back in too the holes they crawled out of. You could even push a car around with a 3in STREAM OF WATER!!! They won’t drown. They should but won’t.

  27. Karole Conaway says

    The owners of all of the companies funding BLM and Antifa belong in prison or preferably DEAD! And their companies wiped from the face of the earth!

  28. Karole Conaway says

    The supporters of BLM and Antifa need to be wiped from the face of the earth!

  29. Hal Lemoyne says

    This is not true, companies established on our US soul are not throwing any US

    monies supporting terrorist group as black lives matters only or any other terrorist

    groups that the demoncrat party back

    But rather all monies that the demoncrat party and their terrorist black lives matter, antifa

    is only george soros money with all his other of his evil wealthy terrorist global elites

    and that’s the true

    the demoncrat party aren’t to raise any kinda funding through very many US donors

    whatsoever, because the liberal demoncrat medias donating their monies aren’t nearly

    enough and hollywood aren’t gonna fully fund their demoncrat party

    But george soros funding sources have his magnanimous monies sources

    and Bloomberg is apart of george soros funding help

    that’s harris-biden/Biden-Harris have much funding

    although President TRUMP has his very great funding sources, mostly including

    Us US public and his isn’t hurting for US funding

    as the liberal demoncrat media’s greatly deceptively purport

    and that’s the truth

    ❤💥👍CHRISTrumPence and all of our/his US TRUMPlican Lawmakers Successfully 2020USReelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen👍💥❤

  30. Ferrell Sullivant says

    Now let’s go after the funders and supporters as well as the rioters themselves. Hit them where it will hurt. Let the ones that are holding the bag of cost for this insanity get their money back. That is the insurance companies you will find that the same ones are involved in every one of these cities. They have lawyers and money to do the job. The rioters that have been arrested and turned loose are on record. So are the conspirators that is; funders, leaders, and donors; sue them all for the cost of this insanity. Insurance companies; get together and go for them. By getting together you can spread the expense out to haul them into court. That will put a stop to the money that is backing these SOBs and the riots at the same time. By doing it this way you bypass, DAs, mayors, and governors. You won’t have to wait for them to do the job that they refuse to do. Make sure that you get the leaders and donors, that is where you will get the most money back. Teach them that conspiring to destroy America comes with a DAMN HIGH PRICE TAG! I am a DAV vet and if you wan’t to destroy my country you will pay more than you bargained for to do it. I am not speaking alone there are millions of us that will step up to the plate and damn sure bat

  31. Disgusted Citizen says

    These violent riots are making a mockery social injustice, freedom of speech and racism. They are more racist than anyone else. The very fact that they say “black lives matter” is racist. Of course black lives matter as do all other lives. And saying “black lives matter” implies that there was a doubt as to whether black lives matter is again racist. Violent sociopaths are using the umbrella of freedom of speech to avoid consequences for their vile repulsive acts. They need to be held accountable along with the officials that aid, abet and encourage this disgusting behavior.

    1. Judy Cheney says

      Thank you for the truth I agree 100%

  32. Billy Wilson says

    This is pure larsonie ; stupid Corporations with no balls to say no f ing way just turn over and say no too deep please.


    We have to stop supporting these companies that keep giving millions to this terrorist org. I for one am not shopping any of them. How can they feel good about these thugs burning down our cities? They should be defunded. This money should be going into the black communities that are really poor and hurting, not to people that are causing more pain to these people. Stop the support NOW.

  34. Tony Bell says

    I can see now, with the passing of Ginsburg added to the list of divergences, martial law will be evoked to put down the loony move toward Marxism. The left will not accept POTUS winning a second term and the anarchist will step up their game. Martial law will then be fully justified, delivering a swift and thorough victory for American democracy.

  35. David A Fisher says

    The heads of these companies see themselves as sitting on top or the communist party that will take over our dumbed down society. What they don’t realize is that when a communist dictator takes over the first people he will kill off are those who helped him get there.

    1. Joel says

      It’s time we Veterans kick some ass .

  36. Eugene Crocker says

    Isn’t it amazing that all these companies are tied to Communist China One way or anther. I wonder if that is the reason they are donating money to a socialist group like BLM. Personally I think that “Everyone’s Lives Matter ELM” I would support that 100%, I think everyone would. Isn’t it amazing, that a name of one of the largest trees, in america says so much. I remember the days under the elm tree, also it is like the tree of life, everyone matters. How a group, can selectively put one race of people, above the others is racist in my book,

  37. Patricia (pistol packin' grandma) says

    These thugs, looters, murderers, disgusting pigs, filthy gutter snipe and anything else that comes out of the septic tanks should have a seat in the Rosenberg chairs. The gang from the left should be first. They are all treasonous trying to over throw our great Country “America”

  38. Don says

    These animals that are the officers of this sedition and others of like are threatening to overthrow the government and are guilty. why isn’t the law being enforced and the corporate officers and those that are a part of this threat at all levels to America jailed and charged with attempt to overthrow the United States of America.
    There was a time that the McCarthy hearings were unpopular but they exposed the communists in the country.
    Why these groups are not be arrested and those involved thrown in prison or better yet. experience the death penalty?

    1. Judy Cheney says

      Secret Combinations

  39. MikefromTexas says

    Its getting to where you can’t boycott all of the companies as the list grow so fast that you would starve.

  40. Rob C Anthonisen says

    FINE ALL THOSE COMPANIES $1,000,000 We do not want communism. We do not want murders.

  41. Dolores says

    What the BLM needs to realize that the democrats have NEVER done anything for the Black people. If they think they have, then why are most of the abortion clinics are in the Black neighborhoods. Even Biden doesn’t want his children to go to school in a jungle. The democrats are the ones holding them down. These corporations that are funding them need to be brought to light and shut DOWN.

  42. Joel says

    Very simple solution. Label them a domestic terrorist organization. Then arrest them for treason give them a fair trial and do with traitors what is normally done. Then fine the companies that donated to the terrorists 100 times their donation. That should be a good start.

    1. Patricia (pistol packin' grandma) says

      JOEL, what was normally done to a traitor was sit them in the gas chamber/electric chairs like the Rosenbergs but we have the bleeding heart left who won’t even put them in jail or they call Kamala Harris to bail them out as she has been doing… our country is in trouble, please vote Trump.

  43. Sigrid Egan says

    In my opinion, BLM, ANTIFA and other domestic terrorist groups – and that is what they are – need to be singled out like what McCarthy did with the Communists in America, put into an internment camp and let them rot or come to their senses.
    This cannot be tolerated in a free America. IS EVERYBODY GONE COMPLETELY CRAZY? Do you people even know how lucky you are in America? Go live in another country and try out what it’s like in Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba and even some very modest socialist countries like my own homeland, Germany!! During this Pandemic, German government has required every place of business to demand every person’s name, address, phone number etc. so, if they have a covid infection in their business, they can track all visitors. CAN ANYBODY IMAGINE IF SOMEBODY HERE IN AMERICA WOULD HAVE AN IDEA LIKE THIS. WAKE UP AMERICANS, YOU ARE ON A DEADLY PATH.

  44. FRANK LUGIANO says


  45. veritas 56 says

    BLM as a classified enemy of the State should be sued collectively for all the damages caused .
    This should help to tie them down finaqncially.
    All banking accounts associated with them and their proxies should be frozen

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