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Biden’s Attorney General Freaks Out – Threatens Arizona Election Auditors

The entire Democrat Party is suddenly acting like a dope-smoking teenager when a concerned parent searches their room for their secret stash. “Don’t look in that drawer, mom! It’s—ah, jeez! That’s not mine! It belongs to Trevor! WHY WON’T YOU RESPECT MAH PRIVACY?!” That’s been the universal reaction from the Democrat Party in response to any attempts to examine the ballots from the 2020 election.

Joe Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland just cranked the dial up to eleven on the Panic-o-Meter, by threatening to jail the auditors for looking too closely at the ballots in Maricopa County, Arizona. Who does that when they think they legitimately won a race?

State Senator Wendy Rogers (R-AZ) notes that as Maricopa County goes through this four-stage audit, we should be able to easily tell which areas are most likely to uncover massive fraud: Just watch to see how much county election officials and national Democrats freak out during the various stages. Based on Merrick Garland’s threats, it looks like the auditors are on the verge of finding the teenager’s stash of weed.

“We will apply the same scrutiny to post-election audits, to ensure they abide by federal statutory requirements to protect election records and avoid the intimidation of voters,” threatened Garland on Friday.

Gee, what happened on Friday? A lot, actually.

The auditors in Maricopa County finished the hand count portion of Phase 2 of the audit. Multiple state delegations stopped by for a tour of the audit facility and to explore how the audit is being carried out. And the auditors are now moving into the second stage of Phase 2.

The first portion of Phase 2 was as simple as it gets: They counted the ballots. One of the red flags in this area was the fact that many of the stored ballot boxes were missing ballots. In some of the boxes, the count was short by as much as 20% or more. If there aren’t enough ballots to match the certified election results in Maricopa County, it means they have a bunch of “votes” that were generated by electronic means.

The second portion of Phase 2 is more technical: The paper analysis. This is being done with DSLR cameras that will scan the ballots. (DSLR = Digital Single Lens Reflex)

The camera is able to determine whether the ovals on the ballots were filled in by a human hand, as opposed to being “stamped” or if the ballot originated on a Xerox machine. The DSLR cameras can also examine the fibers of the ballot paper, to make sure they’re all on the correct paper stock – again, as opposed to being the wrong type of paper that was run through a Xerox machine.

Finally, the DSLR cameras can also detect the yellow-dot watermarks that are hidden on all legitimate Arizona ballots. Whoops! Did you know that Arizona ballots have hidden yellow-dot watermarks on them? Me neither. I’m also guessing that Merrick Garland didn’t know that until a few days ago.

So, Merrick Garland freaks out and suddenly threatens the auditors at the exact moment when they move from stage 1 to stage 2 of the examination of the ballots. Does that mean there’s a discrepancy in the count? Or does it mean that the Big Lie will be exposed soon during the paper analysis? Plus, additional states are now strongly considering their own Arizona-style audits. Garland could be trying to spook them into backing down.

I suspect Garland’s bosses are worried about what’s going to happen when the paper analysis is done. It could be that Garland’s threat is also a warm-up threat for Phase 3 of the audit, which is the analysis of the electronic voting machines and tabulators. If you’ll remember just a few weeks ago, the auditors discovered that a database had been wiped clean on one of the Dominion Voting Systems machines just three days before the audit was supposed to begin. Auditors were able to recover the files through other means, but only after a lot of headaches.

Sen. Rogers fired back at Merrick Garland after he issued the threat, warning that Garland would be the one going to jail in Arizona if he tries to interfere with a lawful and legitimate audit. Let’s hope the rest of Arizona’s lawmakers have the same amount of backbone and are willing to back that threat up. Given the way the Department of Justice has been corrupted, will anyone be surprised if Garland sends the FBI to raid the audit center and seize the results before anyone can see them?

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  1. Vic says

    May all those states, and more, looking at the AZ audit process then go home and do the same. I think it will come back that Trump won a cast majority of the states. And won the whole 2020 election by a landslide. The Dems sent 72 Dem, and likely corrupt, attorneys to AZ to try and fight this audit. The Dems are afraid of more than being found to have lost the election. They are VERY afraid of THEMSELVES being found out, and the penalties they would face for treason. They really think they can always do ANYTHING and just get away with it. SOROS and Obama, too.

    I wish every state, even Dem ones, would undergo this audit example. There are quite a few “Dem” states that were sure they had elected Trump. Minnesota and others.

  2. Gerry says

    Of course he’s freaking out — he is under pressure to stop an audit(if legitimate audit) that will prove beyond the shadow of a doubt there was more than enough voter fraud and corruption in the 2020 election to declare it Null & Void and he doesn’t have the power to stop it. When Arizona(again if legitimate) presents MORE evidence of corruption doing audits will spread like wildfire throughout our country. My guess is they will find fraud and corruption in 90% of the states — if not 100%.

  3. Gerry says

    Agree Vic and I’m sure we will start to see people like soros trying to buy these audits with bribe money so they don’t get publicized.

  4. Wyatt Earp says

    Threatening is all these democrats got! Time to lock and load! If police officer are going to help these politicians to lock up citizens for FINDING THE TRUTH! I guess they deserve the treatment they get by BLM AND ANTIFA! NO they are not caught in the middle! These DEMOCRAT and GARLAND HAVE BROKEN THE CONSTITUTION LAWS FOR A LONG TIME!

  5. Brian says

    I’m the AG, you will obay me, or I’ll throw my toys out of the pram, and cry. What a turd. Who do these people think they are? He’s representing a jelly brained fool, who couldn’t run a p**sup at a brewery. Who is being manipulated by the Nazi Chancellor Pelosi, and don’t think for one minute I praising her, because she is being instructed covertly by a whole host of criminals wanting to destroy America. What a ripe hit list if you wanted to take them down. Two of the most hated men around the world, Soros, and Gates, the loser mouth on a stick Obomination. Bush, and there are too many to list. Roll on 2022

  6. Robert Elliott says

    I can not wait for them to get caught. headboard lying phoney Harris and the Biden traitor crime family need all be put to death. THATS THE SENTENCE FOR TREASON. And Americans DEMAND it. They committed treason during a pandemic. They damn near destroyed the country DELIBERATELY. Biden at very least is WORKING FOR CHINA. His pedophile son the crackhead was the bag man for Joe’s payoff from Russia and china. That burismo was a money laundering scheme. As was the Russian mayor’s wife’s payout. There IS NO WAY IN HELL PUTIN DID NOT KNOW OF AND APPROVE OF THAT. Now joe opens their oil line and closes ours so we have to buy THEIR oil. It is the ONLY THING THAT FITS LIKE A SOCK. WAKE UP ! WE HAVE A COMMIE TRAITOR IN THE WHITE HOUSE. AS OBUMMER WAS AND IS A TRAITOR. CLINTONS ARE SCUM. First they have a daughter ( who at birth apparently was beat the hell out of with an ugly stick. Then them two on a pedophile corrupt murderous crime spree for years. Soros needs a bullet in the head along with his creep son. Wake up Americans. Please. The FBI , DOJ all crooked. Laurie lightfoot I hope somebody cuts her worthless throat. Antifa and blm should all be shot dead on the spot. ALL FUCKING TRAITORS. Get your guns. This country needs be taken back.

  7. Madeleine says

    We all know President Trump won in a record breaking landslide Fortunately military have all the Official ballots done with the Watermark on Official ballots. 81% and counting. They can freak all they like, Military are in control and they honour the Constitution

  8. Robert Elliott says

    That pos atty need be fired for threatening witnesses. Obstruction of justice. Conspiracy…..

  9. Mo Bobb says

    The election results in Arizona from the full forensic audit will be found to be false by the Dems and will be smeared by Fake News and social media who will push the Tin Hat Theory just as they always have done.

    I believe that in the end NOTHING will happen to change the 2020 Presidential election narrative that Biden won. They don’t call it Fake News for nothing.

    THIS is in line with the Orwellian book 1984 and will become digitally taught as American history for students young and old to consume as the truth about this past 2020 election. Never before has a Presidential candidate NOT CAMPAIGNED and won an election by a landslide. AMAZING how the Covid 19 came along just in time to keep Sleepy Joe out of the lime light and Presidential debates isn’t it ?

    Do you think that was a coincidence ?

  10. Gregory Duda says

    Merrick Garland took a shot across the bow of AZ Attorney General She shot back and sent it crashing into his bow mess with these ballots anyone you send including Garland will be seeing the inside of a Arizona jail cell/And it does happen back during the Obama Fiasco his EPA secretary Lisa Jackson sent some agents to N Dakota to try and strong arm the Fracking companies well before they arrived the Gov got wind of the plan and the State Police arrested them at the Airport Washington issued threats but States rights trumped them the gov had to pay a sizeable fine for intent to interfere with legal operations and commerce and send some Goons from Holders office to escort them back to Washington not long after Lisa Jackson had to step down on charges of internal corruption they will eat their own when convenient.Duda

  11. Ric C says

    And now you know why MG was not put on the supreme court, just another “PUPPET” on strings being pulled by the swamp to enslave 300+ million AMERICAN CITIZENS. This guy is unworthy to serve as AG, he doesn’t even know or understand the “CONSTITUTION”. The “CONSTITUTION” was forge for “WE THE PEOPLE”, to protect us from not, “we the government” Continue to pray that you will be allowed to vote in 2022. THE SWAMP IS NOT FINISHED WITH US YET. “MAGA-KAG-KAS”

  12. Maurice says

    Guilty conscious lases out with hayes and threats every time.

  13. Gerry Coughlan says


  14. Anonymous says

    Stop giving the corrupt DOJ suggestions as to how to interfere and further corrupt the AZ ballot audit outcome! Americans are extremely angry at the stolen election but believe that auditing will clarify exactly what the actual election results… unless the impossibly corrupted federal government once again interferes!

  15. Murphmeister says

    And this is a man who wanted to sit on the Supreme Court. This is a State of Arizona internal matter and any interference from the DOJ would be unconstitutional.

  16. Lamar says

    Just the word Corruption doesn’t Start To Describe What Went On and Is Still Today. We have Only One set Of Laws in our Country. Use That Law And Do What Needs To Be Done To Treasousness Traitors And Thieves.

  17. Gretchen says

    The only way demorats win is to make threats and above all cheat. They are disgusting and the entire party should be disbanded. Garland is another old man full of hate just like biden, piglosi, schumer and nadler. Term limits for congress please.

  18. Kenneth says

    Actions speak louder than words do. What are the Democrats so afraid of? Lets find out. Audit all states.

  19. paw paw says

    So true! We all know just WHAT the Democrats are afraid of!! “Let the good times roll!”

  20. Carlos says

    Gee, how stupid do all those useful idiots who backed him for SCOTUS look now?! The FBI has degenerated into the F***ing Bungling Idiots and enemy of the American people. If this tyrant tries to send them in, the AZ Gov. needs to order his Natl. Guard to stop them, even if it means by armed force!

  21. Fred says


  22. Dick says

    This idot for an AG needs to remember this is the USA, not some former Gestopo outpost. People with this chain of thought usually meet their maker early in life. WHAT A COVERUP WHEN LED BY THE AG OF USA….

  23. Mark says

    CommieCrat Merrick Garland needs to be charged with sedition and treason along with everyone involved in the January 3rd 2020 election theft! Execution for these traitorous scumbags is a necessary event to send a message to ALL CommieCrats, we’re coming for ALL of you traitorous ilk and won’t stop till ALL of you have been removed from existence!

  24. Robert says

    I would love to see this 2-bit punk, Garland, try to jail AZ Senators. Time for secession!

  25. Fred says


  26. MB says

    Jail should be equal for those abusers of the Constitution
    Throw out those bums who take us the people for granted
    Now they will be held accountable for their actions
    No either OR
    We are not that stupid like they would like to see the sheeples
    Failure is not an opportunity to cheat

  27. Kise Ingle says

    Getting scared are we,we already know there was election fraud. Biden’s attorney proves it by threating audit officials,threating people is punishable by law to. Democrats were the ones that started a civil war,because they were Traders then, and still are Traders to the United States today.

  28. Norm Taylor says

    I guess Mitch McConnel was right about this fraud to keep him from SCOTUS!!



  30. Don says

    To make the country safer send Garland to jail instead.

  31. Scotty says

    Isn’t the State of Arizona responsible for election matters in Arizona? Why is the United States Attorney General involved at all? What jurisdiction does he have? What is he afraid of? The truth?
    Keep counting! The truth MUST be known!

  32. Monk says

    Funny how Federal Police aren’t able to do anything……..until caught in the act of doing something about an act they didn’t care about, UNTIL a politician (Democrat) raised a little hell because they (the Democrats) were just about to be nabbed for the politician’s illegal act(s). If the DOJ follows through with their threats, they sure will look guilty as hell. If that happens, what else will the Biden Administration be willing to do for any type of coverup. Maybe use F15’s and AR’s?

  33. Yeah me says

    Remember 911 remember Knoxville Tennessee remember Surfside Florida remember the Titanic remember Pearl Harbor these people will stop at nothing and it doesn’t matter if they kill their own to get it

  34. Sam Brown says

    The only thing that I can say is that I and millions of others agree wholeheartedly with the comments above. We are Americans not Communist Democratic idiots who have created this traverse situation we are being forced to deal with in order to save America.
    If it can’t be done peacefully then prepare yourselves for the alternative method that will follow.

  35. Gunny says

    The AZ. State Police & The Maricopa CO. Sheriffs Dept. will stand their ground against gestapo interference.
    To bad Arapiao is not the Sheriff any more he would have told garland the same thing rogers did.

  36. AK Murphy says

    Robert Elliott – You, Sir, deserve a gold medal for you comments. You are absolutely right on every point you covered. If more Americans don’t pull their heads out, it’s going to be disaster for all of us. Thank you for being someone who knows which bathroom to use and isn’t offended by a Civil War statue.

  37. Yeah me says

    Recently Surfside Florida was just a practice shot for what they could come up with in Arizona and other places looking into the audits as was the post office in Tennesee, collateral damage means nothing to these evil demons

  38. Cheryl says

    We all know Trump won. I hope other states will take a stand and audit their ballots. Way to go Arizona for holding your ground. God BLESS THE USA!

  39. Renee Moore says

    The AG is INVOLVED because he had a hand in the WHOE CHEATING PROCESS! I told so! I told you so! Trump was not the best with People but he a least did his job. He did NOT PUT PEOPLE in Debt, Lost MONIES, Land Lords getting Screwed, Discrimination amongst Farmers, Whites, Asians, ETC! This is the “LEADER” these YOUNG but COODLED Adults THOUGHT was going to save them But THEY HAVE ANOTHER THING COMING, Biden is in his glory helping Rich, Corporations, & Having His Son Cheat, Swindle, and Connive a life style for Predators!

  40. Yeah me says

    I would sure like to see God and Jesus make their move to straighten this mess out

  41. Camille Gilliam says

    Were those the ballots that I watched the video of them moving them to a sheriff’s office and shredding them. They were hauled in a rental truck from a storage facility. This was the second day they did this.
    I also think they need to follow the Zuckerberg money, to see who all received a portion of it.

  42. Kent Robinson says

    Time for the AZ National Guard to put a perimeter around the courthouse and protect the auditors from the FBI Brownshirts?

  43. Janice says

    This man looks as out of it as Biden. They don’t want the audits to condinue because they know the truth will come out if it does. Thank God President Trump stopped this Garland critter from getting on the Supreme Court. What a disaster that would have been.

  44. lyin biden says

    Sounds like Joe Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland is trying to hide a criminal activity! Sounds like Joe Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland is supporting an insurrection!
    Sounds like Joe Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland is aiding and abetting a crime!
    Sounds like Joe Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland is a criminal who is attempting the overthrow and the government ans needs to be put and a quick trial and then hung.

    Sounds like Joe Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland is a criminal like all other liberals / democrats.

    Ok america want to try to defend Joe Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland ?

  45. CharlieSeattle says

    The Feds threat against a States right is UNFUCKINGCONSTITUTIONAL!

  46. Billy W says

    What are they so afraid of ? The truth will come out when it benefits the Democrats . This administration is working like they want a communist take over.

  47. Robert L. Kahlcke says

    FORNICATE GARLAND, there’s a valid reason he wasn’t appointed to the SUPREME COURT.

  48. Jo says

    Aha! The shit is finally hitting the damn fan!!!

  49. Jo says

    You got thtat right!!!

  50. Jo says

    You got that correct!!!!!

  51. Jim says

    The FBI, sounds like maybe the Governor better call out the National Guard, and a bunch of armed patriots to guard against unlawful seizure, especially from a corrupt POS agency like the FBI.

  52. Bemused Berserker says

    The time when Patriots will need to rose up and defeat this threat through arms fast approaches. We cannot rely on our corrupted Congress or Judiciary to defeat this threat to our Constitutional Republic.


    He has filed a lawsuit against Georgia claiming our new voting law…THE NEW LAW DOES NOT MAKE IT HARDER TO VOTE..IT MAKES IT HARDER TO CHEAT !!!!! Does the Constitution not give the States authority over their voting ?? This fellow is OVER REACHING states rights…CAN WE CALL FOR IMPEACHMENT?? (OR BETTER YET PRISON) ??

  54. Procompmt says

    If Garland says stop the audits, is he saying that the IRS is no longer allowed to audit anyone for tax evasion?
    These people are making it obvious that they stole the 2020 election. Like they say, why fear an IRS audit if you did nothing wrong? I’ve smelled hog farms that smell better than the democrats.

  55. cozycalico says

    Every state should do an honest audit and get Biden out of the White House. He never should have been there in the first place. This is the worst thing to happen in our country in these last 10 years or so. Biden has to go and I don’t care where just out of our government and cackling Kamala with him. We need Trump more than ever as these tow idiots are totally destroying our country.

  56. Chris says

    It’s like this’ I think it would be constitutionaly illegal to have a 2022 mid term election, without complete verification and resolve of the 2020 Election. So if they try and drag this shit to this point, There will be severe and Nation Wide CONSEQUENCES.

  57. cozycalico says

    Oops I see I made a mistake two (not tow) LOL

  58. lturn9 says

    Hey Vic, you are 100% correct – I’ll go even further and suggest we need to do these deep audits of every election in every state. Given the importance of every election, starting with local school boards, it’s critical we know every election was the will of the people, not that of a computer that might create votes or a billionaire who might spend bags of cash to sway the election. Additionally, it’s scary to think about how close AG Garland came to being put on the US Supreme court.

  59. maxibaby says

    The sad, worrisome, maddening thing to me is, this is the “Merrick Garland” the Dems wanted to add as a SCOTUS Justice during the BHO administration! If he follows unconstitutional orders to stop a lawful audit by threatening to send people to jail……he needs to be anywhere besides the head of the DOJ, much less a a SCOTUS Justice! If he sends the FBI to seize the audit record, that is a bridge too far!

  60. DrSique says

    Seems like the right time for the Oath Keepers, and other Patriots, to head for Arizona and secure the audit process from interference by federal government agents or any others.

  61. Fred says


  62. Fed Up With the Sell-Out says

    Next up, the mighty US Army First Woke Division will land in Arizona to defend the Democrats right to lie, cheat and steal to get their goal of total dictatorial Communism.

    Why are you laughing? The illegal Biden Regime is already promising legislation that will eliminate fair elections, open the borders wide and surrender to China and Islam.

    Our once mighty and proud military was destroyed by Barack the Commie, homosexual, Muslim Obama and his husband. Arizona better at least call out the National Guard and secure the recount site!

  63. bruce says

    They certified the election and the totals. If we get something different its a problem. They are not canvassing so no one on the audit have anything to fear from Comrade Garland. To threaten a fully authorized audit in a state is nothing more than the BS in media come up with . No evidence of anything to pursue. If you have nothing to hide then there shouldn’t be all this panic and disinformation.

  64. Joanna Ishee says

    Same laws apply to democrats wither they like it or not and this freaking out is pretty much admitting guilt of wrong doing.

  65. James Houston says

    Our Representatives need to come out of their comfort zone because we need them now more than ever. We the People need our representative leaders to lead.

  66. Martin Syvertson says

    Garland and the DOJ hasn’t constitutional authority to interfere in states electoral affairs and would be well advised to stay the hell out of it.

  67. Dennis Clements says

    Garland has proven what a worthless POS he is. Thank the Lord he did not make it to the Supreme Court, Thank you Mr. McConnell. Threatening witness to a traitorous crime is a felony, Garland needs to go to jail asap..

  68. Shauna Link says

    Is Merrick Garland the one who Obama nominated to the SC? Geez, both are dumb @sses.

  69. LMB says

    And this guy is supposed to be an honest attorney general?! And Obamie wanted him elected to the SCOTUS by the senate! This is the type of feces that’s floating to the top of the swamp!

  70. Joseph Clark, Sr. says

    I am over 80, and ever since I was aware of politics, DEMONCRATS have been pegged as CROOKS!

  71. Arizona Don says

    The only people who would fight something like an election audit is those who have something to hide. Every American regardless of race, ethnic group or even politics should want to know whether or not an election, especially a national election, was legitimate. The democrats in this case say nothing to see here move on! No that is not going to happen. Their problem is there is quite a lot to see there and we refuse to just move on.

  72. lyin briben biden says

    Arizona and Georgia should immediately charge the attorney general with threatening the citizens, violating states rights and abuse of office. send him and subpoena and summons with a trial date. when he does not show up have the trial anyway. find him guilty and sentence him to 20 years in prison.

    then send extradition papers to the Department of justice. when they do not deliver him charge the entire department, support personal and contractors with aiding ans abetting a criminal. then any government person that shows up in the state gets arrested and thrown in jail charges with felony aiding ans abetting with no bail.

    Learn to play the games the democrats play. be just a mean and dirty. they will stop when the consequences get high.

  73. Juan Hernandez says

    Biden’sAG and Soros need to share the same prison cell they are both traitors

  74. Bruno says

    If Garland sends the FBI to seize AZ audit records, it is guaranteed there will be civil war. You can only push Republicans so far.

  75. kunling says

    Every day that goes by provides more justification for having withheld the illegitimate AG Garland’s name from nomination to the SCOTUS. In fact, he and all the other illegitimate players in the current illegitimate administration should all be in jail beginning with the illegitimate squater in the WH.

  76. Jeffrey Hamilton says

    Garland, by his threats of incarceration, is breaking the law by interfering in an election recount! The citizens have a right to assure the voters every vote cast was cast legally and is counted! Garland go home and play with yourself!

  77. Jo says

    What are you afraid of Garland that you have to resort to threatening people this is still America no matter how hard corrupt Biden admin. tries to disrupt the counting its not a good sign for you!!!

  78. Larry says

    Biden’s AG Garland is CROOKED and should be in prison himself

  79. Margaret says

    I wish the Dems. Would do what is right, glad my Mom can’t see this, she would probably change party’s. They are about to start cheating again, Soros and no telling who, like Zuckerberg are going to bribe again, pay fines again, cheat again.

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