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Biden Attorney General Nominee Won’t Call Illegal Immigration a Crime

President Biden’s Attorney General nominee Merrick Garland appeared for his nomination hearing this week, only to report he won’t call illegal immigration a crime. His best response was, “I don’t know.”

His answer came after Senator Josh Hawley asked Garland, “Do you believe that illegal entry at America’s borders should remain a crime?” Senator Hawley clearly understood the importance of an attorney general who embraces strong borders. Yet Garland seemed unprepared to respond.

Garland responded during the hearing, “I haven’t thought about that question.” He also referred to it as “a question of allocation of resources.” But Hawley and other conservatives weren’t buying Garland’s answer.

There is no doubt Garland has “thought about” the immigration issue. But this is the same nominee who has shown uncertainty regarding whether Black Lives Matter violence or even Antifa attacks should be considered domestic terrorism. With progressives, it’s hard to know what to expect any longer.

From an everyday American perspective, it would appear a law school trained attorney general nominee would have thought through his view on immigration and could determine without much trouble whether a person illegal crossing America’s border is criminal act. Yet Biden’s nominee doesn’t want to make any firm decision in this regard, and it’s shocking to discover why.

Merrick is well-aware illegal immigration is a crime, even if Biden’s team wants to rename it regional migration or even a border crossing vacation. However, with Biden’s executive action to stop deportations, the restoration of Obama’s catch-and-release policy, and new legislation for Dreamers in the works, a Biden appointee can no longer give the traditional immigration answers.

Instead, everything stands in flux. If Biden and team get their way, those who have entered can join a pathway to citizenship—and of course, future voting (especially helpful for Democrats). Those who cross illegally can stay and hang out in the meantime without fear.

Biden has already approved 125,000 new immigrants into the nation this year, up from Trump’s original plan of 15,000. This is in addition to illegal border crossings and those who have already poured into the nation.

And don’t forget, Trump’s half-finished border wall project has come to a halt. We can thank Biden’s first week executive action signature for that one.

But not all Americans are ready to open the gate and welcome everyone in as a new neighbor without some investigation. Texas has already sued the federal government to end the Biden 100-day deportation stop. More legislation is in development in Texas and other border states.

While the left cries discrimination, conservative concerns regarding immigration are not based on racial issues. First, we’re concerned about safety. The same reason we lock our house at night is the same reason we protect our nation’s border. If you let everyone in, you’ll eventually have problems.

And the problems are not all related to safety. With the flood of new people, come the need for food, jobs, education, housing, and other resources. Without a legal process, these issues quickly become a mess, especially for the states along America’s southern border.

We need an attorney general who will get this issue right. At the very least, we need someone who can define what illegal immigration is.

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  1. bruce says

    Let’s not forget these illegal people allowed across our borders are bringing in infectious viruses and are not adequately checked. So putting US citizens at even more risk. This Admin is about the worst we could have running things. Garland won’t answer because he has his marching orders and can’t defend them.

  2. Kathy says

    Garland shouldn’t approve as AG,
    he will joined America less joe and width open Borders for illegales,

  3. Cindy says

    You are right about that. All he knows is what their handler’s goals are and they could care less about anything else, especially what the people want or need. They make that very clear. I can’t believe we are being ruled by a bunch of senile old bullies.

  4. Zepher Zipping says

    He knows nothing ? I’m nobody and I know about the ” illegal immigration problems ” this is a out and out lie , more democratic bullshit , out to dishonor America . There lack of knowledge is always present .

  5. Carlos says

    Nobody that’s reached his position is that stupid, not even a lawyer. He’s just playing rope a dope with the Repubes and his feigned cluelessness is nothing but a passive aggressive middle finger. I only wish that every politician who votes to confirm him and for open borders suffers the same loss Kate Steinle’s family did. That might get them to pull their heads outta their asses!

  6. Goldie Welch says

    Biden doesn’t care about what happens to America, never has. I’m sure there we’ll be more bull …to come. We have to look forward and take back control of congress and then the White House. We need conservative no matter which party they are on.

  7. Bob says

    What part of this being a crime does he NOT understand. Just try to cross illegally into many other countries and you get shot or long term prison camp. Wake up America.

  8. Martha says

    You are 100% correct, Carlos !!!
    Don’t believe for a second that he doesn’t know the answer ( he really is stupid as a rock, but he is also a communist so he must follow their agenda)
    The problem is, no matter who the “ sniffer” will want to put in his place, it will be also be a commie, so, the issue with immigration will become “ open the borders for anyone who wants to come for free stuff “!!!

    Our country is going down the drain because the marxists
    in DC managed to steal the Nov election, PERIOD!!!

  9. Martha says

    Bob, sir, the problem is a lot of us, American people understand exactly what’s going on but our “representatives “won’t do their job to stand up for our Constitution, our country, our laws .
    Of course the commies in DC want as many illegals as possible because they realize that is getting harder for them to fool us forever… so, they will open the borders for millions of invaders, make them “citizens “, give them all kind of free stuff ( paid by us of course) and these invaders will become their new “ voters”
    This is their goal : power and control!!!!

  10. Martha says

    Goldie, I agree with you 100%!!!!
    In the same time, we do realize that being that now after they stole the Nov election, the commies in DC will be rushing like crazy to make sure no Republicans will ever get any chance to be in majority anymore
    Not only that but as we know, they are already implementing a lot of new “ laws” ( mostly by EO) in order to reverse and basically nullify our Constitution, they put marxists judges at all levels, the Supreme Court is already biased ( thanks mostly to Roberts’), they are brainwashing our kids in schools , are working hard to come up with a sham of a law to confiscate our guns … and so on !!
    So, after Nov election, can we still trust that our votes will be counted????
    I don’t think so !
    So, can we really hope that by 2022 there will be anything left to be “ saved” of our country???
    There will be almost nothing, trust me !!!
    Look how desperate they are to push all the garbage through !!!!
    Besides, when we’re gonna realize that the commies already “offer citizenship “ to 20-30 millions illegals and new invaders, we must also understand that we are the ones paying for all the “ free stuff “ for them !!!
    Just my opinion, I hope I’m wrong !!!

  11. John Decker says

    If illegal entry to the country is no longer a crime, could somebody tell me when bank robbery is no longer a crime? I want to remodel my house but don’t want to pay back any money, so legal bank robbery sounds like a great idea. I’m not sure who Merrick Garland is, but someone needs to punch him in the head until he starts thinking straight. How does someone like him get appointed to a job like that when he obviously hasn’t the least bit of knowledge of how crime and the law work? I don’t know much about fission or fusion, does that make me qualified for a government job designing missile warheads? I’ll work cheap, two million bucks a year sounds about right.

  12. TheDragon says

    We not only have a bunch of senile bullies in the WH and all over in DC but they all have an agenda of destroying the country and “ re make it “ into a communist “paradise”
    Bottom line, after they used the “ covid sham” to steal the Nov election, now it’s time to force us into accepting to
    turn into a communist country…
    they made sure they have all the “ tools” they need ( just like Pelosi was saying) : the media( commies, on their side), the giants as Facebook, Tweeter, Google, with their millions, the universities which brainwashed our kids, also using censorship to make sure our voice will be silenced forever … and on top of everything else, we have China becoming stronger and stronger and infiltrating into our economy and also Iran , another big enemy who not only wants to control us but also to destroy us !
    Are these corrupt crooks, thugs, liars in DC going to sell us to them ????I would say, certainly YES !!!!
    They won’t lose anything, they could move to some island that no one ever heard of at any time !!!
    is our country going to survive???
    I doubt it, unfortunately!!!

  13. TheDragon says

    Very interesting thought, John !!!
    Probably if you’ll be asking AOC or Tlaib, or Bernie, sure,
    if you would be part of the BLM crowd or the so called
    “ Antifa”( which is basically pro fascists ), then yes, you could rob a bank legally because it’s being considered
    “Reparation “for when you owned slaves, 200 yrs ago …
    If you are a person of color, even better … preferably not be white because then you must know that you are
    “ a privileged one”…

    So, I’m saying that no matter how hard someone would punch that loser in the head , all he knows is the “agenda”
    must be implemented no matter what !!!

  14. V says

    So many of these nominee are glorified enablers, with no backbone to stand for truth and justice. Biden was looking to get President of the United States on his credentials. Puppeteers were looking to destroy all Trump did for this nation. All 40 plus orders signed by Biden starting from day of inauguration have to do with undoing them. Democrats look to illegal immigrants to gain votes during elections then forget about them, left to the rest of society to take responsibility until the next election then they expect them to vote for them. The swamp has a different idea and that’s to change our way of living, bankrupt us, control our thoughts & beliefs and practices as they enrich themselves while socially dividing us.

  15. Glenn Snyder says

    One more looser joing the pack. What else should we expect.

  16. Upsidedownjack says

    Hummmmmm. Jumping the Border (ILLEGAL) “may not be a Crime? And the 2nd Amendment is NOT a personal RIGHT? Does this POS know anything about the United States of AMERICA? Better Question: Does He (THEY) Care? Good show Comrade!

  17. Ralph Charles says


  18. Wyatt says

    Is crossing the border illegally a crime ?
    “I don’t know ?”
    Did this clown go to school for his law degree or is he like Al Sharpton , got his degree from an ad in Popular Mechanics Magazine ?
    What part of the word ILLEGAL does he not understand ? Claims he hasn’t thought about it . But he has thought about infringing on our Constitutional rights hasn’t he . Violate the second amendment . Seems he doesn’t understand or have thought about the part that says the “right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” But then king Joe had spoken and Garland has to comply like a good little lap dog .

  19. Wyatt Earp says

    Where are the real American people in California? Are you people afraid of this sick man? Can’t even believe he is an AG! His act is more like a COMMUNIST Socialist fool! Round up with a bus of illegal immigration and drop them off in his yards! If one is a M-13 maybe they will kill him! Just be sure to tell them free room and board!

  20. Sergio Bravo says

    If people coming for food, Education, job , house, health and bla,bla, bla .
    They need go other country because in the USA American people veteran including defend this country don’t haven’t any of this Benefits, Mr Biden , Mr Kerry better your thinking as American .

  21. charles wilkins says

    Don’t give up control of our southern border to Biden’s Policies.
    Democrats” This whole Presidential thing, it is very obvious now, that Biden is in, way over his mental capabilities, moving forward with his total leftist agenda, serving our Country up on a platter, for his Chinese obligations made, once all this fully becomes apparent to all Americans change will finally occur. He has made election promises, non of which he can keep, and his executive mandates will only satisfy for a little while longer. Family baggage will become his downfall, this man can not say promises made, promises kept to the American people, maybe to China The Country is more divided then ever before and it’s getting worse, keep taking American jobs away will come back additionally to be your downfold. Former White House physician Ronny Jackson told reporters he was “convinced” that Democratic Joe Biden, 77, does not have the cognitive ability to be commander-in-chief. “I’m pretty familiar with what it takes both physically and cognitively to do that job and what the demands of that job are,” The. What does all this sound like to you? Executive orders or dictatorship? these are not congressional passed laws. This is all going to lead somewhere and it’s result will not be good. Our country is now well on it’s way to being bankrupt. Their is a national epidemic of corrupt democrats, Change will be coming in 2022 I hope, They are also trying to change our election laws for the future. Hopefully we’ll see all these lifetime entitled Dems replaced .Biden’s border orders will only lead to more cages and release of minors to sex traders “Business Insider reported” that an estimated 18,000 to 20,000 children come into the U.S. and are sex trafficked each year. As many as one in seven runaway children in the U.S. also end up being sex trafficked. Much of the child sex trade is now online and on the dark web, but minors also travel with their handlers to be trafficked in other locations. Why are the words “dark money” “dark web” and the name Biden always found in the same conversations? Phoenix police pointed out that anyone with information about sex trafficking should call local law enforcement or the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 888-373-7888 or visit

  22. Doris says

    OMG! Garland as A.G. Would be disaster. Judges please just follow the Constitution.

  23. John M says

    The enemy from within. A partisan A.G.
    Biden’s “wingman”.

  24. Papa Bear says

    I guess like many other words in Washing DC, Illegal must have a different meaning from what us “Peasants” understand. Or does illegal mean something different in “Leagalese!? Where I come from it means it’s against the law. Therefor if you commit the act, you are a CRIMINAL!!

  25. Papa Bear says

    Good luck with that Doris!

  26. Racecar says

    Some one said he is a constitutional attorney !! Well he knows nothing about the constitution other then he does not like it and will do anything to destroy it or get around it! If he is confirmed the people will know who the swamp people are as they will be the ones that voted to confirm him !!!

  27. Byron Tuggle says

    Garland is giving away what I gave so much to during 1968. This is getting to the edge.

  28. Slim says

    This guy would fit right in with the communist left wing. His qualifications…A Liar!!!

  29. Susanl says

    USA has immigration laws and border walls to protect the Citizens and the Sovereignty of our Country. But,
    Democrats need the immigrants VOTE to stay in power. Merrick Garland is saying he “doesn’t know”?

  30. Gary Smith says

    Another flunky like sleepy Joe

  31. Omega 2 says

    GARLAND is nothing more than another LUCIFER JOE in the Justice DEPT! HEAR NO EVIL SEE NO EVIL AND SPEAK NO EVIL and not needed as the A G.

  32. JDavis951 says

    Then he, Biden, Harris, all Democratic Members of Congress are in direct violation of not only their oath of office, but are breaking long time laws that have been on the books for decades.

    WE THE PEOPLE (aka SILENT MAJORITY) need to burn up phone lines in DC weekly demanding our laws be upheld, and all illegal aliens be rounded up and deported IMMEDIATELY!

    Members of the House

    Members of the Senate


    One call per rep!

    Keep in mind: SILENCE = ACCEPTANCE

  33. David Barber says

    No other country on earth is as insane as ours.

  34. Gitmo says

    Anyone a demorat puts into goverment office is sure to screw things up! All these people like garland are Obama pics to cover his and administrations illegal activitys! Cover his tracks! Cause diversions blaming someone else! Evidence that disappears! Failure to go after and prosicute real criminals like Killery/Obama/Soros and many more! They are putting there players in place one by one! I’m sure he will listen to Obama and try and hang something on Trump! It what these idiots do so people dont concentrate on the them or truth! Obama /Soros train belongs in Gitmo for there treason against americans! There sure pushing to close Gitmo just in case! Demorats always turn America into a mess milking funds for there failed projects! Obama has been the worse and hes running the show again!! Last thing America needs right now is a failed racist like Obama! Dont listen to this pos! Hes not for america

  35. Randy says

    To think that Obama thought that he was qualified to be a Supreme Court Justice, what a joke.

  36. Bob Meyers says

    The law is on the books Garland you bozo! You cant change the law!

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