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Ballot Harvesting Caught on Camera in Georgia and Pennsylvania

If there was one positive thing, that came out of the 2020 presidential elections, it was this: Democrats exposed themselves for what they are, cheaters. They are so determined to win, they’re willing to rig elections in their favor.

Of course, having good policies and serving their constituents is completely secondary to them. How well they serve their communities is secondary to being in power.

Since the pandemic came around, Democrats were presented with the perfect opportunity to steal the election win from Donald Trump – using mail in ballots.

Pennsylvania Senate President Jake Corman, said in an interview with Gateway Pundit, that there was proof that election fraud had been committed.

A man was filmed stuffing ballots into a ballot box in broad daylight in Lackawana County, during the May 2021 primary elections.

Evidence has also surfaced of fraud being committed in Georgia during the 2020 presidential elections.

The group True the Vote, have said they have obtained surveillance footage of multiple ballot boxes being stuffed with thousands of ballots in the middle of the night.

Over 240 people, have been implicated in Georgia for ballot harvesting, which, of course, is illegal. It seems it was a sophisticated operation, working on a massive scale to steal the win from Republicans.

So far, True the Vote has said they have in their possession, two million minutes of video, broken into 73,000 individual files.

The group is also attempting to get surveillance footage from other states – including Arizona, where they have found multiple instances of voter fraud.

Real Americas Voice’s Heather Mullins, told John Frederick on his radio show, that each of the ballot harvesters averaged 23-24 drops – emptying backpacks of ballots into the ballot boxes.

Just The News reported that a whistle-blower had come forward and he said he was paid thousands of dollars to do it.

As reported by Just The News:

Raffensperger’s office received a detailed complaint from conservative voter integrity group True the Vote on Nov. 30 saying it had assembled evidence that scores of activists worked with nonprofit groups to collect and deliver thousands of absentee ballots, often during wee-hour operations, to temporary voting drop boxes distributed around the state during the pandemic.

The group informed the secretary its evidence included video footage from surveillance cameras placed by counties outside the drop boxes as well as geolocation data for the cell phones of more than 200 activists seen on the tapes purportedly showing the dates and times of ballot drop-offs, according to documents reviewed by Just the News.

The group also said it interviewed a Georgia man who admitted he was paid thousands of dollars to harvest ballots in the Atlanta metropolitan area during the November election and the lead-up to Jan. 5, 2021 runoff for Georgia’s two U.S. Senate seats, which were both captured by Democrats and ended GOP control of Congress. The group has yet to identify the cooperating witness to state authorities, referring to him in the complaint simply as John Doe.

The group does not allege the ballots delivered by couriers were fraudulent. Nonetheless, lawful ballots delivered by third-parties to drop boxes would run afoul of Georgia’s law.

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  1. Clyde Sheets says

    The AG , Brad R. , Brian K and Stacy A. Are the ones who need investigation! Liers this was not the safest election ever! IN FACT IT WAS THE MOST CORRUPT EVER in Georgias history and America’s History! TRUMP asked CORRUPT Brad to Look into the same thing WE Saw! Election FRAUD Not to fabricate votes you word twisting communist! HE KNOWS the same thing WE knew. IT WAS STOLEN! If the AG in GA. Really was against crime in ga they would quit trying to Frame PRESIDENT TRUMP and prosecute the CRIMINALS on the video and the NATZI’S that really did commit TREASON! 2022 I hope GEORGIANS vote YOU OUT FOREVER!

  2. david david says

    I told you that it’s all a big scam when are they gonna stand up and take back our country. Answer never ,the lazy sheep just don’t want to get involved. Sorry state of affairs people.

  3. Bret says

    Joe Biden is nothing but a Chinese implant into the White House! His everyday threats to the American people prove that! No other president would still be in office after threatening nuclear retaliation against the American people not only 1 time but 2! Disbar this low life leech and hang him from the highest tree for TREASON!

  4. Bret says

    A leader who threatens total annihilation of his own constituents is not a leader and has no country to rule over!

  5. Carlos says

    Great, we keep reading about the mountains of evidence, so what?! What legal body with any authority to set into motion decertification will hear this evidence and act on it? The Left will continue to deny, deny, deny- even when the evidence comes out. Until I see a first case of any state where the fraud occurred declaring Trump the winner and removing their electoral votes from Plugs, it’s all lip service and only serves to further infuriate those who know the truth.

  6. Leo says

    It’s over, Bidumb is the president along with Hairass as VP. Proving fraud can’t change that. What it can do is replace a lot of Dumbocrats in 2022/2024 by making sure the elections are honest/fair. It can also put a lot of the direct perps in prison maybe even moving up the chain to pet the organizers of the fraud away.

  7. jonathan m says

    well i have read all this about the election being stolen and i do be-leave it was stolen but you know the thing that makes me mad as hell is the fact and i do mean fact there will not be a dam thing done about it nothing the dems get a slap on the wrist and told now dont do that ok bad people that is what thy get for fraud and the republicans just sit there and let it happen and the people pay the price for it you know
    it is sad as hell to see what this country has come to when the ones you elec to office stab you in the back and then shove it down your throat then you pay them for doing it to you how sad is that

  8. bob says

    lets do something now. not just talk about it !!!!!!

  9. Rick says

    Well, there was once ‘A Shot Heard Around the World’. When will the second be heard?? Locked, loaded, and ready!!!

  10. Brian Richard Allen says

    …. if delivered by third-parties to drop boxes, (so-called) “lawful” ballots would “run afoul” of Georgia’s law ….

    And be: thus; made to be fraudulent.

    As: America-wide and by various criminal and sovereign-criminal means; were the around FORTY MILLION 2020 votes fraudulently counted for the traitorous and subversive, fascist-Marxist and ongoing-coup d’état-perpetrating, China-Zhou-Xiden junta/regime.

  11. Brian Richard Allen says

    +Bob Says: …. let’s do something!!!! not just talk about it ….

    Fat hope.

    The China-Zhou-Xiden junta/regime is fully engaged at home. Where its incited, encouraged, facilitated and fully-financed, hostilely-colonizing criminal-alien army is being dispersed, nation wide, in preparation for its millions-of-fraudulent-votes contribution to the Mid-Terms — and for 2024.

  12. Catherine says

    Do something about it! We the people get thrown in jail for trying to overthrow the government for lying, stealing and fraud. They shove corruption in our face and expect everyone to lap their feet. I look at them in total disgust every time I hear them open their mouth for I know it’s another load of BS. They only want control of the population by scare tactics and by decreasing the population. NEVER give up your right to bear arms or the right to vote in person. DON’t be a sheep and continue to only follow what the news and media are saying. Open your eyes and ears. Stop being brainwashed!

  13. JOE Kepshire says


  14. BC says

    Most are ready and willing—all needed is the start and these crooks are toast..

  15. kurt gandenberger says

    ballots in arizona were all printed by the same company. they put a tiny amount of radioactive tracer in each ballot (i have been told). when the ballots from maricopa county were scanned, they found 27,000 fraudulent ballots. i imagine all were biden votes. arizona doesn’t need any further investigation or information. they need to decertify now if all that is true.

  16. Darrell says

    President Trump showed evidence on national TV none of you paid attention to it they took suitcases out from under a table that was covered then they ran those ballots multiple times thru machines those were mail in ballots no folds

  17. Jay says

    I have a distinct feeling that the rightful winner of POTUS, Donald Trump will be replacing Bidumb in the very near future! Its about time!!!

  18. Jay says

    I have the distinct feeling the true POTUS, Donald Trump will be replacing BIDUMB very soon.

  19. Jay says

    PRESIDENT Trump will be replacing Bidum very shortly, like in 2 months.

  20. Imre says

    I wish it was TODAY!!! We can’t wait 2 months. Unless if you learn to speak Mandarin that fast. Hang the TRAITOR and his drug addict son who still receives $$$$$$$ from China and his wife for putting a dementia patient in the highest office of America. How stupid can she be???

  21. Dorothy Foster says

    The Liberal Media is our worst enemy…. They carry all the government propaganda they want us to know
    and hear about… That is the Democrats best tool…. Big Liberal Companies like AT&T own the Liberal Networks and they are trying to snuff out all the Conservative Networks like NEWSMAX.. OAN … FOX NEWS… Until the people WISE UP to the CNN MSNBC CBS NBC ABC ..many of the regular local news networks are liberal… It is all a FIXED DEAL.. It is hard to get people NOT to believe them… SHEEPEL….that is the problem.. Do the homework and trust in the ALMIGHTY GOD !!

  22. Southern Cross says

    Well, if every “working American” in the U.S., knows this to be true… What’s our Supreme Court and local courts in these various states doing about it? Let me answer that question… Nothing! They are letting our Capitalistic country to be taken over by Socialism… Why is it, that law abiding citizens are now feeling pressure to right the ship… Veterans that have lost life, limb, wounded in action, and taken hits mentally, while serving their country, seek justice, and the truth… and we apparently live by a higher standard, than the Supreme Court. A standard of life that promotes freedom and individual prosperity, through hard work. Yet the Democrats just want to “give away” everything that generations before us, fought and gave their lives to protect.. Now see the current Biden Administration giving tax money, that you’ve taken from Americans, given to illegal aliens. Catastrophic Biden policies, that do nothing for the common citizen in the U.S. “that has worked for a living,” their entire lives are witnessing this now… Here’s the facts: 1. The COVID vaccine doesn’t work (it’s all about control, destroying our economy, and population control), and finally, the CDC has stated that “natural immunity” now trumps the jab. If you have taken 3 jabs that Fauci prescribed, I feel sorry for you. Your natural immune has now compromised, and I’m sorry that your health now, “just ain’t what it used to be!” The jab is crippling American’s and destroying their lives, using media support to control the narrative… You say no way… Yes way, check out the increase in death rate for the past 12 months at the ages of 18-49, compared with previous years, with insurance companies that have to show true numbers in their annual reports… Last check, it was .30% higher, but don’t take my word for it, just line up, and accept your next jab!! Or check the Medicare or Medicaid reports that have shown a dramatic increase in deaths for the past 12 months compared to 2019 reports… When true values finally come to light, you’ll see devastation was in the jab, and the unvaccinated, well, they’ll be fine. As long as we unvaccinated can get our hands on Ivermectin, or Hydroxychloroquine, Monoclonal Antibodies, etc., we’ll be fine! When you conduct your research, you will then be informed… Follow Dr. Malone, and Dr. McCullough’s input on all things COVID, and don’t listen to Fauci, because Fauci knows the makeup of the jabs, he helped to create the mad science… and he also knows this experimental gene therapy is dangerous and deadly. Read about mass formation, Socialism, Marxism, and think about what stage were are in now, and by all means, conduct your own research on the jab, world economy and political events that are happening globally, and see the big picture (It’s frightening). The UK is starting to finally come around with jab mandates, as they are doing away with them (Boris finally got it). FDA and CDC are controlled by Big Tech and Big Pharma, and if you are relying on the news media to “clue you in,” well then, you’ll continue to be clueless… 2. Swing states in our last election, to name a few: Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, MI, GA, Nevada, and several more, have actual witnesses, video coverage, and written testimonies, and are willing to testify on the topics of ballot harvesting and fraudulent activities that occurred during the 2020 election, and following days to swing the vote in Biden’s favor… Especially after midnight of election day, and the cheating continued for days! Where’s the Supreme Court on this? You are not Supreme, if you don’t seek justice on a fraudulent election held in the United States of America… Why can’t you do your job, and let the truth be known? Are all of you scared of something? Is your job so cush, that you fear losing it? Wake up!!! Is money that important to you, that you sell your position to the highest bidder, and turn your back on the American people? I’m also sorry, but I don’t see how an 83 year old man, should even be in a chair “calling the shots,” on important legal activities… Look what the Biden Administration is doing to our country! I’m sorry, but the Supreme Court is no longer viewed as “Supreme!” 3. The Jan 6 committee is a disgrace to our country and controlled by Democrat treasonous acts committed by: Pelosi, Schitt, Schumer, Nadler, Waters, AOC and her band of idiots, and the entire Biden Administration. There is no longer “fairness” in the House of Congress. It’s absolutely ridiculous… You have the power to make the right judicial decisions at the Supreme level, and you owe it to the American people, “to do your job, or get up out of the coveted chair that you occupy, and let someone, unbiased, uncontrolled by anyone, to do the job for you!” I know a few enlisted veterans that can do your job better… You don’t have to be trained to be a good judge, you just have to have values, morals, intelligence, and a burning desire to do the right thing, and make the right call every time. The survival of our country depends on you. Your children also depend on you to lead by example, make the right call, and teach them well!!

  23. Christopher Freeman says

    Time to prosecute the pig, the traitors , the liars networks and the crime s against humunity
    the politicians have been lied to , decieved, taken over by ccp money and if you cannot see this
    open your eyes
    wake up
    get off your asss and look
    the reality is , they lie
    they cheet
    they the demo crat , rats will take all you have and leave you homeless after the invasion
    slaves to the rich

  24. Lynn says

    That is very Beautiful….!!!!!!!!!!!! Now lets see how many Honest people we have in the USA…

  25. Fed up with this administration says

    Only a libtard believes Xiden got 81 million votes,all anyone had to look at was his turnouts compared to Trumps,its time to take action or this will continue to happen

  26. Craig says

    No one is going to fix the fraudulent election because it’s a Communist elitist takeover of our country and they will do it again because we have become a nation of lazy cowards and THEY know it. They got away with it once they’ll do it again. Corrupt tyrants are not going to stop the fall of our once great country. You either want to preserve liberty and protect the Constitution for your children and grandchildren or you don’t. Look at everything that has happened to our country since 2020, if you think it’s a coincidence, your living in a closet or your head is buried in the sand.

  27. rick says

    Same as it ever was! And please, people, stop referring to the left wing kooks as “socialist”! That’s just a left-wingers nice way of describing what they really are…….Communists!!!

  28. Colin Kovacs says

    So true. I seem to remember when being a communist was, basically , a crime. What the fk. Happened?

  29. Colin Kovacs says

    The 2020 fraudlection, and the massive amount of “nothing done about it”, coupled with the entire political machine and corrupt media attacking President Trump, tells you just how deep the putrid, filth, of corruption permeates. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  30. Cheryl says


  31. Deplorable Lanie says

    The thing is the ballots WERE fraudulent if they were delivered illegally! Just like I can’t go vote for my friend, I am not allowed to pick up a whole bunch of friends ballots and then find a place to drop them off! THAT is illegal and the ballots, no matter how legal they were when they were completed, they are NOW illegal and therefore fraudulent!

  32. yeah me says

    so what if it was corrupt if no one does anything about it! Over a year later and I have seen videos of it and we still have an unelected in the WH and a fake speaker in congress! I bet plenty others were scammed too!

  33. PTB says

    I couldn’t agree more! They tried twice to impeach Trump and Americans watched that Witch hunt at our expense. Total garbage! What will it take to take this Trash to the curb??? Indeed, We The People!

  34. Sabi says

    It is a shame!!!! . The whole world were trying to get into U.S.A. for being the more honest country in the world, but that honesty has vanished, and even worst this country is now becoming worser than an uncivilized country in Africa. People in high positions politics can steal, kill, lie, and the law does not apply to them. Now in this country persecute to whom said the truth, slandering him, prohibiting to use Twitter, You tube, Facebook. In this country even the most respected FBI is lying because some DEMOC-RAT lady paid to punish an honest PRESIDENT. !!!! IT IS A SHAME !!! and that hurt me because I migrated from my country which now is bit more honest than USA.

  35. Herb says

    no one is even talking about the question upper most in my mind.
    everyone is talking about the presidential race but no one is even trying to find out how many down ballot races went to dems that should have been won by repubs…
    If this isn’t fixed this year we can kiss our country goodbye because the dims will dominate ALL of the races.

  36. WildMann 9 says

    We are all certain that Massive Cheating was done by Dem-O-Commies in the Se-Lection of B/S ‘Bitin’ Biden’! We will suffer with this Commie Dem Junta, till the Dems Rig the Next Se-Lection! There is only one way to Dislodge these Commies, and it won’t be Easy Or Nice!

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