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Alleged Bill Clinton Lover Ghislaine Maxwell Seeks Bail as Confidante Dishes on Family’s Dirty Laundry

Disgraced ex-Pres. Bill Clinton comes under renewed scrutiny as convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell, makes a push to be released on bail, and a former White House gatekeeper airs the family’s dirty laundry.

It was long believed that Clinton’s association with Jeffrey Epstein —who committed “suicide” under suspicious circumstances in a New York jail — was linked to underage sex-trafficking. Flight logs show Clinton took numerous rides on Epstein’s “Lolita Express” luxury jet that was a front for prostituting underage girls across the world.

Recently Bill Clinton’s long-time confidante and former employee, Doug Band, came out with allegations suggesting Clinton and Maxwell had a sordid relationship. He says at least two trips Clinton took on Epstein’s jet were to the infamous “pedophile island” to hook up with Maxwell behind Hillary’s back.

According to Band, Maxwell and Clinton managed to hide their lurid affair in plain sight. The Epstein madame was a welcome guest at Clinton family functions and enjoyed a friendship with Bill and Hillary’s daughter, Chelsea. But as Band became aware of the disturbing sex-trafficking rumors, he tried to push Epstein and Maxwell out of the Clinton orbit. It didn’t sit well with father or daughter in the early years.

“I knew in telling everyone to stop including Ghislaine that Chelsea and her father would be very angry. It made it harder for them to justify being close to her,” Band reportedly said.

Like anyone who rubs the Clintons the wrong way, Band had his reputation ruined, and they fired him from their family foundation, alleging her committed inappropriate financial dealings.

“No staffer has ever used their role to serve their interests as much as Doug Band,” a Clinton spokesperson retorted. “For many years he was a valuable member of President Clinton’s team and supportive of Clinton Foundation programs. Until he wasn’t. He put the foundation at risk by leveraging a world-class philanthropy for his own financial gain.”

Whether this was another attempt to throw a witness to Clinton’s affair under the bus and cover Hillary’s pay-to-play schemes remains to be seen.

According to Band, it wasn’t until Chelsea began seeing credible reports that her father was waist-deep in an underage prostitution cult that caused things to finally change in the Clinton circle.

“It wasn’t until 2015 that Chelsea became aware of the horrific allegations against Ghislaine Maxwell, and she hopes that all the victims find justice,” a Clinton family spokesperson reportedly said. “Chelsea was friendly with her because of Maxwell’s relationship with a dear friend. When that relationship ended, Chelsea’s relationship with her ended as well.”

The death toll surrounding the Clinton family increased by one after Epstein suffered an inexplicable suicide while being the highest-profile prisoner in America. Maxwell’s attorneys have pleaded for her release saying she too could easily be killed in the prison system. Turns out she doesn’t believe Jeffrey Epstein killed himself either. She hasn’t said yet if she is fearful the Clintons will kill her or one of her former bosses highly connected rich clients who was also likely involved in Epstein’s international sex trade.

Maxwell’s testimony could potentially unravel the behind-the-scenes dealings of the Clintons. Legal experts anticipate Ghislaine Maxwell will either get a lenient plea deal after Democrat elites bring pressure to bear in 2021 or she’ll drop a dime on Bill Clinton. Clinton is for sure soiling his pants over that last option.

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    I would like to know when the clintons, and i mean the whole family are going to be arrested and locked up for all their crimes? Or is this just another family like the bidens above the law. I guess money buys you a free ticket to do what ever the hell you want and get away with it to go on killing anyone who doesn’t agree with you. Our judges who back the democrats will someday wish they had done the right thing . because what goes around comes around in time. Don’t cry me a river when the clintons and the bidens come after your crooked asses.

  2. Charles E Schimpf says

    He did not have sex with that woman,ha

  3. Marlene says

    WOW! It seems the Clintons have another dead body on their hands from the people they surround themselves with, Epstein! Why is it that normal people make mistakes get punished …but the sleezy Clintons get nothing and they kill people every day among other evils that they produce. Do you know who’s going to take them down, the new socialist party of the Democratic Party. They won’t stand for that kind of power on principle..they are cooked.

  4. rabbit says

    You better watch out I aint sure why But I do think Hillary is a guy, His slickness caught again, track it he never quit.

  5. Nate says

    Is this surprising news to anyone? I wouldn’t trust “Free-Willy-Bill Clinton” with a piece of wood with the knot hole removed!

  6. linda harrison says


  7. Greg says

    If you were married to Hillary you would find someone else to problem is he is such a scumbag that he goes for a little girls
    Let’s put them both rot in jail and you will find out that they will turn on each other

  8. Dennis Anderson says

    They will have it scripted if and when she hits a grand jury trial. Ghislaine I would say is fairly safe until what she will say in court gets out. It is a fact there is a trail of bodies that stacks up in front of the Clintons back door. This is a high profile case that can`t be swept under the rug. Just like Hunter Biden and his dealings in the Eastern part of the world. The man is dead above the neck. His lab top repairman has gone missing. We don`t need these people running and using our country for self-gain. I went through Germany & France in 1980 and the people weren`t that fond of Americans.

  9. Dgjot says

    All the Clintons should hang for manslaughter and treason.

  10. Craig Murphy says

    Of course Clinton had sex with her because – Papa was a rolling stone, wherever they spread their legs was his bone.

  11. glock19fan says

    To Marlene

    Socialists have principles? It was the Socialist/Communist rulers who declared “Any ruse, cunning, unlawful method, evasion or concealment of the truth” to be proper and desirable when employed to further the cause of Communism. That particular statement was written by Lenin in a paper titled, “The Infantile Sickness of Leftism in Communism.” It’s the old “End justifies the means [however foul]” type of “Morality.”

  12. Dani says

    Donna, I completely agree with you!! Well said! The Biden and Clinton crime families get away with murder (both literally and figuratively) even with mountains of evidence because somehow it all gets buried and witnesses end up dead!! Let’s pray that what you say will happen—what goes around comes around and hopefully justice will finally be served and they all get locked up!! DC swamp needs to be drained and Trump will be the one who brings them down! He will prevail and get his rightfully earned second term and that’s when it will all come crashing down on the criminal DEMOC”RATS” and their scum families! They are afraid of Trump and that’s why they do everything in their power to get him out of office.

  13. Janice E. Prescott says

    Oh my gosh are you as surprised as I am? NOT. This guy is a pedofile and a true friend of Epstein. I feel so bad for the kids this was done to, and even though they complain now, nothing gets done thanks to our gutless FBI and DOJ. These things should have been judicated a long time ago, and people should be in jail. Still praying for a miracle to happen. It will all be hushed up under an OBiden admin. Don’t let this happen. Shame on Barr and Durham for not letting out their findings BEFORE the election. How the hell long does it take to get the answers?

  14. Dogfather says

    The FBI, CIA, DOJ, ATF, IRS are all CORRUPT by liberal, socialist, DemonRats! Call in Interpol to investigate all these international political crime familes (Clintons, Bidens, Comeys, Brenans, Pelosis, Schumers, Shiffs, (et. al…).I do not Trust the American Justice System, it has been compromised! All these tyrant Demonrats need to hang for Treason.

  15. Dave from San Antonio says

    Only time will tell how this goes. The ‘entire’ Clinton family needs to be investigated as a risk to national security. Uranium-One is an example. I’m not real hopeful that anything will actually be done. The Clinton’s and their associates have bought and paid for so many high ranking people that an ‘honest’ investigation will be hard.

  16. bob says

    PERV Bill has been banging around on old , raggity , stale , dried up trim , hillary for years . The CROOKED F.B.I. ,, the C.I.A. ,, the DOJ have all been corrupt and in the Clintons pocket for years . Our form of Government is MORE crooked than most 3rd world countries . With all the shame that the Clintons have been involved with , I would be EMBARRASSED to show my face in public ,,, the CLINTONS are SCUM !!!

  17. Barbara says

    HANG UM HIGH ! They deserve it!

  18. Sir Arthur says

    Unfortunately, the Dems get away with anything because they always have the media to cover for them. and now, they also have the FBI, DOJ, Democrat Party as well. Nobody will lay a glove on either the Clintons, the Bidens or the Obamas. Between all of them, they know where ALL the bodies are buried and who has been payed off and compromised. Read a book instead of being too interested in this crap.

  19. plastic man says

    This is not surprising, the Clintons are swingers

  20. Greta says

    Isn’t it time to put those sick clintons to bed. They are criminals who have never been punished for their sicko antics.

  21. Donald Miller says

    Ah , yet another person that believes in pie in the sky ! It’s not money that gives the Clinton’s and others of their ilk the ability to get away with their criminal activities ! It is their political power ! Political power is what counts . Not having money. Political power is what opens the doors to gain money. Political power also opens doors to gain social position.
    Not very many of the common every day people have even noticed what the Democrats have done. Democrats have infiltrated nearly every one of the state governments. So the Democrats control not only the state’s but more importantly the Democrats control the state’s laws !
    Secondly , the Democrats have infiltrated the Federal Government from bottom to top and from top to bottom in EVERY department of the government ! From time to time there is a Republican President and so there is a shift of department Directors down to about the assistant to the assistant Director and from there on down, everything continues to be controlled by the Democrats. And then someone like Biden is placed into the White House and everything reverts to ” normal. ”
    Since this thread is essentially about the Clinton’s , let’s go back to them. The Clinton’s are not from N.Y. Have you ever wondered why they gravitated to N.Y. after they left the White House ? It’s because N.Y. is the center of Democrat political power in the United States. It may actually be Washington D.C. but it is sort of like asking which came first , the chicken or the egg? N.Y. has been a center of Democrat political power since the days of Tammany Hall in N.Y.C. The Democrats have had a death grip upon NYC and the state ever since. Currently , the Clinton’s hold no political office ? In a pig’s eye ! They are each Electors of N.Y. ! Which means that they will be casting two of N.Y.’s Electoral College votes for Biden .
    The Electoral College WAS an interesting thing . It normally cast it’s votes to follow the election results. Except that it did not have to . The Electoral College could vote independently , which it did do in 2016. Which came as a complete surprise to the Clinton’s ! You see , the election had been rigged for her just as it was for Biden. The election was a done deal , it was in the bag for the Clinton’s ! They were so sure of it that Bubba was popping open the champagne in celebration by noon of election day. BEFORE the polls had closed on the west coast and log before the polls had even opened in Alaska and Hawaii . Because , like Biden , they knew that the election was rigged. And then , and then , the unthinkable happened ! The Electoral College voted independently ! And President Trump was declared to be the president .
    I said in 2016 that it would never happen again ! And now it can’t. The Democrats have changed the various state’s laws so that the Electoral College can not by law ever vote independently again. That works great for the Democrats as long as they are always able to rig the elections. What happens if there is an honest and fair election ? ( Not likely I know , but it could happen ) The the Democrats are also stuck. The Electoral College by the laws must follow the general election results.
    In the end , the fact of the matter is that corrupted Democrat political power pays off and it has become too big to be challenged ! Now what do we the people do ?

  22. Eileen Mitchell says

    Such a bad boy

  23. Barry Ingram says


  24. mike grunewald says

    I think it has also corrupted the Supreme Court

  25. JIM says

    Being married to a bitch like Hillary, i don’t blame Bill for any of the stupid or illegal stuff he has done.

  26. GRIZZ MANN says

    Arkancide is real.

  27. kurt gandenberger says

    some people say there are two legal systems in the nation…one for blacks and one for whites. and that has certainly been true to an extent. the real divide is the two legal systems…one for the rich and well-connected and one for the poor. hillary’s dad was a chicago mobster with some connections. now the clintons have raked in about $1,000,000,000 in influence-peddling. they are completely untouchable and can kill anyone they wish.

  28. Richard de Geus says

    Pedophile behaviour? In the muslim world it’s completely normal and accepted for 13-15 year old girls to get ‘married’ to men 2, 3,4 times their age and have sex ( sort of…..).

  29. Daxsdad says

    She not only knew about his affairs, but facilitated them and maintained control over all most all of them. The ones who she couldn’t control ended up dead.

  30. John says

    How many Lewinsky’s did Slick Willy get from Ghislaine? I bet many!

  31. Kurt Walker says

    It’s really not much of a surprise that the Clintons have walked away from all their “dealings”. When you have the power and connections to cause a “suicide” of a person locked securely in prison and monitored by cameras and guards it’s difficult to find another power to prosecute. Those “suicides seem to be easily accomplished.

  32. Daniel J Colgan says

    If everything else fails President Trump needs to declare martial law because if he doesn’t our country is doomed.
    He is the only one who can save this nation from marxism. If he does as our Constitution provides he’ll have the
    support of 75 million or more that voted for him.

  33. Chastran says

    HilLIARy’s hygiene standards, just like her mental abilities, have deteriorated over time to the point that there are now cleaner sewer rats living in the sewers in NYC…

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