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Wisconsin Special Counsel Fires off Multiple Election Subpoenas

The Wisconsin Assembly appointed a Special Counsel last month to look into criminal wrongdoing in their state during the 2020 election. That Special Counsel is Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, who started issuing subpoenas to state election officials this week.

It’s important to note that Wisconsin is approaching the election problems differently than other states. Gableman is conducting a criminal investigation. Depending on his findings – and possible indictments – that could in turn lead to a full, statewide forensic election audit. In the meantime, it looks like Gableman’s investigation will finally start to shed some light on why Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s employees ran Wisconsin’s 2020 election, rather than state election officials.

Gableman has described himself as a “judicial conservative” throughout his legal career, so I’m hopeful that this investigation will turn out to be legit. Several Democrat groups have filed ethics complaints against him over the years, because they think he was too tough on child molesters from the bench. On his Wikipedia page, it states that he found no evidence of any wrongdoing or fraud during his probe of the 2020 election – which is kind of hilarious, considering the investigation hasn’t even started yet. Uphold the narrative, Wikipedia!

Gableman issued subpoenas this week to four Wisconsin city clerks, Wisconsin Election Commission administrator Meagan Wolf, a former assistant to Racine Mayor Cory Mason, and to Milwaukee Election Commission Director Claire Woodall-Vogg. Ms. Woodall-Vogg was the lady who laughed during an email exchange about how she flipped Donald Trump’s clear election night victory to Joe Biden after the ballot counting stopped.

For those who don’t remember, a ballot dump of 140,000 Joe Biden votes was added to Wisconsin’s total at 4 o’clock in the morning on November 4th.

The interesting thing about Gableman’s subpoenas is that they all lead directly back to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his election “fortification” NGOs. Zuckerberg and his wife donated $350 million to his own non-governmental organizations like the Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL), the Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR), and the National Vote at Home Institute. Those groups then turned around and offered grant money to liberal-controlled cities in Wisconsin, in exchange for administering their federal elections. All of Zuckerberg’s NGOs, by the way, are run by former DNC political and campaign operatives.

It’s worth pausing for just a moment to note that this is the first time in American history that outside partisan political organizations have paid state and local election officials for the right to administer their elections. That’s never happened before in American history – because it is completely insane.

It’s also a huge part of the reason why so many Wisconsin voters are furious with state election officials and demanding an audit. There’s nothing ordinary about a zillionaire California oligarch taking over the administration of an election in another state by throwing tons of money at local bureaucrats.

None of this is in dispute, by the way. The Wisconsin Spotlight conducted a true journalistic investigation of the 2020 election and uncovered hundreds of pages of emails and documents that prove that Mark Zuckerberg bought his way into the state election process. For example, the head of the National Vote at Home Institute is a Democrat operative and Zuckerberg underling named Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein.

This Spitzer-Rubenstein guy had exclusive access to 47 full boxes of mail-in ballots at the hotel where they were being stored in Green Bay for many days prior to the election. No one else – not even Green Bay city election officials – was allowed access to that Hyatt Regency ballroom without Spitzer-Rubenstein’s permission.

Here’s the hotel receipt proving this.

Does any of this sound normal? Is anyone actually okay with this? Gableman has subpoenaed Wisconsin election officials for all records related to grant money received from Zuckerberg’s NGOs. Gableman also attended Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium on 2020 election fraud in August, and he has made public statements that there is good reason to believe the election was stolen in Wisconsin. This is about to get really interesting.

Wisconsin has 10 electoral votes. Arizona has 11 and Georgia has 15. If those three states successfully decertify their results, it brings Joe Biden’s electoral vote total down to just 269 votes – one shy of the constitutionally required 270 to be considered the winner of a presidential election. Then – BY LAW – the 2020 election is to be decided by a vote of Congress, where each state legislature gets one vote. Then we’ll finally be out of this nightmare.

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  1. bruce says

    Those states need to do exactly that ..DECERTIFY…Along with PA, MI, NV. My heart dropped when I saw that vote dumps were happening when the counting had stopped for the night. Anyone who does not think this strange is not paying attention. I don’t care about who won (although the present regime is terrible) I do care about it being an honest election. 81 million voting for a man who never even campaigned and is creating a mess now and violating our rights. They have done everything exactly wrong. No one voted for this except a few communist and socialists.

  2. Joe says

    Zuckerburg needs to be arrested for buying the election, in wisconsin,georgia,nevada, and maybe other places too. This radical, liberal, commie changed the entire election with his money, and we can’t let him get away with this, he has been lying before congress, every time he went before them, it’s time to,arrest this other g.soros, destroying the Americans belief in a fair election.

  3. Vance says

    Good luck, I hope you are correct and the process works that way. However I don’t think that will be the case. Should be but not in the current situation. We would need to have a republican held congress and Senate to do that, so not before Nov. 2022 so Biden and his commie friends have a complete year to screw our country over. Then it will be back to the riots of the left. Unless they are declared to be terrorists, and removed.

  4. Gerry says

    WOW — 10 months after a total farce the first “criminal charges” are being thrown around — wow. We have been saying this since November 2020 — what takes some so long to act ?????

  5. Goldie Welch says

    Definitely needs a recount, we must have election integrity !

  6. Bo Dean says

    This theft of the 2020 election is definitely domestic terrorism. This needs to be speeded up before these socialists ruin this country. This election needs to be overturned now.

  7. Martin Syvertson says

    The first thing popped into mind on reading this, why the hell has it taken this long to find all this suspicious and to be investigated, and if we’re finding this mess reprehensible, we also should find DNC meddling in MI, PA, AZ and GA equally suspicious. Although authorities in AZ and GA seem to be looking at they’re problems already. What seems to be clear, is that the 2020 elections is the least fair and the least legitimate, probably, in the history of this country, contrary to Democrat pronouncements to the contrary. And, even as this case, and other states citizens objecting to their individual states apparent malfeasance with regard to the 2020 election, Democrats are still trying to tell us how fair and fraud free they were and how these investigations are not only unnecessary, but an affront. I want to go on record and say that I am disgusted with the political organizations that not only allow such behavior, but actively encourage it. In my opinion, they have no right to participate ANY local, state or national elections any longer. Democrat activities this election cycle has been outrageous!

  8. BOBBY ~!~ says


  9. Nancy Portia Barberis says

    is mark zukerberg financing the critical race theory, literature being implemented in our schools?

  10. ROBERT REIS says

    The democrats with the help of their cheerleader’s the national corrupt media have stolen the 2020 election. Now they are working together to ruin our country. We the people will have to right this wrong in 2022.

  11. Christian Wolf says

    The entire world knows the US 2020 election was stolen. When the truth comes out, we will find companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitter, and others were involved in one way or another. Many provided money to buy officials, and others provide money to create illegal, illegitimate votes. Most all of them did there best to shut down and censor and voice that said the election was rigged. Take a close look at all the big tech companies. They are ALL associated with communist China. They are the enemy.

  12. nancy says

    This big !! A beacon of light!! Let’s stay positive ..
    At least the hope is floating like a feather in the wind.
    There was no news l could find on the Arizona outcome of the investigation into vote counting.

  13. Bill booth says

    In order for this socialist revolution to happen, (thats exactly what it is)plans had to be in place. That includes judges, political leaders, anyone who could do something about our stolen election. They manufactured a virus, to keep people at home to vote so they could cheat. It’s absolutely obvious to anyone paying attention. There’s enough evidence to prove fraud (1 case is proof of fraud) but people were moved into place or bought off. The communists are winning, taking our country, while americans systematically lose their freedom. We are declared racist, terrorist, and minuscule in number, while those in power promote their lies, forcing their communist manifesto down our throats. How long will we as citizens allow it? The courts wont help. Our politicians are afraid to stand up to them or have been bought off. How far would this activity went with our founding fathers? The tea would be in the harbor and they would’ve fought for their freedom. It’s all we have left.

  14. Wyatt Earp says


  15. CharlieSeattle says

    Pfft! 9 months late.

  16. Elizabeth says

    I totally agree with Bill Booth. All of this has been planned for a long time prior to the 2020 election. We know Fauzi was behind the virus, and with the pandemic to keep everyone busy, the socialist Democrats easily took over. Nothing was done about the riots, the statue mutilating, the burning of businesses, the lockdowns, the ridiculous mandates by a madman. Both Fauzi and Biden, along with Hillary and Pelozi should be brought up for treasonous acts. When are we going to have had enough and push Congress to start taking charge? Do what is right?

  17. paul ellis says

    one would hope that we as a nation can clean the actions of many, we have a short time before the money from china an many that were bought off kills America . look at what was done to Jesus the creator an it is in play today. evil

  18. FedUp says

    Don’t forget Bill Gates, he’s been right there on the front lines of this with Fauci for decades and promoting population control. He’s also been testing Vaccines in Africa or decades with less than reasonable results.

  19. Ron says

    Bobby is 100% correct nothing will happen to anyone involved it’s already been proven Hillary bought false info on trump and put together a fake Russia collusion narrative and nothing happened these people are untouchable

  20. Tom says

    VOTE IN 2022! Get the House and Senate (filler buster proof) and then light the Left up with investigations, and impeachment proceedings.

  21. Ray R says

    Oh those terrible frightening ‘subpoenas’! You mean the ones that politicians and criminals ignore and get away with it? Yeah, they must be shaking in their boots! Laughable at best!

  22. Tim Kyle says

    Can smell the total corruption clear across the Atlantic ocean in the United Kingdom. Your country is in serious trouble. Your difficulty is too many people want an easy life as long as the socialists don’t totally wreck everything.
    The silent majority had better wake up quickly. You also require an honest major media/internet communicator to tell the truth. That is wishful thinking.

  23. Nancy Hoover says

    This corruption won’t stop until some higher ups go to prison, or at least house arrest and/or huge fines. Send them to the big house not the peoples’ house, the rightful owners of the White House! Can you imagine watching the evening news as someone like, oh, say, Hillary, Biden, Susan Rice, and oh, so many others, etc. in hand cuffs and orange suits going to jail???!!! That would put a big stop to a lot of the corruption, insider trading, payola, etc,etc,etc!!! And in the process—-pass term limits!! Just sayin’.

  24. Yeah me says

    So what? If nobody will put words into action and physically do something about it!

  25. DemocratsREvil says

    The Democrats committed voter fraud all over the country. It was true in Georgia, Arizona and it is going to be proven true in Michigan and Wisconsin. they need to require every single democrat held office be re-voted with only in person voting with ID and no dominion voter software or machines.

    They also need to ban the democrat party and confiscate all assets of that party and its major donors.

  26. Really? says

    I will never believe Biden got more votes than any candidate for president in America’s history. He could barely get 15 or 20 cars to mass up and blow horns when he was speaking. We can hope Wisconsin will prove wrong doing, but look how long it took for the Russia hoax to be brought to light. Trump won and messed up their plans in 2016. They were mad and set out to ruin an honest mans life because his winning totally messed up those plans…. We are now suffering those plans. Remember when they said they were going to brainwash us after they declared Biden won? I’m not on Facebook and never have been, I could see from the start that I wanted no part of that. Republicans need to get brave and save our country.

  27. fay rolfe says

    How did our America get so corrupt and how did the rats get away with all this conspiracy and crime? Coronavirus sure did do the job for these sleazebags. Notice how none of the sleazebags didn’t have the Covid? Curious, huh? Guess this is the problem money talks and shit walks as the saying goes. If you have the bucks you can get away with anything. Even treason and murder. Zuckerberg and Soros are so vile and evil they should be exterminated from our midst. Then you add Biden and the crime family, Pelosi, Harris, Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, Eric Swalwell and their sheep followers and unfortunately the lowly working taxpayers are the victims of Communism, abuse of power, aggression and corruption to say the least. When and how will we be able to take our country back from the dictatorship created by money, greed, crime and all out aggression. I truly believe the Democratic party and weasel Fauci orchestrated the Covid pandemic to accomplish this takeover. All should get the appropriate punishment for their part in it. Even if that is firing squad.

  28. Gerry says

    Are you telling me the 4am dump and this female bragging about was always known and it took 9 months to start a “criminal investigation” — WHY ????? ALL 50 states need to do a forensic audit(a legitimate audit unlike Arizona) at the expense of the dnc and get the 2020 farce overturned by the end of 2021 and get the rightful legitimate winner back in the WH where he belongs so he can cancel every illegal mandate this imitation adminisdtration has forced on the American people. I hope this Gableman doesn’t delay like Arizona did so that the evidence can mysteriously disappear . zucker-jerk and ALL his minions and phony organizations need to be arrested, tried and convicted and then sent to Gitmo. The prisons in this country are too good for them.

  29. HHH says

    Hang all these treasonous scum from the White House lawn, and televise it world wide.

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