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Why Can’t Congress Check on the Condition of the January 6 Detainees?

Congress has oversight of the dank Washington, DC jail where the jailed political prisoners from the January 6 protests are being held. That jail is accountable to Congress and therefore to “we the people” through our elected Representatives. But that jail where nearly 100 Trump supporters are being held on minor trespassing charges won’t allow Congress inside to check on the conditions there.

Why not? What are they hiding? Why can’t some Representatives just walk through the building for a quick “audit?” (pun intended)

Representatives Louie Gohmert (R-TX), Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Paul Gosar (R-AZ) went to the banana republic Biden gulag last week. Using their oversight authority, they wanted to tour the jail and check on the condition of the prisoners. The reports on the treatment of those “innocent until proven guilty” prisoners are appalling.

The Representatives made it through the front door and the staff at the jail started stalling. They asked the Members of Congress to put on their masks. They complied. And then some snooty prison lady told them that her supervisor had informed her that Gaetz, Gohmert, Greene and Gosar were trespassing. Hoo boy!

As we know from nearly six months of reports of the January 6 detainees being tortured in that jail, trespassing is a super serious crime. You can have your eyeball punched out of the socket by jail guards just for being accused of trespassing.

Our elected Members of Congress asked to speak to that supervisor, which was followed by more hemming, hawing, and stalling. A woman walked past the group and out of the jail, and they were informed that she was the supervisor. Try to wrap your head around the childishness of what happened after that.

When they followed her outside, the supervisor darted back into the building and locked the doors. Real professional. That’s how four Members of Congress were treated by DC Mayor Muriel Bowser’s lackeys when trying to carry out their job of conducting oversight.

It’s amazing that this group of Representatives was able to overcome the fear of bullying from Nancy Pelosi, Liz Cheney and the entire mainstream media that so many Republicans are infected with right now. The Biden regime is launching a new “war on terror” against Americans who didn’t vote for him. Therefore, many elected Representatives and Senators are unwilling to lift a finger in support of the January 6 protesters. They’ll be smeared as “terrorist sympathizers” by the regime, which is the same thing that happened to people who opposed the tiniest iota of the first “War on Terror.”

I hesitate to share a joke with you about this situation, because the horrible treatment of the prisoners is not a laughing matter. But I think the protesters would get a kick out of this joke themselves, since they’re not a bunch of joyless scolds like the Democrat Party. Revolver News published a satire article last week that the January 6 protesters are now identifying as Cubans, so that Republican leadership in Congress will finally pay attention to them.

That’s sad, funny, and true.

But the advocacy from those of us who have continued to support the prisoners and denounce their torturers is paying off. More Republican Senators and Representatives are finally speaking out.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who fully supported indefinite detainment of Iraqi POWs, stated this week that, “Nobody should be detained indefinitely in America for domestic law purposes. So they deserve their day in court.”

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) noted that none of Joe Biden’s voters who burned down American cities last year were treated this way. “It seems like there’s more than one standard, but we should apply the same standard to everyone.”

And in the biggest surprise turnaround of all, a reporter from the Washington Examiner managed to corner an ACLU spokesperson. When pressed, the ACLU finally denounced the treatment of the detainees in an official statement:

“Prolonged solitary confinement is torture and certainly should not be used as a punitive tool to intimidate or extract cooperation.”

The detainees are routinely beaten and harassed by prison guards. Their only real crime was being supporters of Donald Trump and therefore opponents of the Biden regime. And their treatment is un-American. It needs to stop. The good news is that more people are finally speaking out and we’re going to win this fight. So, keep spreading this message to your family members, friends and acquaintances. The world needs to know that Joe Biden is torturing Trump supporters over misdemeanor trespassing charges.

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  1. Recent Convert says

    How will the staff prevent inspection after they are skinned alive ? Seems like a really easy, AND environmentally responsible remedy to democrat=pedophile=baby murderers=communist antics, actually.

  2. Getta Rope says

    Typical cretinous democrat tactics. They are ALL inbred, knuckle dragging, mouth breathers. It’s all about force with them. Gonna FORCE their satanic, sub human, non values and morally and intellectually bereft edicts on free Americans. Democrat constituency is 100% either semi human flotsam, drug addicted/selling parasites, or child molesting baby murderers, such as Emmet Sullivan and his top earning hooker, the mayor . Both are past due for harvesting.

  3. Leo says

    I can see some serious personal law suits against guards and the jail. Hopefully it even leads to prison time for the guards.

  4. Boaz says

    Typical treatment by Communist. Beat and torture the subjects so they all walk out new recruits! This whole Jan 6th incident has many questions unanswered that we won’t get from any investigations from Nancy the beast!!

    If Biden and comrades can get away with this, Just ask yourself what else they can and are getting away with?

    This is the only way Democrats can install their total Communist government like many past tyrant governments, is by force, and they are doing it! The question is why are we not stopping it?

  5. James D Ocobock says

    FIRE the whole damn staff! Then charge them felony obstruction.

  6. Gerry says

    Just another dog & pony act. This has gone on since the 6th of January and just now 4 — let me say that again four republicans get interested and are not allowed to see the prisoners. I call BULLSHIT on this whole fiasco — they are trying to make it look like they actually care. Rand Paul — on double standards– that’s been going on for many years and all he says is we have a double standard — WE ALL F****** KNOW THAT !!! DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT you bunch of corrupt hypocrites.

  7. Don says

    It’s way past time action is taken against the jailers and those who put them there.

  8. Lemont Cranston says

    It is unconstitutional!!! Call together the militias the Founding Fathers told “We the People” to maintain for such a moment like this when politicians would use tyranny and even treason to acquire power over the people!!!!
    Ohhh! That is right, we are practically out of militia men, because of our trust in the government!?

  9. Mark Lundy says

    This is pathetic, inexcusable and un-American. These prisoners’ rights are being violated in our nation’s Capitol. Shameful.

  10. real bill says

    I say it is time to use our 2 nd admin and hang them all or just shoot them after they been in a hole for about 6 months

  11. Ronnie Funck says

    This jail is funded with taxpayer dollars. Our elected officials allocate and oversee those monies and have the right to ensure the operation falls within proper guidelines. So how does a jail supervisor prevent an inspection of that facility. This past summer worse offenses took place in cities across our nation and nothing was said or done in many of those cases. Unless there was loss of life, acts of violence went unpunished and there was silence and little done in many cases. Claims have been made Jan 6 was worse than 9/11 or past wars. Nonsense to those comments, I say you have never seen damage from a terrorist attack or a war up close. Elected officials have a duty and a right to oversee and check facilities like this to ensure proper operation and treatment of those involved.

  12. Nick says

    What are the charges? Why are they denied bail? Are they provided access to a lawyer? If not, why not? Most important, why aren’t Republicans doing anything about this miscarriage of justice?

  13. Carey says

    Those prisoners Not DETAINEES are allowed their day in court! That is their right as AMERICANS! I sincerely hope that they have the chance to sue Nancy Pelosi & her flunkies Cheney, Schumer etc! They deserve the same treatment! Just because they are TRUMP supporters? DISGUSTING EVIL MINDED DEMOCRATS!

  14. Billy Coleman says

    This is what is coming for all that disagree with the democRATS.

  15. robert sanders says

    put the guards in jail. there time will come and they will pay dearly for it.

  16. Ric Parks says

    A majority of Republicans in Congress don’t have the guts to stand up and really fight tooth and nail for what is right and Constitutional. The Squad is female and they have more cojones fighting for their misguided values than our elected officials have in upholding the law. How weak are our DC politicians? Look at the list of 17 GOP Senators who yesterday signed onto Biden’s infrastructure rip-off!

  17. Martin Syvertson says

    Really? It’s sounding more like Iran or some Banana Republic instead of America. Shameful, absolutely shameful.

  18. Robert Wayne says

    It’s becoming more and more obvious that the people who were protesting the stolen election on Jan. 6th are the real heroes of all of this. Biden and his flunkies are stinking communist tyrants reminiscent of scum like Lenin, Stalin and Mao.

  19. jboo7 says

    This adventure of the Congress Members trying to check prison conditions reminds me of a similar one which two Senators had some years ago – and, again, it concerned a prison run by a federal agency, the CIA: the ‘Police Academy of the Americas’, set up and run by the CIA in the Panama region.
    This “Academy” was known as the “TORTURE UNIVERSITY” where all the brutes, inquisitors and torturers of the South- and Central-American US proxy dictatorships were trained and “qualified”. The brutality and murderous practices in the “Academy” had become so bad that the reports had even reached through the closed doors of Top Washington Ranks, and two Senators travelled to Panama.
    They got, as the Senators here and now, as far as the ‘gates of hell’ – were arrested, handcuffed, transported to a plane and kicked out again in Washington. It must be “Federal Procedure” (under the “Hide Shame Act”).

  20. Cathy says

    Leo,and don’t forget Mayor Bowser. Put her in jail too.

  21. answierd says

    I thought it was Russia who imprisoned there political opponents.What a job they must be doing on these people’s minds .You can bet they will all be bought crying and pointing fingers at the 1/6 bogus insurrection show

  22. Vic says

    Many were just walking on the Capitol lawn and were arrested. They are adding charges of disrupting an official mtg to all to up them to felony charges and up to 20 yrs prison. These people have lost homes, farms, jobs, reputations. And sometimes THEIR CHILDREN have been taken by Child Protective Services and put in foster care or worse if no familyc available. Will they later say the parents are terrorists and parental rights ended. These parents and grandparents are being held in solitary confinement 23/24 hrs, a torture and mental health destroyer, beaten. Sleep on cement slab, food often thrown on floor. No toilet paper, no soap. Water being run thru socks to remove debris. No bathrm privacy. Guards often shine lights in eyes every few minutes at night. No blanket, sheets, or pillows. Guards have pulled prisoners clothing up or down to expose genitals, breasts while they beg for themselves to be covered. Males and females raped? What do you think. No dental care, no medical care. No privacy with an attorney, many court appointed as virtually bankrupt at this point. Probably friends of Pelosi, Kamala. AOC, and Biden/Obama. A large group of lawmakers need to go there and demand entrance, filming, interviews inside.

    Charge this Admin with CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY at least. Treason, fraud….a whole slew of charges. All appropriate.

  23. Shirley says

    Who the hell does this low life jail supervisor think she is by disrespectng our Congress the right to inspect a jail that they are bound to over see. I would have had police to break the dam door down ,then arrest all them SOBs for every crime I could put on them

  24. FRED MARKHAM says


  25. CharlieSeattle says

    Use US Marshalls you GOP sniveling cowards!

  26. CharlieSeattle says

    The only disturbances and crimes committed at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C, on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021 were planned, staged and carried out by the seditious DNC/FBI/DC Capital Police/ANTIFA crisis actors.

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