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Trump Hits Biden Everywhere It Hurts

Nancy Pelosi told Biden not to debate President Trump. He should have taken her advice. The debate was clunky and at times ugly, but there was a clear winner. The only thing Biden could say was that President Trump is racist and caused the coronavirus. On every real point, Trump was the one landing blows.

The biggest issue of the night was law and order and the riots. President Trump was itching to get to this topic the whole time, and when he got his chance, it hit hard. They went back and forth, but the biggest moment of the night came when President Trump said that the riots are a political issue. Biden tried to deflect and blame the riots on climate change, which was silly.

Then, Biden was asked the deadly question. The moderator asked if Biden had reached out to the mayor of Portland or the governor of Oregon to try to de-escalate the riots and bring order back to the city. He answered that he had not.

This hit hard because Biden had just claimed “I am the Democratic Party.” If Democrats are failing to stop the riots, shouldn’t the leader of their party take action? Instead, Biden did nothing, and he admitted it to the entire country. This is the Biden presidency in a nutshell.

Things got even worse. President Trump asked Biden repeatedly to call for law and order. Biden deflected, and in the end, President Trump pointed out that zero law enforcement groups anywhere in this country have endorsed Biden for president.

The second biggest part of the night came up when they talked about taxes. The moderator claimed that President Trump only paid $750 in taxes. Trump corrected that statement and pointed out that he’s paying taxes under a tax code that was championed by Biden. What was worse was when Trump pointed out the illicit money taken by Hunter Biden from Moscow. Joe Biden refused to acknowledge it and deflected the whole time. His corruption was called out in front of the world, and Biden had nothing to say about it.

The debate was long, and there were many ups and downs, but perhaps the most important statements were the ones Biden refused to make. He deflected all night. Part of it was probably because he fumbled every single number he tried to quote. The other part was that he knows he’s in an impossible position. Most of the country hates the radical left, but Biden needs their support.

Because of this, he refused to condemn Antifa or any radicals on the far left. That was right after President Trump condemned white supremacists and called on the Proud Boys to “back down.” Even though every talk show host is saying Trump didn’t condmn white supremacy, he did. This is just more of the unfairness President Trump gets from the media.

Biden refused to outline any concrete plans for any topic that was breached. He disavowed the Green New Deal, only to endorse it a few seconds later. Then, he disavowed it again. He claimed that he doesn’t want to defund the police, but he wants to “return them to the communities,” which is a call to abolish the police. He said he’ll fix the climate, but wouldn’t say how. He said he would fight the coronavirus, but not with a vaccine. At the same time, he flip-flopped on private health insurance multiple times.

Still, as bad as Biden was, the media was worse. The moderator was open about his biases against President Trump and for Biden. Chris Wallace asked Trump to condemn white supremacists without asking Biden to condemn Antifa. He reminded Biden of his policy points to help him answer questions, he didn’t do that for President Trump. Every time Trump would start to land blows or ruffle Biden’s feathers moderator Wallace would interrupt Trump and try to move on. It felt like it was 2 against 1.

The ABC analysis team was the same at the end. They claimed that Trump was a bully on the stage in the same sentence that they praised Biden for calling Trump a clown, a racist and telling him to shut up. The media is going to tell you that Biden won this debate, or at least that President Trump lost. You can rewatch it on your own and decide for yourself. When you do, pay attention to which candidate refuses to answer questions and constantly reverses positions. Which one is consistent? It’s pretty clear who is a leader and who is ready for the retirement home.

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  1. Barb says

    Joe Biden wanted the President to be fact checked. What a joke. The only person that lies about everything is Joe Biden. Chris Wallace said before the debates that fact checking is not his job during the debates. Well than why when the President spoke of all the states that were breaking the law with their rioting, stealing, burning businesses, beating up people and running their cars into them were run by radical Democrat’s, Chris Wallace corrected him to add there were 2 states run by Republicans. I thought that wasn’t his job. I didn’t see it hear him correct all the lies and personal insults and name calling that came out of Biden’s mouth. It’s really even more disturbing because the President gave Wallace an hour long one on one interview recently and Biden wouldn’t speak to him. This is how Wallace appreciated that Trump one on one. Trying to act independent. Joke, joke, joke. I stopped watching Wallace about a year and a half ago. I didn’t like what I was seeing and hearing from him. Keep in mind when the President and Biden walked on the stage before the debate the President said “hello Joe”, Biden said “how ya doin man”. That started the whole thing. Biden’s lie after lie about Trump as a person and the accomplishments during his presidency were never corrected by Wallace, the only thing Wallace “so called corrected” was the # of states that were run by libs and how many were run by conservatives. Disgusting moderating by Wallace. I’d like to see the “hundreds of dollars” that Joe Biden donates to charities over the years vs Trumps “millions” including his salary. Trump and his family actually worked and still do for their income. Biden’s $ came from us. This Biden is a high school teenager always name calling and wanting to take u outside. Just a disposable human being. I know if I ever needed someone in my corner it would never be Joe Biden, can’t trust him or like him.

    1. dave says

      well said, as was the original article. I just hope enough people agree. Hard when so much of the press lies and lies. The prejudiced national press is our greatest danger as a free country.

    2. David says

      You have hit the nail directly on the head with your analysis, Way to go and very well put.

    3. Esther Egan says

      I agree with you. I felt that Wallace was very soft on Biedon and hard on President Trump. Even though both were not playing by the rules, it appeared that Wallace could not see when Biden did something wrong but was on Trump’s case all the time.

      1. John says

        Liberal left wing idiot that is what most of the lying media is they are snowflakes they’re crybabies we are just plain evil world will be a better place without the news media.

    4. The dog says

      Fox news should fire Chris wallace

  2. Kay says

    Actually the two states ran by republican’s had the cities with the riots run by DEMOCRATS and that explains why it was going on in those cities. So Trump amy have been wrong by saying states instead of the cities are all run by democrats because that is a fact.

  3. Lawrence M. Keen says

    It does seem to me that the debate when well for the President despite Chris Wallace’s attempts to keep him from commenting on Biden’s slurs and slanders. I’m not a debater, nor am I a politician, but I don’t believe that the “rules” of debate allow the participants to talk over the other, and continually throw insults at the other, particularly when the “other” is the President of the United States. So, now we can wait with eager anticipation for the next debate, however, I imagine Ms. Harris will be a similar type of competitor for Vice President Pence, and she will cast barbs and insults when she is unable to make salient points regarding any questions she tries to answer.

  4. Clay Agent says

    Next time Republicans get to choose the moderator!! Carlson or Hannity would be great!!!

  5. Bluezebra1 says

    Why is there not a debate between the candidates for Vice President? They are just as important as the Presidents because should the President be unable to perform his duties the the Vice President takes over. In this respect, my feeling is that if Kamala Harris is the one to run this country, I feel she being a former prosecutor and still relatively young, I suspect she would have little or no knowledge of foreign affairs.

    1. Shy says

      There is. It’s on for next week. (I think it’s next week.) Check your local listings for time and date.

  6. Fred Anders says

    Trump ruled the debate. Biden was just there Biden will drop out after the next debate claiming a health problem .

  7. Ruth says

    At age 76, this chronic voter has seen lots & gained much wisdom as a working-class American (With advanced degrees) until I finally retired at age 74. I’ve seen Career politicians create racial disharmony, perpetrate the populous abandonment of religious morality as well as law & order, and abandon job creation for our citizens in favor of illegal immigrants and tax benefits for companies that moved abroad. All these sinister actions have been for their (and their families’) economic gains At this point of my choice for president, there is only one sane choice, and that is the “new kid on the block (Donald Trump). Only he has kept his promises to voters during the past 4 years. Anyone who thinks his opponent would do anything different than he has for the past 50ish years must be hallucinating.

    1. Anthony Napolillo says

      God bless u Ruth!!! No truer words have ever been spoken. Anyone who can’t see the hand writing on the wall and acknowledge that President Trump has been a man of his word and a true/real warrior for the American public and truly of all mankind is an absolute moron – sorry to say…
      What he’s done in fairness with tariffs and fair trade with China and having the United Nations pay their fair share is far more than any other president has done. He’s unquestionably the best president I’ve seen and I’m 66 years old…

  8. Shy says

    I am going to vote for Trump because I can’t support ANYTHING the left stands for, but I thought Trump was an embarrassment. I hope he gets the word that a lot of people found his constant interrupting and talking over old Joe and Mike a serious problem. You can be sure that that’s ALL those who support Biden heard.

    1. Anthony Napolillo says

      Shy – if he hadn’t done that, he would never have gotten a word in…
      Please remember that doers in life stand up/get up!!! Bob Marley…
      Do u think great generals waited to see who would topple them.
      TRUMP 2020

    2. J. R. says

      Shy, everything Biden was saying was untrue; either invalid, incorrect, or already disproven in the media after investigation. If the moderator is not prepared enough with subject matter to correct the debater making the allegations, then the other debater must respond. Wallace was poorly prepared to moderate this debate and failed to keep Biden honest with his statements. Hence, POTUS Trump had to do it in real time OR let the untrue allegation stand. Wallace’s moderating was abysmal. Wallace knows it, and so do we now after watching.

  9. Tim says

    President Trump had to continue to be overpowering during the debate. He was told by his handlers that Biden and Wallace were going to “double down” on him, and they did. Chris Wallace is a mouse and should be fired. He was supposed to conduct a debate, not run the ball for Obama and the rest of the lying coup d’Etat that should already be in Leavenworth! For over 3 years the Democrats have tried to set-up candidate Trump as a Russian agent, when Hillary and friends sold uranium to Russia, when they set-up a fake Russian dossier with foreign spies and used lying members of our FBI and State Department committing perjury. And Hunter Biden doing the dirty work for his vice-president father, flying with him on AF- 2, to get monthly cash from Ukraine company “Burismo” for $83,000 a month. Read Peter Schweitzer’s book, “Secret Empires”. Then Hunter make’s a $1.5Billion deal with China. Later get’s $3.5 Million from the wife of the mayor of Moscow. Biden’s won’t stand up to China, as China is their sponsor. China that hit the USA and the rest of the world with a BIO Agent that has now killled over 1,000,000 people. But Joe Biden think’s he can fix it! He belong’s in prison, not the Oval Office!

    1. Len Collings says

      Follow the monies. Where did it go?

    2. Anthony Napolillo says

      AMEN!!! With u 100%
      TRUMP 2020

  10. priscilla says

    biden wont answer any question conserning his agenda he know if he does no one would vote for him they would finaly know he want’s to be able to telllyou how to live and breath no more freedom for the USA. we will be a comunist country it’s comming

  11. Mike says

    I have too say , if it wasn’t for President Trump , pushing for answers of all the lies that Biden has said or done, nobody would have had them asked , including Chris Wallace. This Debate was the “two against one campaign” for Biden. It shows how far the Media has gone too the Marxist Left, where the only facts they try too show , are their slanted views and also how they try too manipulate the questions for their “Coup” !

  12. Big D says

    If there IS another debate, I doubt pelosi will let biden go, it sure seems that biden can’t make any decision with out women’s help. I guess he must like their hair spray and their squeezy parts. Chris Wallace must forever be banned from moderating Presidential Debates as he obviously leans way left and gives “aid and comfort” to the enemy. How about some Conservative moderators, 4 years the moderators were also all biased to the socialist side of our liberal party. The debates have been far from fair!

  13. Ann says

    The very fact that Trump is straightforward and forthright is a credit to his character. The hallmark of a sociopath is that they are charming and smooth and they manipulate people for their own personal gain. Trump is honest and tells it like it is.I would rather have that any day of the week and on a sunday.
    I do not know how someone can endorse persons who are violent and criminal.
    Through all of this COVID, there are so many armchair quarterbacks who know nothing about virology who criticize the president”s handling of the virus. Viruses are different, they have different morbidity and virulence, they mutate and become less virulent or more virulent. Viruses also replicate exponentially ( like compound interest) so, a flat line or slightly flattened line is in reality a huge, huge, huge decrease. There are many processes and regulations to go through to get tests, or equipment or vaccines, or therapeutics available. The president has done an unbelievable job to accomplish what has been done and credit should be given when credit is due. People who continue to criticize him just show their ignorance.

    1. Connie Mays says

      New moderator next time. Republican

  14. Connie Mays says

    New moderator next time

  15. gandolf the Whte says

    Biden was wearing a wire which was against the law. Every time Biden called Trump something you could see a little smile appear on his face. It looked like a baby pooping his diaper smile.

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