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The Terrifying Speed of the Fake News Hit Piece Against Rudy Giuliani

The Rudy Giuliani story involving Jewish CIA operative/Hollywood moron Sacha Baron Cohen is fake news. While the photograph is “real,” the context of the photograph as it’s being described by the liberal media this week is a total lie.

The thing that should terrify everyone is the speed with which Hollywood, the CIA, DARPA and Twitter all colluded to try to destroy the reputation of President Trump’s lawyer and confidante. Now that is spooky. Less than 24 hours after Rudy Giuliani exposed possible child endangerment (or worse) on Hunter Biden’s laptop, the scariest people in the universe were trying to destroy Giuliani.

So, what happened?

If you doubt for a moment the fact that the CIA has its tentacles deeply entwined in Hollywood, just spend 10 seconds watching anything that Sacha Baron Cohen has ever done. That should clear up any doubts.

Cohen pulled some sort of a stunt for his next propaganda “Borat” comedy, by tricking Rudy Giuliani into sitting down with an actress posing as a conservative news anchor. The attractive “reporter” relentlessly flirts with Giuliani and invites him to her hotel room. Following the interview, she takes off Giuliani’s microphone. The hotel room where this happened was rigged with hidden cameras all over the place. Giuliani says he was tucking his shirt back in after the microphone was taken off.

But in the photo that has now been plastered all over the internet, the media is claiming that Giuliani had his hand down his pants and was pleasuring himself in anticipation of having sex with the actress. Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t. Giuliani is not married and both people in the room are adults.

Moments after that photograph was taken, Cohen burst into the room dressed up as a Satanic CIA drag queen (which is normal for him). Cohen then yells at Giuliani that the news anchor is a 15-year-old girl. (She’s 24 and has an IMDB page, plus there’s like a zero percent chance that Rudy Giuliani thought he was doing an interview with a 15-year-old news anchor.)

What a strange coincidence that this became a big news story less than 24 hours after Rudy Giuliani outed Hunter Biden for potential crimes with a minor – and asked whether Joe Biden did anything to protect a minor child who was potentially being endangered by Hunter!

A lot of people don’t realize that Twitter’s “bots” were developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). They’re incredibly sophisticated and work with mindboggling speed. If you typed in “Rudy Giuliani” in any Twitter message on Wednesday, it was likely that you were trying to share the Hunter Biden news that Giuliani had just revealed. But if you did that, Twitter’s DARPA bots then immediately pushed dozens of photos of Giuliani with his hand down his pants in front of you. Yeah. They work that fast.

A few hours after Twitter started spreading this story around (which had conveniently already been written by multiple news agencies), The Guardian in London was smearing Rudy Giuliani as a “pedophile,” claiming that he had attempted to have sex with a “15-year-old” on camera.

Keep in mind the fact that on Monday of this week, CNN has spent 18 seconds of airtime talking about Hunter Biden’s laptop – and that was to criticize Donald Trump for talking about the laptop.

This is such outlandish, slanderous activity that the media is engaged in. The woman is clearly an adult and Giuliani had no reason to suspect that she was not an adult. The irony in all of this, as pointed out by the wonderful Jack Posobiec of One America News, is that anyone who has now retweeted that photograph of Rudy Giuliani is in violation of New York state’s revenge porn laws. All of the profits from “Borat 2” may very well end up in Rudy Giuliani’s bank account – and I hope they do.

Twitter has been blocking the New York Post story on Hunter Biden’s laptop for nearly a week now but facilitated leftwing activists’ dissemination of this fake news hit piece against Rudy Giuliani.


Rudy Giuliani was unknowingly recorded against his consent – and that is what is now being unlawfully disseminated all over the internet. Even if Rudy was trying to get it on with an attractive woman who he thought was a news anchor, so what? Like I said before he is unmarried and had no reason to believe the reporter was underage (she wasn’t).

Rudy’s personal actions with another consenting adult are certainly no worse than the #MeToobin scandal that broke out earlier in the same week. And it pales in comparison to what the world is about to learn about Hunter and Joe Biden.

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  1. Kent Sinclair says

    Screw Sascha Cohen and Hollywood. They are just mad because,” THE TRUTH IS THE LIGHT AND EVIL HATETH THE LIGHT. “

    1. Grace says

      I have always had bad thoughts about Hollywood’s fascination with Sacha Cohen and his stupid, mean “Gotcha ” performances; none of them funny. Now that I know he’s a Hollywood activist tool it is all very clear. After this mess is over I don’t think anyone will be knocking at Sacha’s door for entertainment and he will be relegated to the dumpster where he belongs.

  2. Greta says

    Those bollywood non-essential libs really only speak to hear their heads roar. They can’t have a real conversation unless someone writes it for them. There isn’t a movie anywhere worth watching these jerks.

  3. Ralph says

    because hollywood is gay and pedophilia’s and drug users and they want the boarders wide open

  4. Randall says

    Who in their right mind listening to hollyweird imbeciles ? They lie for democrates and democrates lie to everybody . If you think the Democratic party will help American citizens well think again , look at Bidens conglomerates Kamala , aoc , Omar , taleib , hernono ! They all hate Americans , their change is to demolish America , their ban on everything we need , imagine how hard it will be to buy electric cars expensive unaffordable . A bus is in your future ! Their Resistance towards Americans has risen to rioting looting shootings dishonoring our flags and murals demolish statues , if you like this type of shit well continue down that road . I’m for truth justice and the American way .

    1. Michael Groves says

      Hey Media. The rest of us out here are on to you. You will no longer be able to lie in your propaganda reports. If I ever catch any Reporter – ( propagandest) in public? Well let’s just say it is not going to be good.

    2. Diana Lachance says

      I agree with you 150%. Hollywood has gone crazy for sure. I am ashamed to say I grew up Democrat but back then they were good people and helped a lot of people in need. How they changed so badly is beyond my comprehension. Because of their changing I became a Republican and have been one most of my life. Donald Trump may not be perfect but then who is? He has been doing a pretty good job for our country and still is. He is nobody’s fool. I just am very disappointed with the way things are going. Oh, and Joe Biden is a disgrace. I met him years ago and he was quite inappropriate to me and I will never forget it. He was a pervert then and is an even worse one now with his mental capacity not being up to par. May our Lord help us all if this man gets elected as our President. AMEN!

  5. Virgil says

    Do they realize what history is going to say about them, do they care?

  6. USMC/Ret. says

    wow, this Cohen is truly lower then Wale Shit ?

  7. Dalyce Star says

    I am starting to think that hollywood is full of baby hating pedophiles like the democratic party. This is why we quit watching TV< Movies no longer will give any of our hard earned money.

  8. George Kehl says

    When the DRIVE IN MOVIES became a part of the past so was my movie going days. I haven’t been to a MOVIE THEATRE since then, The drive In was a blast , theatre’s SUCKED and still do as far as I’m concerned and if we ever get back to being normal again and no mask’s and all this bullcrap I would love to see the DRIVE IN MOVIES make a come back…

    1. Joseph says

      I do echo that statement, Drive Ins are the best. May they forever reign.

  9. Bill says

    I really don’t understand why anyone would pay so much attention to the opinions coming from Hollywood. Those that are pushing for the Democratic socialist agenda are the ones that will be profiting immensely. They are the ones who live in a fantasy world created by there movie and TV roles. They are also the ones that think that there God’s gift to society due to the media and paparazzi’s attention.

  10. Julia Ogden says

    Here’s another headline about DARPA from Fox News last week! “Dems Use DARPA funded AI-controlled Programs to Hack Trump Supporters Accounts!” YES! And I know that’s true because 6 days after donating a very small amount (I’m not rich), to the TRUMP CAMPAIGN, my personal bank account was HACKED! Two charges got through before the watchdog program kicked in and called me, shutting down my account!
    Both hacked charges were for GAS! Two different gas stations in my area, both of them for large amounts of gas! Get the feeling the DNC/Communist party is hacking Trump supporter accounts to pay for the BLM/Antifa ‘operatives’ to move around the country! Can’t wait for POTUS to ‘declare’ these traitors as ‘enemy combatants’ and send the POSs to GITMO! TRUMP2020!

  11. Julia Ogden says

    Oh, and FYI, every single ‘Pedowood’ star that supports Biden is probably on Ghislaine Maxwell’s ‘visitor list’ to ‘Orgy Island’ or on those flight logs from Epstein’s jet!
    Just saying….TRUMP2020!

  12. Janice E. Prescott says

    I think, if Biden wins, God forbid, this country will become a socialist country. Socialized medicine and all the other crap. I don’t think the Hollywood POS will be immune to this. It will hit them in the pocket books, and that’s all they care about. I do not go to movies anymore. Will not contribute to their well being. They just need to STFU. Tired of the same old same old coming out of those heavily painted lips. Yuck!!!!!!

  13. Lyudmila Shedaker says

    It’s war against democracy. Money is a power, and not votes. FAKE NEWS, FAKE VOTES, FAKE DEMOCRACY. Dems are going to win by the same mighty swamp, who has US, and Americans for sale for a long time.

  14. sunny sunny day says

    What next. I’ve never in all my life.
    Have I seen so many Democrats and Hollywood
    act like a bunch of ass holes. They always have to do or say something. It’s sicking that they have so much hate for America and the people.
    It’s time to boycott HOLLYWOOD. JUST LIKE WE with SPORTS.
    Lets see how they will live when NO MONEY COMES THERE WAY. I SEE IT’S HURTING SPORTS.

  15. Peaprincess says

    Screw Hollywood. They are nothingvbut Satan worshipping pedophiles that torture, rape , & murder innocent children for their adrenalized blood they consume on a regular basis to try & stay young. Nothing but a bunch of Lucerferian Vampires .

  16. Eneri says

    Blow up Hollywood just like the slut Madonna said about blowing up
    The White House! Too bad the fires didn’t pass right thru Holly wood….and I don’t like to wish evil on anyone, but Hollywood is such a
    Negative place…no one is interested in all of those has…Beens anymore! Robert Denero. ……is the most foul mouthed thing I have ever heard …..what does he know about trump…..absolutely not a dam thing! He is just jealous! Ha ha! Ok bye everybody!

  17. jayste says

    Hollywood has some perfect examples of “stunted brain maturity” Seriously… the left is all; I want, I wish, I feel. All emotion, NO responsibility, NO logic and NO maturity. Most of them have had their brain maturation stunted by something earlier in their lives. If kids are not MADE to take responsibility and mature in their brains as well as their bodies, they plateau there and remain. Frequently happens when parents start “fixing” all their stupid teen-age stunts. Drugs & alcohol have the same effect. The teen’s brain doesn’t mature to realize that life ISN’T always fair, that sometimes sh* t really DOES happen, and you have to accept it and work harder. Most on the left and especially the far-left, respond to things they feel are negative by tantrums. If kids aren’t mentored to ACCEPT these realities by age 22-25 (when the brain stops developing) they will stay at that level of thought processing maturity. The result is the Hollywood types, the Hunter Biden type, the rioters on our streets type and the “squad” in congress types. We have legal adults with the brain capacity to only function at a 15 year old level. Parents, think it about it now, is this what you REALLY want for your kids? Sometimes “tough love” isn’t so tough when you know the consequences of NOT doing it! These are some PERFECT examples!

  18. Bob says

    If anyone has any doubts that the Hunter Biden videos are fake then you need to go to this website right now, Sunday, October 25 and scroll to the bottom of the article and click where it says something like all videos and photos posted now and click on that and make sure that no kids are around when you watch the videos.

    http://www.conservative 😱😱😱😱😱😱

    1. Bob says

      It looks like my link above left a space between conservative and fighters. There is no space and if that link doesn’t take you directly to that site then type it in yourself in your web browser. I just clicked on it and it did not take me to the site that it should have which could be that they’re blocking that site and don’t want you to see it?

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