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The Real Reason Biden Put Vice President Kamala Harris in Charge of Border Crisis

President Joe Biden has put Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of the nation’s efforts to address the surge of illegal immigrants crossing America’s southern border. The president made the announcement during a White House meeting on Wednesday alongside Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra.

Biden claims to take the immigration issue seriously by assigning it to VP Harris. However, others suggest the president is avoiding responsibility by delegating the problem. Political leaders from both parties and even the president of Mexico have attacked Biden’s policies as the source of the immigration problem.

Harris is expected to meet with leaders in Mexico. She will also communicate with leaders in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, the three nations of the Northern Triangle that serve as the source of most illegal immigrants coming across America’s southern border.

The spike in illegal immigrants during Biden’s administration comes as he faces criticism from both Republicans and Democrats. Even the president of Mexico has blamed the current immigration crisis on Biden’s rhetoric and policy changes.

During Biden’s first week in office, the president signed executive orders to stop most deportations for 100 days, as well as a second order ending construction of Trump’s border wall, ending thousands of American jobs and harming the nation’s border security.

In addition, the Biden administration has reinstated the Obama era catch-and-release policy, a measure that allows apprehended illegal immigrants freedom within America until their hearing, of which over 90% do not show up for. Trump had ended this policy, striking a deal with Mexico to keep illegal immigrants outside of the U.S. until a hearing.

In just two months as president, Biden’s policies have led to more than 15,000 unaccompanied minor immigrants to be placed into Border Patrol custody. More than 100,000 illegal immigrants crossed the southern border in February alone.

The current immigration spike has led to a pace that will pass one million illegal immigrants by the end of 2021. That’s more people than live in several of America’s states.

Where is this immigration crisis headed? According to Democrats, the plan is to enact legislation to allow illegal immigrants to stay, as well as to create a path to citizenship for millions of immigrants, importing millions of new voters who will most likely favor Democrats in future elections.

If anyone is wondering why Harris taking the lead on immigration, all you need to do is look ahead to November 2024. Harris will most likely be running as the first female president of color, looking to the Hispanic vote to help carry her to victory. She’ll claim to support the voice of the immigrant and people of color, offering to lead the nation during troubling times. This is Biden’s true purpose for putting her in charge—set her up to run in 2024.

If she runs against Trump in 2024, it will be the comeback president story against the first female president of color. The narrative will make a Trump victory even more challenging than his COVID-19 battle against Biden’s basement campaign, meaning conservatives will need an even strong voting response to help Make America Great Again.

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  1. Ram3500 says

    That’s because he doesn’t know where the border is but also mommy Jill won’t let little Joey leave the basement unattended.

  2. Marlene says

    If we even have an election in 2024. Pelosi is pushing an election fraud scheme to defraud all elections. No IDs, same day registration and forcing only mail in ballots which are easy to fraud. Illegals by the millions able to vote illegally.

  3. Carlos Sanchez says

    Dems will lose the House in 2022, that will block more damage from being done. Trump got more Hispanic votes in 2020 than any Republican in history. Besides, he won’t be the candidate, De Santis or Hawley will and they will destroy Da Ho in their 3 debates. But voter fraud must be cleaned up.

  4. Slim says

    This administration is a total cluster —-. Thanks left wing morons and their criminal comrades..

  5. Rodney Steward says

    Can’t you see Harris the idiot now, when these mexican officials ask her a question she’ll just laugh about it just like everything else she don’t want to answer.

  6. graceythecat says

    How is dementia jo supposed to know where the southern border is when he doesn’t even know where the bathroom is. The dogs took the blame and were removed from the Whitehouse when there was too much feces on the floor.
    Now dementia jo can put blame on someone else for his mess.

  7. Wharf Rat says

    Real reason? She kept moving the yogurt in the fridge.

  8. Richard Kaiser Sr says

    It wont matter how many conservatives come to the polls to vote. If the voting system is still as corrupt as it is now the conservatives will never win another election again. This system must get fixed! Before its too late.

  9. JoeyP says

    Maybe because she is not as STUPID as Joe? . . . Neither one is up to the TASK of the PRESIDENCY! One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  10. David in MA says

    This is where anoher BILLION DOLLARS will be sent so these “runners” will stay home, but as usually happens, the governments of these country will pocket the funds and the “runners” will still run
    democrats have two means to address an issue, more money spent or hire more people and the end result is the same, more people doing less and nothing gained at a high cost

  11. Joaquin says

    Biden put Kamala at the border so she can get her as killed by the illegals .

  12. David in MA says

    Hawley, or Haley? Haley is not Constitutionally eligible, just like Harris, both their parents were not American citizens, they are “anchor babies” and mis-applied 14th Amendment citizens, but not Natural Born citizens, big difference and makes them ineligible to be pres., or v-pres…AND, there are others in the same catagory who have run for Pres. and v-pres. Voters must educate themselves to the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution.

  13. Vickie says

    This is just a big mess where the hell is the Republicans pushing back against this border issue? I dont here anything that Republicans are doing about any of these changes. Are the Republicans asleep in all this mess or just dont care? They can’t sit and wait for 2022, 2024 to take charge American is hurting and need support from them we are not getting nothing.wake up Republicans do you not see what the hell is going on .Biden,Harris both need to be impeached ASAP. This country is going to hell where are you.

  14. Most Rev. Gregori says

    Then it is high time for a full blown revolution. Our military, whom we are supposed to honor and respect are refusing to honor their oath to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. What is going on at the border is NOT immigration, it is an invasion, and what the Democrats are doing is HIGH TREASON and SEDITION against the Constitution and the citizens of the United States, and instead of doing their duty to keep us safe and to protect our RIGHTS and FREEDOMS, our military is aiding and abetting the TRAITORS to our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, which makes them just as guilty. If WE do nothing then we are guaranteeing that there will be no elections in 2022, 2024 , or ever again because there will no America!

  15. Mac Patterson says

    The republicans are doing their usual “nothing burger”. They have had so many opportunities over the years to do something meaningful, but did absolutely nothing except sit back and say we have a problem and want re-elected to fix it. They are as bad as the dumbocrats.

  16. Harry says

    Simply put Harris would be our first outright COMMUNIST leader. All it takes is her past history and remarks!

    and she has plenty of support from other rich, Elite, Communist Democrats, and they will use the race issue and cheating in the election to get her there!

  17. Harry says

    You are right Matt, but that is about all we have. I get camping request for money everyday , and though it’s not the callers fault, I have unloaded on them and in the end tell them to be sure to pass on my frustration.

    They all write letters while Democrats stick together through every criminal act to destroy Republican, then you add in the main stream media doing their dirty work! It’s a big challenge, but the amount of Votes Trump got, shows there is some strength left along with Biden incompetence and what Congress is doing! Stronger in 2022!

  18. Most Rev. Gregori says

    Maybe you haven’t noticed, but the Republicans have no say because they are out numbered in the House and Senate, and the Democrats refuse to work with or listen to the Republicans, Pelosi and Schumer make sure of that. A better question you should be asking is where is the military in all of this? they swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic. Knowing that the entire Biden/Harris administration is a fraud, and they are committing HIGH TREASON and SEDITION against the Constitution and Citizens of the United States, the military should be going after them, as well as securing our borders, because what is happening is not immigration, it is an invasion. But instead of doing their job, the military is protecting the TRAITORS and INVADERS. WHY? Especially after everything President Trump did for the military, they turn around and stab him in the back. They no-longer deserve our honor or respect, they certainly lost mine.

  19. Mindy Hopper says

    The Demorats stick together in all of the lies they tell. The Republicans except for a few, just sit back and let them dictate to them and they NEVER stand up for us. We need to elected Republicans that have balls to stand up and fight for us and America, not these stupid impish dingdongs. We need more like Trump, DeSantis, Gaetz, Bongino and others like them, not these ones that only want the glory and paycheck and fringe benefits. So all of you Republicans that do not care about us go away.

  20. Michael A Garner says

    Really!? This article is total b.s! Dementia Joe is sending her simply because he doesn’t have the mental capacity to deal with it! Did you not watch that cringe-worthy press conference yesterday Mr. dude who wrote this article. You sound like a Rhino. Fire this idiot! Really? Do you think the Dementia guy is doing it to get her ready for a 2024 run?

  21. Arthur says

    Biden put Harris in charge of the border, now anything that happens is her fault. He’s not as dumb as he looks. Or whoever is pulling the strings. God help us all.

  22. mike malone says

    The US ought to considering merging with Mexico to form a single country where the actual border would be more easily managed (between Guatemala and Mexico) and the combined forces of both Mexico and the US would be able to address the prevalent problem of the Mexican Cartels as this would ‘untie’ the hands of the US Agencies involved in drug and human trafficking while implementing stronger measures to be taken to the benefit of both countries.

    This would be a delicate maneuver but could possibly, ultimately resolve the ongoing border issues. The new Capitol of the Unified States of America would need to be moved to a better, more centralized location (Phoenix, AZ, perhaps?), and the governing officials of both now-independent countries would have to be so combined as to ensure fauir representation for all involved parties.

    If this seems to be a preposterous proposal, one needs to recall that the Louisiana Purchase that helped Napoleon finance his wars in Europe while allowing the US to expand it’s own influence in and control of, parcels of land in North America.

    There is no question that such a move would be tedious, arduous and beset with many difficulties and obstacles. But to assume that the current geographical borders are fixed in stone would be absurd and quite limited, at best, detrimental to survival at least.

    And during the working put of the details, of such an accommodating alliance, the immigration issue could be put on hold pending the resolution of any proposed agreement. But both sides must be willing to approach this unification in good faith, seeking only what is best for the respective citizenry in each country.

    But it must be noted most emphatically that this is NOT the US taking over Mexico, but an agreement to establish a totally NEW political entity to be described appropriately as the Unified States of North America, which would, in ideology, allow for the eventual inclusion of Canada to create a North American United Confederation.

    An old ‘Magnum, Robot’ comic series named such a union as Noram, and this appears to be a correct name for such an alliance. But fiction aside, a combined Mexico-USA entity would allow for advantages to both sides,IF one were to consider such ideas seriously.

  23. G. says

    He is to blame he is the President

  24. Sam says

    Mike Malone, that’s quite a proposal! But if the democRats are in power long enough, all of Mexico will be living here anyway! We’ll have to send Americans down to Mexico to work in the American factories that all of the unfaithful American companies keep building there instead of here!

  25. Ken Marx says

    Harris is in way over her head. She isn’t being prepped for the 2024 election. She has essentially been thrown under the bus (or thousands of stomping border trespassers). Things may not be as smooth in the White House as we are led to believe. Time will tell.

  26. Patty says

    Mike Malone, that is an insane idea! Adding Mexico and Canada as one united state borders on the new world order idea of ten combined countries! No way! That sells America as we know it down the river of no return! We would not have sovereignty as a country! That is what the demonrats want! And, who would be leading this new coalition? And where would this new “ seat of government” be? Canada and Mexico would want it in THEIR country, NOT America! You need to re think that notion!

  27. TexRancher says

    This is a continuation of the betrayal of 1986! That was to be “The Last Amnesty”! Congress then stabbed AMERICANS in the back by refusing to enforce our laws! Now the Socialist/Democrats are using that to take over complete power of this country using the invasion from the south to load the voter rolls in their favor FOREVER! Then, to add insult to injury, they are claiming that cleansing our voter rolls of the DEAD IS VOTER SUPPRESSION! Get real! This is a massive effort to destroy this country and make it another socialist/communist cesspool!

  28. scorpion says

    Kamel can’t keep her big mouth closed. Sort of like a donkey. When she ‘opens
    her mouth all that comes out is HEE HAW What a disaster she. is along with

  29. Craig Murphy says

    The real reason is because she can just laugh it off.

  30. Nanda Cotturone says

    I believe Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Sanders, and Ocasio are the people running this country right know. Biden doesn’t know what the hell he signed , they put it under his nose and sign away. We all know they have to be stopped before they turn this country communist. We must insist to have time limit for all the swamp members.
    Washington is not even a swamp anymore but a Sewerage.

  31. ward says

    The harris potUS potential is not legal by U.S. Constitutional Laws ! Being VP is even questionable and especially being unqualified ! The dem leaders have violated so many laws, this one is no different to prove their crimes & bo in his 8years he could violate 74+ U.S. laws & defy the Constitution @ least 10x’s & never be prosecuted ! Justice ?

  32. Harry J Taft Jr says

    In my eighty five years of life, and living from President FDR through President Biden’s administration, I have never witnessed more chaos than what our country is going through now. No border controls will result in economic losses and problems than we’ve seen in over the past twenty years. It seem as though neither Biden of Harris is willing to take control of the situation which was almost completely solved under President Trump’s administration. One of the most foolish decisions is President Biden’s completely cancelling President Trump’s border actions his first day in office. As a Christian I must respect Joe Biden as my President and pray for his wisdom to grow more wiser each day on the job. From what I have personally observed during his speeches, it indicates he is suffering from memory difficulties. When watching his first news conference, President Biden had complete control over the entire question/answering agenda. He called on those who agreed with him and his policies. Often times he had difficulty finding his pre=written notes to answer the questions. A man in his position should be ready to take question from any reporter with readiness to answer the questions as other presidents have done throughout the history of our nation. I’m praying that President Biden will soon have the wisdom and understanding it takes to lead a great country like ours. We deserve the best and wisest leaders in the world to remain strong, free, and ready to meet any situation that might threaten us and our freedoms. Let’s get it done with the present open borders problem!

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