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Sleazebag Adam Schiff Wilts When Confronted over Steele Dossier Lies

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), according to journalist Glenn Greenwald, is an “amoral sociopath.” Schiff, as chair of the House Intelligence Committee has a visceral and pathological hatred of former President Donald Trump. As a frequent guest of mainstream and cable news anti-trump talking heads, he gleefully pushed and promoted the famous (and fake) Steele dossier.

The Steele dossier was a political opposition report accusing the Trump presidential campaign of misconduct, conspiracy and cooperation with Russia. Even liberal hacks at NPR described the report as an “explosive dossier of unsubstantiated and salacious material.”

The report, among other things, alleges that the Russians cultivated President Trump over a period of five years and that there was a “well-developed conspiracy of co-operation between [the Trump campaign] and the Russian leadership.” It also contains an unbelievable tale of President Trump paying Russian prostitutes to urinate on a hotel bed once slept in by President Obama.

In reality, the report was opposition research on a rival paid for by the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. It is a work of fiction by a former British intelligence official, Christopher Steele, and is based on lies by Igor Danchencko, who is now under indictment for lying to the FBI. After one of Hillary’s lawyers gave the dossier to the FBI (for which he was indicted for), the FBI used it to begin a baseless investigation that cost over $30 million and hamstrung the administration for years to come.

In fact, FBI Special counsel John Durham admits that “the FBI ultimately devoted substantial resources attempting to investigate the uncorroborated lies in the dossier.”

The main source for the dossier was Russian analyst and ex-pat Igor Danchenko. During Durham’s ongoing investigation, Danchenko allegedly lied to FBI agents about his sourcing and political connections in gathering the information. Danchednko told FBI agents he never communicated with a Democratic PR executive with a long-time association with Democrats and Hillary’s campaign.

During arraignment in federal court in Virginia, Danchenko pleaded not guilty to the charges of lying to the FBI.

Adam Schiff, as head of the intelligence committee, during the time when it was not known if the accusations against President Trump were real or fake, used his influence and stature to promote a pathological series of “Russiagate” lies. Said Greenwald, “(Schiff) spent years promoting the Steele Dossier. He read it into the Congressional Record. He lied about the ‘smoking gun’ evidence he saw (that Mueller never found)…”

Then Greenwald added, “Watch how (Schiff) worms his way around to avoid even an iota of mea culpa.”

When confronted by a former Trump administration official who was guest hosting on The View, he did exactly that. Schiff, squirmed and waffled during some pointed accusations by former State Department employee, Morgan Ortagus. Ortagus accused Schiff of violating the trust of those who appointed him to the intel committee chair.

Said Schiff, “It’s one thing to say allegations should be investigated, and they were. It’s another to say that we should have foreseen in advance that some people were lying to Christopher Steele, which is impossible, of course, to do.”

And then, in a classic example of illogical self-justification, Schiff added this gem: “None of that serious misconduct is in any way diminished by the fact that people lied to Christopher Steele.”

So, people were lying, but that didn’t diminish Donald Trump’s culpability in something that was a lie? It’s hard to believe that even a shifty character like Schiff can wrap his head around that whopper.

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  1. Colin Kovacs says

    Get that slithering, lying, dog in GITMO

  2. SpookyAZ says

    Schiff continues to lie about the Russiagate investigation. His credibility is zero. He needs to be investigated for lying to the American people and causing the $30 million investigation to continue.

  3. Roland says

    Asshole Shit is a criminal and should be executed for treason. Every time he opens the asshole under his nose shit flows out.

  4. Renee Moore says

    He Knew! He LIES! He ‘s a Laugh! This dweeb needs to be INVESTIGATED to see what his hand was in all these Lies!! Wasn’t he the one to sat they had PROOF! He said we have the Whistleblower & they have Proof ,Well I guess WE CAN NOT BELIEVE OR TRUST this Dirt Bag!!! He perpetrated a lot about this FABRICATED TALE of DEMOCRATS GOING NUTS over Russian Accounts which were not TRUE!!!!! GO LOSERS!!!!

  5. Mario I’m mad too says

    Why hasn’t Formal Chargers and Indictment-been brought against Hillary Clinton and and her associates IS IT BECAUSE SHE IS ABOVE THE LAW AND CRIMINALLY RESPONSIBLE . Adam Schiff should be made accountable for spending 30 million dollars knowing he was chasing unfounded allegations against President Trump because of his Democratic Party hatred of Trumps and his Successes? The current mentality Unstable an unfit President that should have never been elected in the first place? From day one the President has been proven to manipulate by his administration and Democratic Party in there quest to eradicate the that former President accomplished only to find out that this hatred has caused complete disgrace and failure and a total mistrust of the democratic leadership along with media misinformation and selective fabrication of news stories and failure to preform true Journalism
    Now the liberal Democratic Party is wasting millions on January 6th insurrection? But hasn’t spent a single dime on democratic run cities and states that failed to stop the rioting and looting and the complete failure to protect the law abiding citizens and there property. The in their misguided attempts to blame the law enforcement agencies by defend their lawlessness and defunded law enforcement. Another example of incompetent leadership. EVEN HARD CORE DEMOCRATS ARE UNWILLING TO ACCEPT THEIR RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR FAILURE OF THEIR PARTY TYRANNICAL DICTATORSHIP AND THERE TOTAL DISREGARD OF CITIZENS CONSTITUTION RIGHTS.

  6. Randy says

    Schiff claimed to have undeniable evidence against trump that he has been holding onto. Think it’s time to show his hand or be expelled from congress. This was paid for by Clinton and the DNC which schiff is part of. Let’s go Brandon

  7. yeah me says

    If you can’t see in the guys face he is a creep then you ai;t looking!

  8. Chuck says

    Whats even scarier is that Schitt is on the intel commitee

  9. Walter T. Deveau says

    How is that moron still in comgress,let alone on an INTELLIGENCE PANEL?

  10. john says

    his name fits him a dam shit, a dam shit is the biggest shitfaced lier in the company of shitfaced liers ,the democrapic party! the antiamerican party for illegals ,and crimes against americans !

  11. robert gagliardi says

    His Real name is Adam Schitt !!!!!!!

  12. Tom Tucker says

    Would I like to find Shiff for brains alone out here in the desert?

  13. Drew Page says





  14. Sam says

    Schiff, you’re a bald-faced liar. Anytime your mouth moves, it’s a damned lie. Crazy-azzed twit

  15. 2WarAbnVet says

    But, but, little Adam Schitt had PROOF! He told us many times.

  16. Larry! says

    All democrats are LIARS and THIEVS just look at what they all have done to the USA bunch of shit heads all !!!

  17. Joann Mounts says

    Adam is a liar arrest him now and the rest that told all those lies if it was Trump you all would demos any more not any good get rid of all that trash we will once again have a good country!

  18. Dennis C Rathsam says

    Its time to stand up & take our country back, from the dark side. All the Russian colution gang should face charges of treason. With theses assholes in charge, our country started to die,we must revolt…All theses democrats are communists at heart, with socialism as their guide Wake up America. Biden lied to U Bring back prosperity, bring back the best economy the world has ever seen, Bring back the man who made us proud to be an American, Bring back the man the democrats hate, Bring back the man, the myth,the man that gets things done….. TRUMPS the name, saving us all is his game!

  19. kadok says

    Let me see here schiff for brains LIED on national TV about the Russian collusion narrative, schiff for brains stated over and over that he had the evidence proving the trump collusion, he even read the dossier in congress and entered it into the congressional record. While in March 2017 on msnbc, schiff for brains said he couldn’t “go into particulars, but there is more than circumstantial evidence now.” AND again in December 2017 on cnn he said that collusion was a fact and I quote: “The Russians offered help, the campaign accepted help. The Russians gave help and the President made full use of that help.” Then again in April 2018, schiff for brains had this to say about Nunes’s report, schiff for brains stated that “its finding of no collusion “was unsupported by the facts and the investigative record.” And after all of this schifdf for brains kept lying to everyone and saying he had “undisputed proof of collusion between trump and russia” but as it is for most of schiff for brains lies, HE never released any proof, because SCHIFF LIED THE ENTIRE TIME, he lied to the American Citizens, and schiff for brains lied to congress, and schiff for brains should be it jail for lying to both.

  20. GymS says

    The swallowing, the looking down at his desk; obviously lying AGAIN.


    Apparently Pelosi has a soft spot for her minions. First Salwell and now Schiff. Does she think that giving cover to these anti Americans will help cement her position in congress. What were seeing here is another democrat whose marbles have fallen out of the bag.


    Why is SCHIFF still in congress let alone chair of the intelligence committee? In our modern society is lying considered a badge of honor? Apparently to speaker Pelosi.

  23. Richard says

    And so didn’t the crooked FBI and CIA they all knew it was a lie it’s already been proven they knew they must be held accountable or this government can not stand they have committed treason and if they are not held accountable every person charged with treason must be freed take it to court The soldier who was charged for taking pictures on a submarine would be a perfect candidate to fight this these people need to pay

  24. Karl Drumm says

    Why is this rotten LIAR still in the news? Does any body has any pride any more? This CROOK does not deserve any attention and I cannot understand that he is still representing the people of this country! IT seems to me that some people still defend this LIAR!

  25. rabbit says

    Everyone who has watched anything this sleazie scumbag has said knows that he lies like a rug

  26. James Hahner says

    All this wrong doing, misleading this nation those involved should paying back the tax payers for fraudulently wasting and stealing tax dollars. Get rid of these idiots because nobody can fix stupid as stupid is with this administration of dumbocrats. All they every done is lie, cheat and steal and promise the world to their supporters and do nothing but line their pockets and protect their kind of brainless idiots.

  27. Lyudmila says

    Scum Adam Schiff, as the head of a deceitful and incompetent intelligence committee, must go on trial for wild propaganda and pathological lies against our president, which dealt a mortal blow to America and our entire people.

  28. Donna says

    They need to indict Hillary do she can take down all of Washington, like she promised!!!!!

  29. CharlieSeattle says

    Schiff for brains should have been executed for treason long ago.

  30. graceythecat says

    There is no intelligence in the democrat house, house and intelligence is an oxymoron when put together as house intelligence. But of course all communist democrat pedophile racist woke cult members are morons!

  31. Lynn says

    As despicable as Schiff is, his multudinous problems, especially judgment and lack of intellect, could all be resolved by euthinasia.

  32. Richard says

    Schiff cannot help but lie. It is in his character and like a chronic druggie he cannot help himself. Bolstered by a corrupt Democratic leadership, deaf, dumb and blind followers he feels no guilt for continuing his lying behavior. When the table turns, and it shall, Mr. Schiff and all others like him (and there are many in their party) will receive their due.

  33. Don Lindsey says

    What Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, and the rest of the Communistic demoparty has done under the US Constitution is pure TREASON against America and all these A-holes should be Arrested, Tried for HIGH TREASON and Hanged according to the Constitution as it was first written.

    If hanging cannot be done then place them in front of a military firing squad one hour after they are found guilty of Treason against America, no life in prison nor prison time.

  34. Bob says

    I do not need to reply the preceding replies seem to cover most of it, all I can do s to say “way to goyou all have done very good”
    The bald beast

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