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Shock Poll: Democrats Favor Concentration Camps for Unvaccinated Americans

Here’s a question that I ponder occasionally while watching America fall apart under Team Biden: Are the everyday Democrat voters in my neighborhood a bunch of creepy, authoritarian communists just like the leaders of the Democrat Party? Or is there a big divide between everyday people and the sociopaths who run for office?

Just take one look at Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and you know with certainty that she would line your kids up in front of a ditch and shoot them because of your MAGA hat. She’s a true believer. But what about the Democrats in your own neighborhood? Are they just as bad? We now have an answer to that question, thanks to new polling from Rasmussen Reports.

Rasmussen did a poll this month on the views that Republican and Democrat voters have toward the government’s COVID response, and the measures being taken to get people to take the dangerous, experimental gene serum treatments known as “COVID vaccines.” A lot of the answers were unsurprising.

For example, 48% of Democrats favor Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates, while 48% of Republicans oppose the mandates. Pretty even split. Likewise, 45% of Democrat voters have a favorable view of Dr. Anthony Fauci, while 48% of Republicans think Fauci belongs in a jail cell.

The real surprises in the polling had to do with the “unvaccinated.” What should the government do to those who have stood firmly against taking the COVID shots because of religious, moral and scientific beliefs? Those answers were shocking.

59% of Democrat voters said they favor forcing the unvaccinated into house arrest. Lock them in their homes, don’t allow them to go to work to support or feed their families, don’t let them go grocery shopping, and don’t let them leave their homes for anything other than a life-threatening emergency.

55% of Democrat voters favor imposing draconian fines on anyone who refuses to be vaccinated. At least one province in Canada is already trying this tactic. Quebec has announced that it will impose “significant fines” on anyone who doesn’t get the shot immediately. In Italy, they’re taking away workers’ salaries if they refuse to get vaxed.

 48% of Democrat voters believe state and federal governments should be allowed to imprison anyone who questions the efficacy of the vaccines on social media, television or radio. Can you imagine a more anti-American policy than that? If you publicly question whether or not these myocarditis-causing shots are actually working as advertised, the FBI scoops you up and throws you in prison for an unspecified amount of time.

47% of Democrat voters believe the government should be allowed to track your whereabouts at all times if you are unvaccinated. You’d pretty much be wearing an ankle bracelet like a criminal on parole if this policy were in effect.

And here’s one of the creepiest findings of all in this poll: 45% of Democrat voters believe the government should arrest unvaccinated people and force them to live in “designated facilities” – and we all know what those are – until they agree to be vaccinated. Concentration camps for the unvaccinated. 45% of registered Democrats would be okay with that. I guess Gretchen Whitmer is pretty average on the scale of creepy authoritarian communist Democrats!

And one final creepy, authoritarian finding from the Rasmussen poll: 29% of registered Democrat voters say the government should be allowed to take your children away from you, if you refuse to be vaccinated. You are obviously unfit to be a parent if you refuse to follow Joe Biden’s every whim. At least it’s only 29% of Democrat voters who feel that way.

You might be asking yourself, what country is this? Concentration camps for the unvaccinated? Taking kids away from parents for refusing to be guinea pigs in a medical experiment? Imprisoning people indefinitely for publicly questioning the COVID shots? It doesn’t sound much like the America that most of us grew up in.

Then again, maybe Democrat voters have always had this authoritarian streak in them. Maybe we just never asked such specific questions of them before. If you’ve wondered whether the Democrats walking around your neighborhood are just as creepy and authoritarian as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, now you have the answer: Yes, they are.

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  1. Robert L. Kahlcke says

    It’s become very very clear the DEMOCRAT COMMUNIST PARTY of America, MUST be destroyed by any means necessary.
    Lets Go Brandon.

  2. charles A wilkins says

    Bidens qualifications for Supreme Court get me a list of black women? WTF it shows the IQ of race based Biden, zero, how does this man support his poor judgement? The biden’s pot of gold, what did it cost America? Inside traders must go, they are not honest, Has China installed a puppet government with the Biden’s? Another staged setting for joe the fake biden, National Security risk? yes, the bidens are, compromised yes, they are, right down to the last 30 millions they received from red China Communist,sold us dowm the river to China and Russia, Wke up America there is a traitor in the White House ,Biden and his band of misfits are not faithful to their oath of office, Stupid fxxxing laws, Stupid fxxxing reporters, DEMOCRATS KEEP BREAKING THE USA LAWS AND JUST DON’T CARE, TIME FOR VOTE THEM OUT, PELOSI CHEATS, WHERE ARE THE INSIDE TRADER INVESTGATIONS, CONFLICTS OF INTEREST, DEMOCRATS SAY FXXX YOU AMERICA. ( Patriotic post .com} Former White House doctor Ronny Jackson has called for President Joe Biden to undergo a cognitive test, citing his shocking performance during his Wednesday press conference marking his first year in office. Everybody is stupid except joe biden, and of course the smartest man he ever met, was hunter biden, the corrupt fantasies of joe biden’s world of criminallly insane bull shit. The biden crime family should be forced to return all the money they have accepted from Russia and China. Pay to play is a crime against the the United States when they broke the oath trust of his sworn office. Please keep in power I still have a lot to accomplish for China and Russia.

  3. Wyatt Earp says

    You can support a fool if you want to died! You have not even been told what in the vaccine! Only fool believe everything someone say that a billionaire or a millionaire! Without doing research on this you are not intelligent enough to have any say about other people life! Have you even read the TRUTH IN THE MEDIA? BIDEN has been in political for 50 year. AND NEVER TOLD THE TRUTH! Dr.Facui is a Chinese puppet. Did you ever watch JAMES BOND MOVIE CALL GOLDFINGER? That movie you could put Dr. FACUI as the SCIENTIFIC who help GOLDFINGER TO MAKE A DANGER DRUGS TO DESTROY THE WORLD! Seem like that was one of The Chinese government favorite movie! Without going to WAR, just use a fool to help kill off the other country people!

  4. James Richards says

    Since the Democrats Feel that Way I have Zero Qualms in Shooting Them If/When it becomes Necessary!

  5. Loe says

    Not inprisoning the unvaccinated, prisons are for convicted people. Filling local jails so they have to release more pretrial criminals including those in holding for violent crimes. This locking up unvaccinated people is like what they are doing with a bunch of January 6th peaceful protesters, locked up for longer then the sentence would be for the supposed (trumped up) charges..

  6. Art says

    After WW-2 the question was “How could the German people let this happen”I think we are seeing just how easy it is.

  7. Don says

    Democrats Favor Concentration Camps For Unvaccinated Americans This is America not Adolf Hitler Germany of the 1940s.
    We the people need to take back our Country from these asinine Communist Parties and start Hanging these TRAITORS/TERRORISTS by their necks and let them all swing for 5 days just to make sure!

    Just one of the thousands of Pissed off Veterans who fought for this county. America is a FREE NATION but for long under the leadership of Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. the CCP BUTCHER and his band of NAZI SS STROKTROPPERS in congress, pass time to remove the Communist demo out of congress and every federal, State, and City jobs and try them for HIGH TREASON against our NATION TODAY


    Vaxx is PURE POISON to exterminate mankind by 7B.

  9. Frank Paul Atwood says

    For those who follow God: “What a perfect scenario to see where one’s faith is with God or Men? Those who fear know not God at all, period. And those whose health care depends on men, not God, are of the world, not of God’s realm, for their faith is in men, period. “You can’t serve God and Mammon too.” Think about it.

  10. Larry! says

    WE only have a few years left until the vax starts to eliminate them, I can wait or fight what ever needs done!!!!

  11. Tom Tucker says

    And to think, some of you don’ think we need a civil war. How else to we stop this communist takeover?

  12. William Cunneen says

    The vaccine mandate is a power play by Fauci to enrich himself and his big pharma sponsors, which ignores the treatment regimen practiced by frontline doctors, and, in fact, outlaws application of off the shelf medications that have been proven to arrest the COVID pandemic. To read the full history of “The Real Anthony Fauci” by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. published by Children’s Health Defense is to understand how this bureaucrat has imposed his will on the most expensive and malign program in public medicine history.

  13. Gary Green says

    Fire Falsi now !! Biden and Harris too !!

  14. Lyudmila says

    Of the entire list of punishments for the unvaccinated, I could not find how many percent of these wonderful plutocrats are ready to vote for the death penalty for the unvaccinated. Why don’t these vaccinated degenerates put on 5-6 masks and shut up?

  15. Lorna says

    We don’t need this vaccine crap, it still is not safe to take in some people. We need to get rite of the biden administration and there stupid ness we need our freedom and peace and no vaccine of any kind. Companies need to stop making it.

  16. Ken says

    I have always suspected, and this poll confirms it, that being a Democrat is a mental illness. They must be dealt with on a permanent basis soon and their children must be removed from their homes before it spreads too much to them.

  17. Who me says

    Who do these dirty dems think they are. They are not God and don’t have the right to condemn anyone. Maybe they will understand when they start dieing. I really hope that they do feel good about what they’ve done or trying to do. Typical dems and rhinos. They are no better than anyone else. They must all be related to nazis. I don’t have the right to say that anymore then they have the right to say the crap they are spewing.

  18. Dave Juck says

    Never ever allow the Democratic Communists to do the extreme damage to this great country again.

  19. Kath says

    Haven’t they been accusing Donald Trump of being an authoritarian? They are what they accuse the Right. It really shouldn’t surprise anyone that over half of them have these views. It’s the monsters that they have become. They are shameful and disgraceful. They should no longer identify as Americans. This country has no room for Marxists!

  20. Skeeter says

    With all these horrid authoritarian mandates in place- no one is still questioning dire side effects from these VAXs but cardio myelitis. On Newsmax TV a doctor who is part of the Nashville Health system stated the big Pharm COVID Vaccines can infiltrate and pass thru the blood/brain barrier; which could cause an onset of early Dimentia. This is a definite difference in comparing these vaccines such as the Salk vaccine;measles,Chcken Pox et al that have been immunizing us for decades to the COVID VAX. None of the above mentioned vaccines from our past that we have used for years passes through the Blood/Brain barrier. A new COVID wrinkle we all should be concerned about

  21. Skeeter says

    Leave a Reply??? I have tried to reply to two excellent comments! What’s the secret to do this? A reply comment box does not appear…???

  22. Fed up with this administration says

    I see to be a DemonRAT today you must first have a lobotomy and then attend the church of Satan,Noone should ever agree to this unless they want to relive the days of Hitler because the only difference is its the unvaccinated now going into camps and who will be next because once that is allowed its only the beginning

  23. kurt gandenberger says

    demoncrats paid for the virus to be made in wuhan. their buddies in china released it. now they want patriots and conservatives in prison? nazi demoncrat pigs.

  24. 9mm says

    And yet many do not see this Devilrat scam is nothing more than a full step into communism as like Venezuela or N.Korea? If this is the new road Americans are willing to travel then May God Help this Country as it’s going down into the CCP cesspool.

  25. Ricardo Julio Estrada says

    Next we start to wear the yellow star of David and our houses and business get confiscated, we will get put in trains and taken to the new and improved extermination camps ….. as per our (democrats) brown shirts.
    Never in the history of mankind something makes more sense than “those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”

  26. moosegringo says

    I have a much better idea – send all Democrats to concentration camps and give the rest of us Americans a break !!!!

  27. Pierre Plauzoles says

    I disagree with the idea that Biden should “return all the money the Biden family got” [from Chinese and/or Russian Communists]: They should turn it over to the United States Government.

  28. Arschloch says

    All democrat/communists should be forced to drink piss each day until they begin to show some intelligence.

  29. Lyudmila says

    What if these cretins vote to shoot the antivaxers?

  30. Annie says

    When they build the camps be sure that they are in DC – cuts down on travel time! Please give Sleepy Joe a desk so he can sign all his executive orders but no windows – distractions! Dictator Nancy gets the next one = she is so superior to everyone else – hers with a large mirror – she needs to be able to see her face change like the rest of us!
    Kamala can not remember what she does – oh right – she is in charge of the border mess – build her a suite on the
    border somewhere – it stinks at the border – she should fit it really well! And if someone else needs a suite – the border s the place to build right now! Or send them the CA they will pay them $600+ for their cells, Netflex etc!
    The moving stars are showing lots of giving! Oh, and Megan and Harris will let them stay at their house!

  31. Betmate says

    안전하게 에볼 플레이 먹튀검증 gogo

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