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Remember When They Told Us Trump’s Mean Tweets Would Spark World War III?

I’m so old that I can remember a certain wise president warning us that we’d be paying $7 a gallon for gas and there would be wars breaking out all over the world. And here we are!

The way Joe Biden is destroying America’s energy production and handling foreign policy, gas will be $7 a gallon in Los Angeles by the end of this month, and it will probably be the national average by Memorial Day.

And wars! We’ve got wars breaking out all over the place, most notably in Ukraine, which has sucked all the oxygen out of the room when it comes to news coverage. And Joe Biden seems determined to do everything wrong in this situation.

After watching the masterful foreign policy of Donald Trump for four years, it’s mindboggling to see Team Biden in action. This conflict in Ukraine could be over tomorrow with a signed agreement that Ukraine won’t be joining the EU or NATO. Done! No more fighting. But Biden seems determined to get us into World War III.

In their latest bungle, Biden tried to get Poland to donate a couple of dozen old fighter jets to Ukraine. Poland basically said no and told Biden they’d send the planes to Germany. From there, the US would have to get the jets to Ukraine. At least the US realizes that we can’t send the jets to Ukraine, either. No country wants to be the Angela Davis of the Ukraine-Russia skirmish.

This may seem like a tangent, but bear with me. For those who don’t remember Angela Davis, she was a black nationalist years ago (probably still is). In 1970, she bought three guns and provided them to some of her fellow Black Panthers. Those guys then took the guns and staged an armed raid on a courthouse in California, to try to get some other Black Panther sprung from prison. They took hostages, including the judge in the courtroom.

One of the attackers duct taped the business end of a sawed-off shotgun to the judge’s head, and the other end to his hand with his finger on the trigger. He was hoping the cops wouldn’t shoot him because of that Wile E. Coyote strategy. He was wrong. Several people died in the shootout between police and the Black Panthers. The judge died in horrible fashion, and the cops took out three of the attackers.

As the person who supplied the guns to the attackers, Angela Davis was put on trial as a co-conspirator to the murders. Prosecutors botched the case, so she never went to prison for it. (She’s been a feminist college professor for many years, because of course she has.) But everyone understands that she deserved to go to prison, right?

When you supply someone with a gun and they use that gun to commit a horrific crime, you are a co-conspirator. Just as when you supply one side of a conflict with fighter jets, the opposing side of that fight can now view you as a co-belligerent. Giving fighter jets to Ukraine right now could easily cause this regional scuffle to escalate into World War III, because Russia would view that belligerent act as an open declaration of war.

But that’s the best idea of Biden’s foreign policy team? Have they been breaking into Hunter Biden’s stash?

And what’s with the American ammo manufacturers sending bullets to Ukraine? At least two companies are donating millions of rounds of ammo to Ukraine right now. This is the same principle as the fighter jets, by the way. Oh, and hey, dummies: There’s been an ammos shortage in THIS country since Barack Hussein Obama was in office. If you want to feel patriotic, how about helping your own country first before sending millions of rounds to Eastern Europe?

The good news is negotiations between Russia and Ukraine are ongoing and this war should be wrapped up by the end of March, so long as the idiots in the Biden regime don’t manage to stumble us into World War III. Which they’re desperately trying to do.

All these people clamoring for the US to start a war with nuclear-armed Russia are the same people who claimed that Donald Trump was going to get us into World War III because he was a big meanie on Twitter. Instead, Trump brought us four years of peace. And now here we are!

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  1. D-Day says

    Joe Biden has always been one of the dumbest senators in our government. Now this ignorant sob has fraudulently been installed as the President of the United States. We came from 4 years of America’s greatest successes economically, and foreign policy-wise. This moron and his corrupt, New World Order Puppet Master, Barack Hussein Obama, and this inept administration, has got us on the brink of absolute and total destruction of our country! There must be some way to remove all of these worthless pieces of s*** from there positions of power, before they caused World War 3. Our country needs true leadership now! Donald Trump is the answer, if it isn’t too late already to save our world from these demonic Democrats!

  2. carol says

    I cannot understand why this administration is still in office

  3. Stephen Repko says

    Every time a nut job wants to attack a country are we suppose to just sit back and watch ? When / if your house is on fire do you want your neighbors and fire department to sit around and have a discussion and oh yah have the lawyers discuss the pros and cons ? Diplomacy is a great option when there is a possibility of it working . In this case give the jets NOW while they still have a chance of defending there country men, there nation ! If the nut job wants to go nuclear remember he is /will be fighting the entire world !!

  4. Bill says

    Have you served? The Cuban missile crisis, you would have let Russia put Nukes in Cuba. The left only has one tool, fear. Freedom isn’t free. Most Americans have not served yet want to voice their expertise on WWIII. There are a lot of people in this world that want what we have. Yet the left says America is a bad Country. They only know fear. There are times when it is proper to stand up to the bully. It’s a shame there are so few Americans willing to fight for freedom.

  5. Judy Moore says

    If they work for us can we not vote them out right now?We can’t take anymore.

  6. kurt gandenberger says

    the doddering fool still knows how to blame others for his incompetence. when the ukrainians asked for fighter jets, brandon said poland had them but wouldn’t give them away. then poland said brandon was lying and said they’d give them to the US. now the subject is banned on the net. good going demoncrat nazi pigs.

  7. linda harrison says

    The goal of this regime is to tear this country down. We need to go to the white house or his home to let him know he is gone. Biden is a nut bag there is no question about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So if it is Obama running the show he needs to know he is DONE FOR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And being black won’t save his so fly out of town and stay out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. S. Suchindranath Aiyer says

    Biden did not want to give Putin the non aggression pact Putin asked for because the US and EU want to continue the siege of Russia begun by Clinton in 1992, as their preferred bogey man and, at this point in time Biden hoped Putin would begin to retake Ukraine so that Western propaganda would swing into action and unite the US and NATO he had fractured behind “The War Time President” as per custom and boost the US economy by selling weapons to the EU

  9. Wyatt Earp says

    To every young person go join the military! You want to support socialist then get first hand experience from it! To you ANTIFA AND BLM same to you! You are DEMOCRAT SOLIDER SO GO FIGHT FOR BIDEN YOUR PICK AS PRESIDENT! You want an understanding about these types of people who think they have the rights to control other people’s lives. That how evil world leader are! And Biden is giving away your Freedom and liberty to evil like him. So he already sold out to RUSSIA AND CHINA! Just a matter of time til you see warship sailing into the water for California and Oregon and Washington state. Not to count out New York and DC! Because you fools do NOT UNDERSTAND HISTORY! OR POLITICAL! Your opinions come from listeria to those who HATE YOU AND AMERICA! Just don’t forget ENEMY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS! OR YOUR IDEA!

  10. Gerry says

    biden thinks he can bluff his way through situations because the idiot msm won’t crucify him for failing. Well — he is trying to bluff the wrong country in Russia. Putin nor the rest of the world is intimidated by the village idiot the democraps managed to put in the WH. He better stay out of the fiasco in the Ukraine or him,his druggy son,his POS brother, his pathetic wife and any absolute idiot that voted for him along with all the corrupt congress members better be walking point when the SHTF !!!!! I fought in 1 worthless war for this country, I am not fighting in another one for the sake of dirtbags like biden.

  11. Ronald R toussaint says

    have a solution! Put a very large bounty on putins head,and the people close to him will fight over who kills him. He is a crazy dictator and no one will miss him. That seems to be the only way to stop the carnage in the Ukrain. As for our chicken sh…t president and politicians in congress you should all resign,you are all a bunch of incompetent morons and dont deserve to represent the american people.

  12. President Poops His Pants says

    Remember, Biden is the “tough guy” – he just needs to challengePutin to go behind the barn so they can settle it….

  13. Roger says

    Biden HATES American citizens!!!!!!!!!! His every action proves this. He wants to destroy us because we believe in freedom and our constitution. He wants one world order with him and his evil cronies in charge. He wants his green new deal and will HURT anyone or anything that gets in the way of getting it, even if he has to crawl into bed with the most Evil dictators on earth!!!!!! All of his current actions PROVE exactly what I have just stated. This man is EVIL and needs to be IMPEACHED, prosecuted, and imprisoned asap!!!!!!!!

  14. Dennis C Rathsam says

    Rise up America!!! Grow some balls, REBELL…Take to the streets and protest this fool in the white house. If Had he done nothing when he was elected, and just watched for a while, the USA would be booming…BUT Crackhead Daddy has destroyed the US in a matter of 13 months. Its time to drill baby drill and throw this incompitant scumbag out of politics for good. Everyone hates this fool, Putin & Xi,s puppet. They both made our president & his family rich beyound belief. All you morons who voted for Biden are stupit fools….Look what youve done to my country! Its time to clean house, vote these GREEN cocksuckers out…Green didnt work in Germany…It wont work here!

  15. martin Gannon says

    Being in spec.op’s in Vietnam(4) years 67-70,u can imagine how many times I want to vomit w/the “Honcho” Idiota” Bidet,in office ruining all that “trumpster”coordinated/managed to greatest levels that we Haven’t been to since “Ronnie Reagan!! Joe Manchin can’t even stomach this disgraceful,pathetic individual that stole office right out from “Da”Trumpster”!! I’ve been preachin’ since he took office,Impeach this non-patriotic/belligerent idiot! I’m suggesting that we all look upwards & pray to highest court in the land,OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST for guidance/patience for now til “Trumpster” gets re-instated to his rightful throne u all! Let’s all hang in there til Kemper Calvary arrives!! Marty Gannon former level 4 Navy Seal,67-70

  16. Wyatt Earp says

    Personal we need to put the MSM reporter under six foot of dirt! These are NOT TRUE AMERICAN PEOPLE! They are doing the dirty work for DEMOCRAT AND BIDEN! Once shut down the better!

  17. Original Anna says

    Putin wants Ukraine for another reason than Ukraine being on his border and wanting to join Nato which is a laugh. NATO is nothing but a fraud and so is the media and the democratic party. Biden has been in with Russian right along. Russia wants the nuclear buildings they built in Ukraine which are many, back. They don’t want to hand the nuclear buildings and the biological research going on in these buildings to NATO. Russia wants all of these to use against the real countries on their border which are many and already in NATO. Putin does not care or is not afraid of NATO. With the nuclear works in their hands they can move back into Poland, Hungary, etc., etc. When you see the pictures of the Clintons, the Obamas and the Bidens in pictures with drinks in their hands attending parties in Russia and laughing their heads off with Putin doing the same standing next to them, these plans have been in action for years and to go along with these happy pictures is the destruction by the democrats of our country since the 60s on so Putin could make his move. Our military won’t follow Biden into war any ways and he knows it, he’s made it that way doing things using excuses to rid the military of loyal members, oh, you know, Trump supporters in the military. It’s interesting that when it comes to Muslim countries democrats are all in to “save” but when it comes to a 80% Christian country, the democrats don’t want to start of WWIII because they are terrified of Putin. I say they are in with Putin, they are the ones being traitors binding with Putin not Trump. Afraid of nuclear war, I do believe we have nuclear more than Russia and Putin is not going to hit us when he knows that traitor biden will have to hit him and Moscow back. Look at Cuba, did Russia go to war with us, no, because they would end up hurt more.

  18. Mike says

    Maybe old Joe will meet Putin behind the bleachers. Sure would like to see this.

  19. fani says


  20. John Galt says

    Let’s go Brandon. The worst president ever, the stupidest, and the most dangerous.

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