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Nancy Pelosi Pushes 25th Amendment Reform, Opens Door to Replacing Aging Biden with Radicalized Harris

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s proposed 25th Amendment commission looks like another feeble attack on President Donald Trump at first glance. Heck, she even said he was the inspiration behind the reform. But upon closer inspection, it appears the career Democrat politician has designs on future regime change, perhaps even betraying a member of her own party! Many believe Pelosi is laying the groundwork to oust Joe Biden and replace him with Senator Kamala Harris should they win the White House next month.

“Well, I think she’s talking about Joe Biden, because, to be honest with you, he’s the one that’s got the problem. And, obviously, it’s obvious to anybody that watches him speak. He’s the one that got — that has the problem. And they want to put a super radical left person in, like Kamala, who’s worse than — who’s further left than Bernie Sanders,” President Trump reportedly said.

“And that whole thing is breaking up now, because the left isn’t getting what they want. All of a sudden, they’re back into fracking and all the things that they talked about they wouldn’t do, and now they’re saying they’re going to do them. And the left is very unhappy.”

He makes a great point. The Democratic party was embroiled in a civil war not too long ago. The likes of Senator Sanders, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Ayanna Pressley and other liberal extremists, fought for and seized control of the party’s agenda. Biden secured the nomination for president after bending the knee to left-wing radicals.

“This is not about President Trump. He will face the judgment of the voters, but he shows the need for us to create a process for future presidents,” Pelosi reportedly said. “This legislation applies to future presidents, but we are reminded of the necessity of action by the health of the current president.”

Back in July, Biden yielded to Sanders, AOC, and other far leftists in his party, allowing them to write his policy platform under the Biden-Sander Unity Task Force moniker. Biden then went on to tap California’s Sen. Harris as his running mate. Harris’ voting record shows she’s even more of a radical socialist than Bernie Sanders! The move would seem to have secured his place among the far-left part of his party. Sen. Harris co-sponsored the most extreme legislation of the modern era — the Green New Deal — although she only voted “present” when it reached the Senate floor.

In recent weeks, Biden has backed away from the socialist policies on two fronts — a promise to ban fracking and adding justice to the U.S. Supreme Court known as “court packing.”

On the fracking issue, Biden promised Democrats, “we would, we would work it out. We would make sure it’s eliminated.” He’s also pledged to end fossil fuels, which require fracking and explicitly stated during the primaries, “No more, no new fracking.”

But he’s since reneged on the promise, like so many during his 47-year political career. During the recent vice presidential debate, Harris told viewers Biden’s position has changed.

“Joe Biden will not end fracking, he has been very clear about that,” Harris said. “I will repeat, and the American people know that Joe Biden will not ban fracking. That is a fact. That is a fact.”

On the issue of court packing, liberals demand that should President Trump’s nominee — Judge Amy Coney Barrett — be confirmed, a Democrat president should move swiftly to create a liberal majority by adding more Supreme Court Justices. Something that hasn’t been done since FDR failed to do it in the 1930’s. Biden has tried to keep the more liberal part of his base happy while not scaring away his more centric supporters by being evasive on answering whether or not he will pack the courts. He’s said voters “don’t deserve” to know what he would do if elected.

His betrayal of the Democratic party’s base has not gone unnoticed. Biden’s cognitive decline has been well documented, and Pelosi’s 25th Amendment commission could easily deem him unfit for office. That would make Kamala Harris the next president. There’s no doubt she would pack the court, ban fracking, and implement a radical climate agenda that would crush the U.S. economy.

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  1. Jan says

    Yep we see something coming & pelosi & (?) chuckie (?) if they succeed in this hi-jacking of the oval office where do we go from there “n w o” they have to have big money . And then there’s the true collapse of the country.pelosi now is talking about digital $$$ that to me is very unstable but great for corruption

    1. Philip Simon says

      Hillary, Nancy and Kamala, a three headed women’s monster to go along with Joe, Chuck and Bernie, a six headed transgender of the past, we people need a future.

    2. Micala says

      Pelosi is showing signs of dementia. She has been lying to the American people for the past 4 years and maybe longer. But her thoughts are too grandiose for her tiny brain and now even her own Party members are on her to do the right thing. But when “Senility” not “Sanity” rules her life, all she is going to do is dig herself a deeper hole with that blabbing mouth of hers…and the Ameticsn people will be shoveling the dirt right on top of her.

      Pelosi is losing ground with her own party members and she is being targeted by the GOP for not thinking about the American people, but only about her own personal agenda — to make President Trump look bad! When there is that much HATE driving a person, soon their Soul turns Black. Pelosi’s is charcoal black now…and we do not need any more of her Hatred! Kick her out of the House and into a rocking chair where she truly belongs!

      1. MIMI MAUL says

        That is for sure.

    3. Wyatt Earp says

      You ever target practice from a mile? Like the movie SHOOTER! We are all going to need a long range rifle! I will bet there are plenty of people who are getting angry and mad as hell. Thinking about taking them out!

  2. Marlene says

    Never let A woman hold high office. She is too emotional to make serious decisions to save the country. She cannot be criticized because of her gender and will get away with making many disastrous mistakes. Women cannot lead.It is the same with minority politicians like Obama. He got away with a lot of crap.

    1. Terry Bell says

      Should have hung the half breed muslim nigger also !

    2. FedUp says

      I agree with everything you said!

  3. Realhuman says

    Looking right into the center of Nancy Pelosi, one must notice that she is very busy blaming everyone else, especially Donald J Trump for all of the problems in the Senate and in America. We, the people are also who she blames for her individual problems and not getting what she wants. As stated in the article, she is trying to invoke the 25th amendment to, supposedly get rid of Trump by saying it is for future presidents. A few months ago she put through a bill to curb what Trump can and cannot do in or with other countries, such as Iraq and Iran. Now she says Trump is unfit for office so the 25th amendment is a ruse for her corrupt actions, again and her trying to remove Trump from office. This looks as though, with her hoping that Joe Biden wins the presidency, she will make sure Joe is taken out and Kamala Harris will then be another corrupt president. Looking deeper into what Pelosi really is trying to set up is to continually make revisions on what a president can and cannot do until there is no longer a need for a president of the United States at all, accomplishing this anti-American tactic. I believe she wants the United States to be run ONLY by the Senate with China dictating everything they want. Think about it, folks. But, now there is more to the story with Bill Barr and Durham bringing out all the corruption documents, it makes Joe Biden guilty of corruption, along with Obama, Hillary, others and now Nancy Pelosi, too! She had a big hand in the Russian Hoax. It is just now coming out on the websites. I am willing to bet that this will never make it out in the mainstream media as they are also in on the entire Hoax mixed with their own money laundering and child sex trafficking corruption. Fox News will air it and these websites will tell us the truth. I am also now thinking that there won’t even be an election because of Joe Biden being arrested. Maybe. Trump WILL win the election, Pelosi will be arrested or impeached, Joe Biden will be in an adult home not knowing where he is or who he is, and all the others will be held accountable. None of this should have happened.

  4. Marlene says

    Pelosi is using the 25th to oust Trump if she can, not likely, but she intends to remove Biden with it if by some miracle he wins. Harris the ho will be president until Pelosi finds some way to get rid of her, then Pelosi will be president. I hope this scares the majority as much as it does me.

  5. David R McLaughlin says

    One thing that this article did not point out was that if Kamal moves up into the President’s position then Pelosi moves up into the Vice Presidents position?

    1. Wyatt Earp says


  6. Wylena says

    How can Harris be President at any time? Her Parents were only here on Student VISAs when Harris was born. I thought your Parents had to be Citizens when you were born.

    1. S simba says

      Wylena You are right and how come jungle bunny half cast muslim got elected twice ???

  7. DCC says

    Piglosi and Hairyass are both worthless lying C**ts. They need to be defeated at the polls asap.

  8. Wilber Williams says

    Pelsoie needs to ousted herself. A snake in the grass,back stabbing b@$CH.Time to remove her as speaker,for lack of doing her shelfish #$% H@$e..She cares nothing about no one but herself.Won’t help the out of work people,Time to kick her to the curb,the old drunk,power hungry hussy.Oust anyone 78 up out and send them home to retire.time for young blood in congress. Term limits is what’s needed,NOW!!!

  9. Irene says

    If people vote for the left, I blame the people…..if they win! Can’t understand they do not know what’s going on….then they have the consequences…..TRUMP……2020

  10. Eneri says

    How do they sleep at night! Can somebody tell me that?

    1. Wyatt Earp says

      Sleep by getting DRUNK! Or Stone!

  11. Philip Cole says

    Well…. a comment submitted earlier, “Pelosi showing signs of dementia!”
    I AGREE! Her comments, erratic behavior, mood swings all plausible signs of dementia!
    The so-called political party she screwing with….filled with nincompoops, apparently prefer incompetent, deranged slugs….. Kamala ( I backed my way into my carreer with “AID” of Willie White … not to be confused with White Supremacists!” political W_ _ _RE.YIKES!

  12. Old wolf says

    Every one bitchs about these delusional democrats and their corruption , but no one talks about how to get rid of them once and for all . They serve no purpose to anyone but themself’s . Can’t count on their snowflakes to help . They won’t bite the hand that feeds them with welfare and food stamps . Looks like the only way to stop them and their pets slaves is to kill them off . Not like our government never kill befor for their gain . This time it’s open war against our citys and the people living there by the delusional democrats to win the election and stack the Senate and the SCJ in their favor . Word is they want Muslims in the SCJ and start to change to their laws . Do we really want to live under Muslim laws ??? Better think real hard about who you vote for in 16 days . It’s your and your kids future at stake

  13. Paulette Williams says

    Harris was born to 2 students here from another country. She is not eligible to be vp or p. Neither is Michelle Obama, because she hasn’t put in her 14 yr. tenure. She claimed citizenship elsewhere for tax purposes.

  14. Lyudmila Loeva says

    1 Pelosi lays the groundwork for overthrowing Joe Biden due
    reducing his cognitive abilities and replacing him Senator Kamala
    2. Kamala Harris prepares the ground for the overthrow of Nancy
    Pelosi due to a decrease in her cognitive abilities and replacement
    Senator Bernie Sanders.
    3 .Bernie Sanders is sure to lay the groundwork for the ouster Kamala
    Harris due to the decline in her cognitive abilities and replacing her
    with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
    Long live Communism!

  15. DAV says

    Nasty PigLowSi should be dropped kicked in the derrière all the way back to Sodom FranSICKo, CallousForlornYa.

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