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Is Giving Aid & Comfort to Enemies Like Joe Biden Did the Literal Definition of Treason?

Hey, didn’t there used to be a serious crime under US law that was related to giving “aid and comfort” to an enemy of the United States? What was that crime called? Seems like the media and the Democrat Party were bandying that term about all the time when President Donald Trump was in office, but they weren’t using the term correctly. They accused Trump of committing that crime over a phone call with the Ukrainian president. Oh, right – “Treason!”

Now that we have the accounting of what Joe Biden had the military leave behind in his disastrous Afghanistan pullout, it’s even worse than we thought. Billions of dollars in sophisticated American military equipment is now in the hands of the Taliban. Some of this equipment has already ended up in Pakistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Some is no doubt headed to Russia and China, which is the greatest concern. Their engineers are probably foaming at the mouth at the opportunity to strip our Blackhawk helicopters and drones apart, so they can reverse-engineer them.

Here’s a look at just some of the material aid that Joe Biden has provided to America’s enemies through his idiocy.

45 UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters; four C-130s; 29 A-29 Tucano ground attack aircraft; 30 military class Cessna’s; 50 MD530G Scout Attack helicopters; and an unspecified number of ScanEagle military drones.

And that’s just the aircraft! Creepy Joe also left more than 2,500 bombs, roughly 10,000 air-to-ground rockets and 9 million rounds of .50 caliber ammunition, making those aircraft and drones presumably even more dangerous. More than 208 military aircraft were left behind for the Taliban, the Iranians, the Russians and the Chinese to wreak havoc with.

The Taliban now have the 26th largest air force in the world, according to the NationMaster list of countries based on size of their air forces. To put that into perspective, a bunch of goatherder terrorists who have been living in caves for the past 20 years now have a bigger and more powerful air force than Canada, Spain, Australia and Hungary. The Taliban “air force” is almost as large as Great Britain’s.

And again: That’s just the military aircraft that Joe Biden materially provided to the Taliban. It gets much scarier when you consider some of the other material aid that Biden provided to a terrorist organization.

Imagine a terror group with 1,394 M203 grenade launchers in their possession, along with 61,000 rounds of ammo for them. Yeah. The Taliban have those now! Along with thousands of mortar rounds, and tons of C-4 explosives, Semtex, detonators, shaped charges, thermite and other types of explosive ordinances. If you think their little dynamite suicide bombs did some damage the other day when 13 US service members and 90 civilians were killed at the Kabul airport, just wait until they start using the stuff that really goes BOOM.

The Taliban and their friends will also be able to see better at night, because Joe Biden left them more than 16,000 pairs of our most sophisticated night vision goggles. And that’s not counting the “Newest Technology Night Vision” rifle scopes that he left them, or the thermal scopes or thermal mono goggles. Oh, and I forgot to mention the Laser Aiming Units that the Taliban now have. Those will be handy when it comes to “painting” ground targets for the Taliban air force to make precision air strikes with all their new bombs.

Biden also handed over the military’s HIIDE system, which stands for Handheld Interagency Identity Detection Equipment. It’s a biometric system to identify people. That will be really useful for the Taliban, since Joe Biden gave them a list of the names of every American and Afghan interpreter stuck behind enemy lines in Afghanistan. Oh, and they’ll be able to cross reference those biometric checks using all of the administration-level encrypted cell phones and laptops – all of which are operational – that Joe Biden left behind for them. Won’t be any stranded Americans sneaking out of the country with fake ID’s, thanks to that quick thinking from Joe Biden!

Joe Biden also left them more than 600,000 small arms, which are a mixture of M16s, M249 SAWs, M24 sniper systems, .50 caliber machineguns, M134 miniguns, 20mm Gatling guns… and tons and tons of ammunition for them.

By every legal definition, Joe Biden committed treason against the United States by allowing this material military aid to fall into the hands of the Taliban and their new friends in China.

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  1. Stew says

    Joe must GO! So should willy-Miley

  2. Vic says

    Charge him, charge Harris (“I was there, last one in room with him and I agree with his decisions”, as does Pelosi, who said his decisions are wonderful), Pelosi, and Admin. Charge them all with treason. And CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. IF any want to sing on all their fraud, incl election fraud, death penalty may be taken off table. We can use firing squads in US. sending them to a non heaven place, where they’ve proved they belong. Many of their actions re Afghanistan, US citizens and aides there unlimited illegals across border, many ill, job and economic destruction, end of energy independence, putting our allies and their citizens at high risk with no notification of abrupt military taken out, throwing them into dangerous, abrupt evac situation.

    Ah yes, in Feb. Biden had Presidential history writers come and discuss what his legacy could be. We didn’t realize he was so evil in his goals to destroy America freedom and democracy and economy, and change it to Communism/Marxism.

  3. Chad Stuart says

    After looking at what the Biden Administration has left to the Taliban it’s obvious that Biden and his Administration only cares about themselves and how they look not at the safety of the American people. To give the Taliban enough military equipment to rank them up to 26th largest military in the world is beyond anything I have ever witnessed. It’s time that Biden held at stiff penalty of Treason. It’s time the Democratic Party realize it’s our country not just theirs and anybody involved in aiding the enemy needs to be charged with the max. We all have sat back and watched them destroy our country. The Democrats made a mockery out of President Trump presidency. Nancy Pelosi led bogus impeachments over lies and personal feelings. They have wasted millions and millions of dollars on bogus investigations and swept criminals cases under the rug on Joe Biden’s own son. Everything led up Biden being put into office using fraudulent votes where needed. Biden started out in January, 2021 rescinding more executive orders than any other President, then the fallout at the border which VP Harris failed at and the SCOTUS had to get involved, and finally Afghanistan. The difference with Afghanistan is it cost the lives of 13 servicemen. It’s obvious Joe Biden is unfit like we have told people since he was showing signs of cognitive issues. He has to be told where he’s at, who’s he’s with and has to use a teleprompter on every press conference. The White House doctor even told America he was not fit to serve but again the Democratic Party didn’t care. It was all about them and they could use Joe as the fall guy.
    It’s time every American that is tired of the Democratic BULL SH*T to stand up contact your Congressman or Congresswoman to demand that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris either resign immediately or be removed from office for our safety and security.

  4. Don says

    To be more accurate it’s the whole Demonrat party that did by electing those in office now.

  5. Carlos says

    Nothing meaningful will happen until the GOP retakes the House in 2022. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to have House Republicans draft articles of impeachment now, regardless of lacking enough votes. Why? Because it’ll force House Dems to go on record (video) that they support Plugs and this cluster f**k or the ones in red districts will have to turn on him. The media is already giving Dems the green light that it’s okay to do that by their lukewarm criticism of this mess. The ones who turn on Plugs will be punished by the DNC and easier to beat. The ones who don’t, will provide excellent campaign ammo for their GOP opponents. I don’t think the Dems in House and Senate are willing to fall on their swords for Plugs or Da Ho

  6. Michael C says

    With all the actions he has taken that directly affect the United States, both from within and foreign, the punishment for treason is execution. What everyone is seeing is what is obvious. The long term consequences of what he’s doing to the country is truly horrific. I believe with “vacancy of the cranium Joe” being “in bed with China”, I’m willing to bet he is literally handing the enemy the technology for our weaponry and probably the “back door” info on how to get into Gov’t, Corporate, and even banking computer systems. I’m afraid that 2022 is going to be to late because of all the damage the Dems have done and are still attempting to do. Remember what that dried-up old hag Pelosi said about trying to force through all the things on their agenda while they still have the control.

  7. Patricia Karol says

    Democrats have turned communist! IMPEACH this IDIOT BIDEN and his handers. Never watch the BS main stream media/big tech is telling the American people. Lessen to the people who are actually on the ground in the MULTI places that this NAZI party has caused DAMAGE. City’s, BORDER, Afganistan, bailouts for Antifa, DAMAGE to out GREAT POLICE forces, trying to STEAL our guns. NOW TRYING TO STEAL OUR VOTES! TOO! DUMP ALL DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICAN RHINOS! BIDEN HARRIS AND PELOSI SHOULD BE IN JAIL! THIEVES! Pat

  8. Don says

    Just wait until they start using some of that stuff on us. America is no longer safe! Thanks, Joe.

  9. Orsen says

    I blame the f÷%ken what idiots voter the democraps in office, and sadly i know some that did and i hold my head in shame to call myself an American and cant believe what has been done to this country.
    They have been wanting to have a war right here in the USA for sometime and it has already start, and the worse is yet to come.

    God have mercy on our souls for what man does in the name of good.
    Dear heavenly father, please forgive us for our sins, our actions and our thoughts.

  10. Yeah me says

    Talk talk talk get it done! Charge him and try him along with his number two and number three

  11. PattyAnn says

    It seems our senators and congress people are asleep at the wheel while America burns. That scumbag pervert in the white house needs to be tried for treason NOW!!!! And you can add the rest of the excrement in the white house with him…why would any level headed person leave all that equipment in the hands of an enemy?? And tell me why an officer in our military would obey such treasonous orders??? All of them should burn in the electric chair or stand before a firing squad!! Our country has fallen into communist/socialist hands and our know it all senators do nothing??? God help America… !!

  12. Mark says

    Politicians are the lowest form of life and Democrats are the lowest form of Politicians
    Those were General George Patton’s words.
    Charge them all with TREASON and hang the Judges if they don’t do their job.
    All Generals in DC should be tried to

  13. Ruger1 says

    And Just Think….. The DemonRats Tried to Impeach President Trump Over a Phone Call!!!!! A Phone Call!!!! How Many American’s Will be Killed or Injured With the Early Christmas Presents that Dementia Joe, Just Gave the Enemy???

  14. Aileen says

    Yes this is treason!!!!
    The incredible stupidity of this administration is incredible
    It is almost guaranteed that this ill be used to kill many people around the world and sadly it will b the fault of a American failure. Joe Biden and his loser top brass. This is beyond unbelievable

  15. Patricia Karol says

    BIDEN is Tits on a goldfish , useless!!!! He’s so bad he makes kalama look like a mental giant.

  16. Billy W says

    This whole regieme must go, before they turn us in to a 3rd world nation.

  17. David R Gessner says

    For treason in US is firing squad but now since A-HOLE BSer Biden gave them all the amunition we should go back to the rope its cheaper and not done rite it can be a long miserable painful death Biden to every voter who voted for the no-good ass holws

  18. HEVELIUS says

    What an utter disaster and humiliation! Could this be why the WH is actually considering recognizing the Taliban as the legit gov’t. of Afghanistan? That way they can say, ‘See, we didn’t hand over billions of dollars in advanced weaponry to a bunch of bloodthirsty savages!’ Trump was impeached over an innocent phone call, AND a fake Russian conspiracy! If Biden gets away with this scot free it will be a national travesty, and more proof that there are dual justice systems in this country. Heads need to roll!

  19. Larry says

    YES Biden committed TREASON by leaving all that Equipmwnt for the Taliban. There should have been destruction. Now there needs to be a mass Air Strike to destroy that equipment

  20. Gerry says

    This debacle goes a lot deeper than the senile old fool pretending to lead this country. No one(I mean NO ONE with a half of brain) would follow this lunatic’s orders. WHO is calling the shots???? All these actions have obama’s handwriting all over them, aiding the enemy, supplying the enemy with our weapons to make them stronger and weakening our own military, releasing enemy leaders to go back into battle against us(thousands of our enemies have been released). Our commanding officers and pentagon puppets abandoning this amount of weaponry on the word of a senile old fool –I DOUBT THAT VERY MUCH !!!!!!! Who is calling the shots ?????? I see all the clamour of impeaching biden — his WHOLE administration, all his appointees,the commanding officers,75% of congress starting with piglosi & upchuck schumer ALL need to go with biden. What has happened is “TREASON” by the whole democrat party,all the rinos,our once respected alphabet agencies, all the liberal activists in our educational systems and THEY ALL NEED TO GO with biden.

  21. N A says

    Beijing Joey and his Administration has Committed TREASON from the day JOEY took Office. And needs to be Casterated and put away in Prison.

  22. Glenda says

    Treason is a Hanging Offense, or else line Biden up against a wall, and don’t forget all of his Co-Conspirators that agree with everything he says, and does against America, and then open fire!
    Above all, Don’t forget Pelosi, and Schumer!

  23. P. Farnsworth says

    I find Biden and his actions far worse than Nixon’s. At least Nixon resigned and saved himself the historical embarrassment and expense of impeachment.

  24. Lynn says

    I think anyone agreeing with this treason in Congress or house should be charged with treason also which means none of the treason makers would have a vote and be put in prison till their trail .

  25. Billy Coleman says

    Democrats = Treason = The end of America!!

  26. Don says

    I see it that way too.

  27. john lukasik says

    If I am so sick & tired of all the democratic bull shit, you really think I should contact my congress representative when they TOO ARE DEMORATIC A-WHOLES ??? That won”t get me anywhere !!! Oh , I live in ILLINOIS , and they are part of the problem tooo < !!! We are witnesing the beginning of a new CIVIL WAR in the making !!!

  28. John says

    Stop all the talking and pick up a weapon. It’s time to show the Biden Regime what an armed insurrection really looks like.

  29. Bob S says

    You know that Trump promised that we would withdraw from Afghanistan. Of course you don’t. You might want to educate yourselves by reading and listening to other views. I do.

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