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Ilhan Omar’s Cash-for-Ballots Scheme Explodes in Minnesota

Who could have predicted that bringing hundreds of thousands of immigrants from the most backwards, failed-state banana republic in Africa to America and then plunking them down in Minnesota would have resulted in banana republic-style elections? Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN), who has been implicated in a string of childish crimes that would have made any lesser person at least blush, has now been linked directly to a massive cash-for-mail-in-ballots scheme in her district. This has been one of the biggest bombshells of the 2020 election so far. Naturally, anyone watching CNN or MSNBC has never heard about it.

Project Veritas has infiltrated the monolithic, completely unassimilated Somali “community” in Minnesota’s District 5. According to Open Secrets, District 5 in Minneapolis is the seventh most expensive congressional race in the country this year, trailing only a few hotly contested races in California and New York. Now we know why!

An undercover operative captured video of Somali immigrants paying other Somalis cash for their mail-in ballots. If they simply put their valid signature on the ballot, along with the other required information for Minnesota’s cheat-by-mail voting guidelines, they get $200 cash for the ballots. No need to fill the ballots in by voting for the candidates of their choice – the ballot harvesters will take care of that step.

One enterprising Somali haggled with the ballot harvesters and managed to get a whopping $800 for his ballot. There’s that plucky immigrant work ethic we’re always hearing about!

The whistleblower who made these amazing videos possible announces that the entire idea to just pay cash for ballots and signatures came from… drumroll please… Ilhan Omar!

You might recognize Ilhan Omar’s name as a member of “The Squad,” or perhaps as the congresswoman who has carried out the biggest string of consecutive felonies that have ever been perpetrated by a public official in America. Independent journalists have uncovered such a giant mountain of irrefutable evidence regarding Ilhan Omar’s crimes that they no longer feel any need to use the word “alleged” to protect themselves from defamation suits when talking about her.

According to those journalists and that mountain of evidence against her, Ilhan Omar married her own brother in order to commit immigration fraud, student loan fraud and tax fraud. In all likelihood, her family lied about their name when they first entered the country after fleeing Somalia’s civil war in the 1990s. Did anyone else notice that after her father’s death this summer, everyone suddenly started referring to Nur Omar Mohammad as Colonel Mohammed?

I guess her father wasn’t just some paper-pushing bureaucrat within brutal Islamic dictator Siad Barre’s regime after all.

And now Colonel Mohammed’s little girl is all grown up and is implicated in yet another illegal scheme to defraud the people of the host country that she despises so much. The whistleblower says that the Somali cash-for-ballots scheme links directly back to the incumbent Squad member. He also says the ballot harvesting scheme could pay for the votes of as many as 80,000 to 100,000 Somalis in Minnesota – a state that Donald Trump narrowly lost by just 45,000 votes in 2016.

Hello? FBI? Is anyone in the building listening?

Cash for ballots? It’s so… tacky. So tawdry. So cheap. So Obama-esque. So very, very Somali and so very un-American.

When my own children were very young, I made a point to take each of them into the voting booth with me on various election days. My purpose was to teach them the seriousness, the solemn duty of an American as we cast our sacred ballots. I was probably around kindergarten-aged myself when my own father did the same with me.

And along comes the elitist daughter of a possible war criminal from a foreign country, connected to a scheme to pay foreigners a paltry $200 bucks for their ballots? What country are we living in? Oh, right. The one that used to be America before globalists brought in millions of people from alien cultures with no feelings of loyalty toward our history, our heritage, our laws, or our sacred right to vote – and made no effort to assimilate the newcomers.

None of these new allegations should surprise us about Ilhan Omar at this point. This type of alleged corruption is just “business as usual” in her home country. We should at least change the names of our political parties to reflect these unusual times. Most Republicans I know would be fine if we changed our name to “The Deplorables.” How about if we rename the Democrats as that “Banana Republicans?”

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  1. Rob Manzoni says

    We keep hearing all this illegal, corrupt stuff, but never is anyone investigated or arrested:
    The Awan Gang – stole Dem Congressional data for years, enabled by Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. No action taken
    AOC steals from her own campaign funds. No action taken
    Ms Omar marries her brother – immigration- and education fraud. No action taken
    Comey referred for prosecution by IG. No action taken
    McCabe referred for prosecution by IG. No action taken
    Hunter Biden gets rich from known corrupt Ukraine company. No action taken
    Hunter Biden gets rich from known corrupt Chinese scheme. No action taken
    Hillary and staff commit evidence destruction, smashing phones, iPads, Blackberries. No action taken
    Hillary enables Russian Uranium One deal (controlling 20% of US uranium). No action taken
    Hillary is paid $145m for enabling Uranium One deal. No action taken
    Hillary sells arms to ISIS via Benghazi. No action taken
    Hillary ignores 640 e-mails seeking urgent help from Amb Stevens in Benghazi. Lies about seeing them. No action taken
    Hillary and staff lie, knowingly, about ‘video’ causing Benghazi attack. No action taken
    Comey ‘leaks’ classified info to newspapers. No action taken
    FBI, under Wray, ‘slow-walk’ vital, urgently-needed evidence, for years. No action taken
    Brennan lies to Congress. No action taken
    Stzrock lies to Congress. No action taken
    Clapper lies to Congress. No action taken
    IRS’ John Koskinen lies to Congress about IRS targeting conservatives. No action taken
    IRS’ Lois Lerner lies to Congress. No action taken
    Obama. lies to the country about keeping plan, doctor. No action taken
    …. This list would fill a phone-book size tome… but, No action taken

    What is the DOJ doing?
    Why does Trump allow this?

    1. iamvirgo says

      Very interesting and informative post, thank you!

    2. Ray says

      The answer is right before your eyes! This government, up until Trump was elected, has been operating under a two tiered justice system! Under both the Bush and Obama administrations literally all government bureaucracies were turned into political weapons to attack political enemies! Especially under Obama, but the point is that has not changed! Trump can only do so much, he can’t just snap his fingers and make it all go away! That’s why we need to give him this next 4 years! The one thing I wish Trump would do that he hasn’t is fire FBI director Wray! He has done nothing to change the situation with that bunch! Whether or not Barr is doing anything with the DOJ remains to be seen, but if things don’t change fast after this next election, it won’t be good!

      1. Paw says

        I think these first four years for President Trump were “learning” years and what a political education he has received! However, he has endured and I believe that is what enrages the demon-crats and their liberal cronies the most! I think any other man would have “folded” under the attacks and bullying that President Trump has put up with. I’m sure that he now knows who he can and cannot trust and who has the knowledge and ability to help him put America back on track. I am so grateful that he has V.P. Pence as his backup! He chose well for his V.P. Hopefully he will be elected for four more years and I think if that happens you will see him go into over-drive to drain the swamp. This is why they are fighting tooth and nail to oust him! let’s hope that he is successful. Trump/Pence 2020

    3. Wyatt Earp says


    4. Medd H Dauman says

      No action taken!

    5. John says

      So true, why has nothing been done about this. If that was a republican they would be in jail. Arrest her and show the country we will not tolerate this.

  2. Ann says

    Well said!!! I don’t understand what’s happening in this country where the most corrupt get off Scott free! Omar should be indicted asap and hopefully deported. And let’s get rid of worthless Christopher Wray. Something has to be done quickly before a civil war breaks out. Vote all democrats out of office!!!!!!!

  3. D-Day says

    It appears that the Deep State swamp is soooooo much deeper than anyone could ever imagine. The total infestation of government by the corrupt Democrat party now seems nearly impossible to remove. This one party rule coup attempt by corrupt Democrat infiltration of DOJ, FBI, and the CIA, is a cancer that may be terminal for the balance of power in America. There are still a few options left to save our country from “one party rule”. But time is running out quickly! God help us all!!!!

  4. BERT says


  5. larry outlaw says

    All talk, no action, getting tired of this shit. Lock the idiots up now or better yet hang the ignorant Motherf–kers!

  6. Greta says

    I don’t understand why that little witch isn’t in prison. She and her group of thugs keep getting by with these crimes. Is she insulated from being charged? Wake up America.

    1. FT says

      AGREED! The crimes against Hillary & Bill also include the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton Foundation is a SCHEME. How can a charitable(?) organization get away with 88% of it’s expenses going to Salaries, Admin, and travel??? How can a so called charity(?) like that be allowed to exist?

  7. Wyatt Earp says

    Well we can now see how deep the SWAMP is! Trump got smart by not REMOVE all of Obama teams. We can see how much they REALLY HATE AMERICA! Now it our turn to get them in line for a FIRING SQUAD! But first we got to GET TRUMP RE-ELECTION! Or we are going to be in a CIVIL War and the FREE COUNTRY WILL DIED!

    1. Sic&Tired says

      As to Wyatt Earp’s….Comments. Good for You – Sir.!!! That Ole Firing Squad should not ONLY be for the rotten Politicians, who are so far to the Left – they can’t even see straight or even see for that matter. Clueless.!!! PLUS,
      that Ole Firing Squad……Use it for BLM’ers and ANTIFA’s ….. Need them out of the way, also….on a Big Scale.

  8. Noe Rodriguez says

    I agree with everyone’s comments. Too many corrupted politicians for too many years. We need to ensure Donald J. Trump gets re elected and puts all news personnel in high positions. Away with the old and in with the new.

  9. Charles says

    Put in jail and call off the election. Trump to serve another four years.

  10. JoeyP says

    Lock her up in FEDERAL PRISON for her CRIMES, then DEPORT her to SOMALIA AFTERWARD. One HOPEFUL Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  11. George Peabody says

    RE-UP and enforce the McCarran Warner Act of 1952, and deport all Muslims! Banish from USA FOREVER!
    MUSLIM: taqiyya. Telling lies is part of their religion; destroy USA is their jihad to dominate the world for Allah!
    Congress quietly repealed the McCarran Warner Act of 1952 forbidding ‘Muslims’ from holding office,” .”Members of that Congress were Dick Cheney, John McCain, Joe Biden, Al Gore, John Kerry, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer
    & Nancy Pelosi…..

  12. Jeff says

    I am getting tired of waiting for prosecution of law breakers in political office. Trump came in to drain the swamp and the swamp has been doing everything it can to end his policies. Re-elect Trump and then tell him we are behind him and to get to work. It has gone on for far too long.

  13. Sic&Tired says

    When are the People….At least the Smart ones… up in Minnesota, going to figure out that this Omar crazy lady CAN NOT be in Politics to represent the People of Minnesota.????? It boggles my mind to know that the People of Minnesota – Put up with Omar’s ….C R _ P.!!!! Can’t fix Stupid, so I guess those that like her in Minnesota just keep going along for the ride of Dumbness.!!! Those SMART people in Minnesota – Best get their Act Together and try to put a Halt to OMAR…..she is wasting your Tax Paying Money…People.!!! Plus, for the Smart Ones up there….It has to be getting tiresome in Listening to a Mouth that is Full of S _ _ T.!!! Bar None.!!!

  14. Julia Ogden says

    How about we call them the DNC/COMMUNIST PARTY! Or what they really are…TRAITORS! Want some proof? Ilhan Omar is a TRAITOR TOO!
    The declassified “missing emails” from Hilary Clinton’s broken server? I think Putin gave this information to our GREAT PRESIDENT TRUMP at that meeting when Putin gave Trump that soccer ball!
    SPREAD THIS…Hilary Clinton is a TRAITOR and not only that, a CHILD SEX TRAFFICKER!
    Ask you liberal friends if they have the GUTS to read these emails and find out the TRUTH…or if they are just SHEEP! TRUMP2020! KAG!

  15. tbone188 says

    I keep hearing from people (left & right) that this will be the most important election in history. Rob Manzoni said in his great comment all that has been going on last couple of years. We need Trump to get the DOJ to take action against obama and ALL the culprits behind him. This country has never been a bannana republic but now the dems are fighting to get us there. Please consider this in Nov and vote RED. We could lose this great country if we don’t.

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