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Hero Cop Saves Pretty-in-Pink Girl from Knife-Wielding Foster Care Psycho

It really took the wind out of BLM’s sails this week when a terrified and coerced jury convicted former cop Derek Chauvin on charges of “murdering” overdose victim George Floyd. The jury did just as they had been ordered to by Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA), Joe Biden, and countless idiot newscasters: Convict Chauvin or we will burn your homes down with you and your kids inside them. Great job, jury! Real brave. The mobs had to put their Molotov cocktails down in disappointment. But it didn’t take them long to select a new target for their outrage: A heroic cop in Columbus, Ohio.

The media is already selectively editing the video footage and the 911 call of this incident, which you’ve probably already seen. After watching the slow-motion version of the police body cam footage, it’s hard to view this as anything other than a justified shooting by an amazingly talented cop who showed incredible grace under pressure. But that’s not the story the media is telling. (Of course it isn’t.)

In an effort to gin up more riots that the Chauvin verdict denied them, the media is portraying the story as “White Cop Kills Sweet, Innocent Black Teenage Girl.”

Joy Reid on MSNBC is wondering why the cops even responded to this incident at all. Why can’t they just let black teenagers sort out their knife fights on their own? Girls will be girls! Reid claims that teachers used to break up knife fights all the time when she was in school, and they never had to use guns! (Spoiler alert: Those teachers didn’t have guns in Joy Reid’s school. Knives, by the way, kill more people than AR-15s every year by a country mile.)

LeBron James, one of the most privileged and wealthy people in America, immediately tweeted a picture of the heroic cop with the words, “You’re Next.” Thanks, LeBron. Shouldn’t you be licking China’s boots right about now?

When you watch the slowed-down version of the video, it’s hard to not be amazed at the incredible job that this police officer did (I’m not using his name here, but I probably will eventually if Ohio puts him on trial for “murdering” a psychopath with a butcher knife).

The police were responding to a domestic dispute call in which they were told that an attacker with a knife was trying to stab some girls in a foster home and trying to “put hands on” the elderly grandmother in the home. Responding. To. Knife. Attack. No ambiguity whatsoever.

The cops had just arrived on the scene when mayhem spills out onto the front lawn. A lard-butted psycho with a butcher knife knocks one girl to the ground and the cop in question draws his weapon. Some fatherless bum who obviously skipped Chivalry 101 in school suddenly kicks the girl on the ground in the face, as hard as he can. It looks like he was trying to kick a field goal with the girl’s head for some reason.

The heroic cop ignored that guy and kept his attention on the greater threat, which was the ham-hocked butcher knife girl. The psycho has turned her attention to the pretty-in-pink girl in the video who’s holding a puppy. So it’s obviously one of those butcher-knife-versus-puppy fights that cops are supposed to ignore?

Ms. Portly McStabs-a-Lot slams the pretty-in-pink girl into a car and then starts to swing the butcher knife at the girl. Her arm is in motion.

In less than half a second, the pretty-in-pink girl’s intestines were about to be on the sidewalk. But this heroic cop fired four shots – only after the knife was in motion to try to gut the pretty-in-pink girl – and only hits the perp. In the midst of all that chaos and noise, his professionalism and skill saved the life of a black teenage girl – and the perp got taken out.

That’s… amazing. I’ve never seen a more justified police shooting under pressure like that. Good for him!

Folks, I used to live in LA County. If that had happened and the LAPD had opened fire, the pretty-in-pink girl would have been dead along with two or three bystanders. The only person unharmed would have been the girl with the butcher knife. Their marksmanship is awful, to say the least. I’m not praising this Columbus cop like some Back the Blue fanboy – I’ve called out many stupid and reckless cops in these pages in the past.

But this was not a bad shoot. It was amazing. Even the pretty-in-pink girl admitted it, on body cam footage that the media hasn’t showed the public (and never will). As the intended victim is being escorted to safety by a black cop who was on the scene, she tells him, “She came after me with a knife and he got her.” Indeed he did. And he deserves a medal and a parade for it.

The media is now going to try to Chauvin-ize this cop. We shouldn’t let them get away with that again, because this is exactly the type of cop that cities like Columbus need the most right now.

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  1. Recent Convert says

    Joy Reid is a lard ass liar who would serve society better by donating her live harvested skin for floor cushion covers. But I agree with her on one point, why would the police respond to such a call at all ? Blackys killing each other is not a reason to call the cops, it IS a reason to call for a huge celebration though. Less monkey mouths flapping about “ they struggles” ! Hey troglodytes! Why don’t you “struggle” your nappy selves into humanity ? Nah, that’ll never happen, too much like work for the lazy chimps.

  2. Recent Convert says

    Le Brown Noser has time to tweet “ Your Next” to a REAL man after the white officer mistakenly risk his genetically superior life to save the worthless life of a black trog ? I call bullshit ! I happen to know for a fact that LeBron the brainless, is to busy bending over and opening wide for Chinese dick to issue any statements his Chinese massas haven’t written for him. He sure seems to like taking it in the ass, obviously he didn’t mind being bought and sold after all.

  3. Ray says

    They are a subspecies of the human race and have nearly no understanding of social norms.

  4. JoeyP says

    They’re not MISTAKEN – they’re FLAT OUT LYING like ALL Left Wing COMMUNIST Liberals. This is part of their AGENDA. It’s in the Communist PLAYBOOK.

  5. Randall says

    They didn’t get it wrong , there liers . I guess I don’t understand how bad evil is , as a Christian , the Father protects me his only begotten son Jesus Christ protects me . And I’ll protect there every word . I’ll pray for all those who are in need . As the democratic party and it’s un-American politician’s seek to destroy America .

  6. Ursus Logicus says

    Recent Convert, the entire nation is outraged right now. That means that the Marxist strategists, the Democrat Media, and the entire Demagogue Party are WINNING. They WANT racial malice. They EXIST to stoke ethnic hatred.

    White Caucasoids are feeling the brunt of the Leftist narrative, and perceiving the Negroid people to be, as a monolithic whole, the enemy. Why not? After all, generations of American Blacks have grown up, as James Baldwin says, “hating every White person” after being fed, for all of their lives, the Media’s White persecution narrative and the fictional tale of police injustice.

    The enemy WANTS anger and.malice. Fine. They are fueling it beautifully. But let us direct our indignation at the real enemy. The real enemy is NOT people of a different race or color. It is the people who are behind the curtain–stoking the fires of disunity.

    Please take the racial angst out of your otherwise understandably indignant post.

  7. charles wilkins says

    Benedict Arnold the most infamous traitor of America until current times. We now have someone in our highest office who hates the American people, attacks American employment, attacks out energy sources, threatening our food chains, trying to bankrupt our economy with socialist idealism, and really has sold his soul to all foreign powers. Mr. President what do you think how the Biden name will be remembered in history? Our great border protector? Loved by all Americans? That bust you have in your office of John Kennedy who said “ask not what your country but what you can do for your country” Put it away please you do another disservice to our Country, memories and you own fake put on demeanor. Your policies do not represent Democrat or Republican or any American values. The Biden family will be forever known as the family who enriched themselves at the expense of the American Tax payor. That’s how 78 million plus American voters will remember not only you but also your entire family.

  8. Gene says

    I watched 2 sports commentators (ex-professionals) absolutely HAMMER Labron James for what he did and BOTH of them are black. But, like they pointed out…with Great power (Laron’s MILLIONS of followers around the WORLD!) comes Great RESPONSIBILITY. Everyone (Media, Dems, Hollywood AND SPORTS i.e. LEAGUES) need to NOT have to be FIRST before ALL of the details are KNOWN. I’m sick and tired of this happening, from ANYONE who does it.

  9. Gene says

    I forgot, Labron is part of a league that is funded by the China, who also is in bed with NIKE and they fund a LOT of players in the U.S.!!

  10. joe says

    News anchors sitting in their chairs stinking up are the airways trying to tell a cop who was clearly put in a bad situation how to do his job and they chose from their perspective which one of those girls lives were more important and of course they chose the criminals life to be deemed more worthwhile than the potential victim. Why are the idiots that are running the country and their butt sniffing media puppets so in love with crime and the criminals that are running wild in society. They now have the criminal looters and violent killers convinced that if you don’t like something in America it is now alright to carry on like foaming at the mouth animals until you get your way. We have a vegetable occupying the white house who will not speak out against the criminals so this guy should be paying us rent to live there if he refuses to protect america from the rabid dogs that are running the streets burning our cities down.

  11. KenH says

    What did Valerie Jarett call this? A knife fight? Supposedly a normal part of teenage Black life? In a knife fight, two or more persons, on different sides of an argument, have knives. When one person has a knife, and the other has none, and is struggling to defend herself, it’s called a “knife attack.”

  12. KenH says

    On reflection, the knife I saw after this was over, lying on the ground, was not the knife seen being wielded by the attacker. The knife she was swinging certainly could be described as a “butcher knife”, but the knife I saw on the ground was away from the car, and looked like a simple kitchen knife with serrated blade. Maybe someone else had a knife. Don’t all Black teenage girls carry them? But it certainly wasn’t the girl in Pink.

  13. Howard says

    I read a lot of rhetoric on here about how bad it is to be a black person, by people who don’t have sense enough to realize that no one gets to choose their race or anything else about themselves. NO ONE! Here is a shocker for you people. Just because one cop actually does something right, does not make every cop a hero. I think they represent the largest criminal organization in the USA, and you people may very well get to understand this as well, before they are done with us. The police force is made up of violence junkies, and serial murderers. They become cops because that is where they can hurt people, and kill people, without any repercussions. Then they retire, and hide in churches for fear of those who they have wronged through out their lives.

  14. Questionit21 says

    Ken bring up an interesting point why there was 2 knives as you can definitely see that Ma’Khia Bryant was going to stab the girl in the Pink Jumpsuit. I will need to check that footage out see can see 2 knives.

  15. Questionit21 says

    Getting conflicting conflicting stories esp from the left that the Columbus Police turned up around 22 seconds after the 911 call. I can’t even get an Ambulance that hospital down the road arrive in 22 secs. Very ironic that this tragedy happened same day as Derek Chauvin Verdict when was a Guilty Verdict could this be a Psyop or a very strong coincidence 🤔🤔🤔

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