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Four Agencies Exonerate Cop Who Killed Ashli Babbitt – With NO Investigation

When Capitol Police Lieutenant Michael Byrd sat down for an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt last August, Byrd bragged that the Department of Justice, the FBI, the DC Metropolitan Police, and the US Capitol Police had all cleared him of any wrongdoing. Byrd was the cop who shot Ashli Babbitt to death on January 6, 2021, when the 5’2” and unarmed wife tried to crawl through a window at the US Capitol. Michael Byrd was not charged with a crime, demoted or disciplined in any way, despite the fact that the grotesque shooting of Ashli Babbitt looked an awful lot like a political purge video in some backwater communist regime.

But Byrd left one part out of the story. Those four agencies exonerated him – but none of them investigated the Ashli Babbitt shooting.

Byrd completely refused to cooperate with the investigation into Ashli Babbitt’s shooting death. He refused to give a statement to any of the four investigating agencies. He refused to sit down for an interview under oath with any of them. It kind of makes you wonder how all four separate agencies came up with their clean-as-a-whistle resolution for Michael Byrd.

Ashli Babbitt’s family attorney, Terry Roberts, said:

“He [Byrd] didn’t provide any statement to [criminal] investigators and they didn’t push him to make a statement. It’s astonishing how skimpy his investigative file is.”

The first official piece of paperwork on the shooting of Ashli Babbitt is an internal affairs report filed with the DC Metropolitan Police Department in January of 2021 – just a couple of weeks after Ashli was shot to death. The report states that Byrd “declined to provide a statement.”

Internal affairs agents and the FBI worked together to investigate the shooting of Babbitt. The internal affairs team never interviewed Byrd. When the FBI referred Byrd to the US Attorney’s office in DC for an interview, Byrd never showed up. Nor did he issue a written statement at any point.

Here’s another inconsistency. The Department of Justice will typically impanel a grand jury in cases like this, and present all of its evidence to that jury. The jury then decides whether there is enough evidence to try to take the case to trial. But Merrick Garland’s DOJ never impaneled a grand jury in the Michael Byrd/Ashli Babbitt case.

Another strange fact: It’s perfectly legal during investigations like this, if a police officer refuses to cooperate, for investigators to issue threats for non-compliance. They can threaten to demote an officer or reassign them to a really cruddy jurisdiction unless they agree to cooperate and give a statement. “Tell us what you know, or your next assignment will be in Caribou’s Butt, Alaska!”

But none of the investigators made any effort to compel Michael Byrd’s testimony. He was handled with kids’ gloves through the entire investigation. And unlike every other police shooting that’s happened in America in the past few years, investigators went out of their way to conceal Michael Byrd’s identity from the public for more than six months. Oh, and Byrd was placed on paid leave throughout the investigations, despite the fact that he completely refused to cooperate.

The Metropolitan Police Internal Affairs Division, the FBI and the Department of Justice all declared Michael Byrd to be innocent of any wrongdoing by April 2021. The US Capitol Police then conducted a final review to make sure that Byrd’s actions fell within the bounds of departmental policy. No surprise, they ruled that Byrd did everything by the book.

Keep in mind that Ashli Babbitt was unaware that Michael Byrd was hidden inside a doorway out of her sightline when she started to crawl through that window. When she stuck her head through the window, Byrd lunged forward and shot her in the neck at point-blank range, without ever yelling a warning for her to stop or identifying himself as a police officer. All this is indisputable, because we’ve all seen the video. Is that really within the bounds of Capitol Police departmental policy?

None of the four agencies that exonerated Byrd has offered any explanation as to why they declined to press charges against him. They rubber-stamped the entire affair. Ashli Babbitt’s family is now suing Byrd and the Capitol Police in civil court, but based on the way that the Deep State circled the wagons to protect Byrd so far, we shouldn’t hold out hope that there will ever be justice for Ashli Babbitt.

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  1. Billy Bob Clinton says

    Hillary Clinton is actually running for Chief of Cocksuckers in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Reports are that she will win by a landslide.

  2. miles e drake says

    Do patriots, caucasians, heterosexuals and people of faith get to riot now?

  3. Colin Kovacs says

    It’s not “kid’s” gloves, it’s “kidd” gloves. Kidd leather is really soft and smooth. See how the reference makes sense now? That aside, WHAT THE FK IS GOING ON HERE. That POS Floyd dies of a self administered overdose, NOT AT THE SCENE, contrary to the lying media, and Officer Chauvin is convicted for murder. This POS Byrd is recorded shooting an unarmed woman who posed no threat, WITHOUT GIVING ANY WARNING, and he gets off WITHOUT ANY TRIAL BEING CONDUCTED? DO YOU NEED ANY MORE PROOF THAT THIS SET-UP HAD “NUTSY” PELOSI’S SEAL OF APPROVAL?

  4. jeff says

    American justice is no longer color blind. White cop detains a drug addict who took too many drugs and gets life. Black cop ambushes a woman and gets called a hero. And the justice department wonders about the radicalization of people who pay taxes in this country.

  5. sandyj says

    It’s time to investigate these agencies and for Byrd to be in the unemployment line. What a travesty of justice!

  6. Harvey says

    It isn’t over yet. Watch what happens after the whirlwind.

  7. Daniel says

    It’s obvious to me now that the SJW faction is doing all in its power to pit the White Man vs. Black Man.
    Thought we had this conundrum remedied in the late 60’s!!
    Oh!!…… we did, almost forgot the HUGE FAVOR the Obama regime did by re-introducing Racism into our everyday lives.
    Vote for a non-citizen Muslim pedophile and this is EXACTLY what happens.
    He had BLM at the White House on 8 separate occasions during his tenure as the “ big guy “.
    Could you imagine the fun if Trump had entertained “White Lives Matter Too” just once!!!!

    Goddam I miss Donald Trump, full shelves at the grocery store and affordable gasoline.

  8. James Richards says

    Oh there will be Justice Eventually, because Someone is Going to Take this Smug Piece of Crap Out!

  9. kurt gandenberger says

    another murderer goes free while the souls of the saints cry out for justice. demoncrats are satanists.

  10. BC says

    Byrd is a MURDERER as the video plainly shows. Then the Democrats do their think—LIE about the whole thing and let the murderer go and give him a medal—SORRY State in this country!!

  11. Barbara Hiatt says

    If Ashlie Babbit had been black and the cop that shot her was white,the burning looting and rioting would STILL be continuing and the investigations would not stop until they had the verdict that they wanted.Instead,Byrd refuses to cooperate,he’s exonerated and that’s that! Where is the justice!!? What is going on in this once great country?

  12. Mike says

    Remember in the end God always wins. We must all continue to pray and let evil take care of evil. I believe by the turmoil we are witnessing within the Democratic party we see that happening.

  13. charles A wilkins says

    Has anybody seen the biden speech in Georgia?, back ground looked like high school students, but it was his walk to the stage that stole the show, total lack of ambulatory control, biden looked like he was walking on eggs getting ready to fall any second. Here we have someone who can’t control his walking movements. then forcing unnecessary run to hid his lack of physical control. We have someone who can’t control his speech, his thoughts, his memory, his bowels, the Country, yet wants to take control of American voting rights? Is this some kind of joke? Can you see why no real Doctor will sign off on his ability for mental fitness to serve as President yet alone Commander and Chief. We have an old man lost in time trying to be a leader, when he is not, and losing all his followers each time he speaks in public. His disaster effect will cost all democrats in 2022 they know it and the rats are leaving the sinking ship because they know no one is at the helm. Misfits you choose are playing at a skill level they lack and will be held accountable for laws they have broken.

  14. SOLDADO says

    BYRD is a MURDERER plain & simple. He is also a BLM supporter which makes him a Murdering terrorist.
    The Department of Jack off’s has failed their duty to impanel a grand jury to hear the facts & indict or not.
    The corrupt gov. has once again covered their murders, of innocent, unarmed citizens, as they did at Waco, Ruby Ridge et al. If this had happened in another country the Gov. cronies would be crying at the INHUMANE execution of innocent citizens. “Crimes against humanity”

  15. Patriot says

    Very interesting story. In my opinion, Ashlie Babbitt was murdered. Here you have Ashlie 5’2″ and the police officer was 6′. Ashlie wasn’t armed so why did the officer fire? Cover up to me.

  16. jerry lockhart says

    The Biden administration has sent out a message to the American people, just like our men and women in the military who were murder and disabled in Afghanistan, there is NO truth or transparency with this president or his administration.

  17. Thomas S. Tucker says

    He’s a cold blooded murderer, just like all the other black gang bangers in that cesspool and he murdered her because he knew he could get away with it. The demon rat party is just as guilty as he is for awarding him for it.

  18. Gary says

    Ashli Babbitt was murdered by the officer, not because he wanted to, but because he was ordered to. It is plain to see by the video evidence that it was murder. Not because he wanted to but because he was ordered to. So! what we really need is the name of the official that ordered him to kill a protester (not Ashli in particular she was just first in line) it was just that someone wanted a body. We need the name of the one that decided he needed a body. The cop only followed orders (illegal orders), but who gave that illegal order. It is not just the cop that needs to be investigated but the top officials that are using the police as a political enforcement tool. This is illegal and needs to be investigated. I think that it will end in the White House.

  19. Wyatt Earp says

    Byrd can believe he put his family in harm way! He know he guilty as so does GOD! Hope he can sleep at night without anxiety. Because he doom! If republican take back the WHOLE CONGRESS. We need to HOLD ALL THESE CORRUPTION POLITICIANS GUILTY OF MURDER! They will not be immunity, because they are no longer in the Congress!

  20. Lyudmila says

    For the EXECUTION of the war hero Ashley Babbitt, captured on camera, is the responsibility of the Capitol Police Department, directly subordinate to the monster Pelosi. So she gave the order to shoot to kill.
    I propose to call the day of January 6 forever “DAY OF WAR HERO ASHLEY BABBIT”!

  21. Kurt hanssen says

    Now let’s do a Comparison between The Black Leftenant Cop Michael Byrd, Shooting an Unarmed Lady point-blank, a USAF Veteran with no Criminal Background, Unarmed, Not Resisting arrest, To the Floyd case, A white cop Killing a Black man twice his size with one KNEE, Both hand in his pockets (Newer saw any cop fighting a Big Black man Resisting arrest keeping his hands in his pocket before.??) Killed this Big Black Dude with one Knee, Floyd was able to fight off 2. Cops, but not one Knee, Floyd’s Name was Mansion more than 8.MILLION times, got almost $.8. MIllions, A Bronce status erected of this carrier Criminal, So here we see that is OK for a Black Cop to kill a white lady, but not for a white cop to kill a black Criminal>??

  22. merwat says

    The capitol cop Byrd needs to be investigated for the killing of Ashly Babbitt. He came from a room off the hallway and fired without saying anything, just firing.

  23. PATTY says


  24. Glenda says

    There will be No justice for anybody who supports Trump, or is a Republican until November of 2022, and November of 2024.
    Then we can vote out the most corrupt pack of Liars, and Cheats to ever be in Congress,
    They’re called Demo-Rat politicians, who have already proven they couldn’t care less about this country, and especially the people in it!

  25. Bad Bill says

    Soldado is right. Look at the treatment of the J6 captives who are being held incommunicado by the Capitol Police. Denied their rights to lawyer (that is a felony by the cops) and tortured in an effort to extract confessions (another felony), no medical attention, one meal per day – maybe – and one man has died as a result and another is near death. Since these deaths were the result of a felony , one man has been murdered and another is about to be murdered. The CP has become a gang of murderers.

  26. Paula G says

    Why haven’t the videos and information about Roseanne Boyland’s death (beaten and trampled by police in a tunnel in the Capitol Building) been made public and investigated by the J6 committee? My heart has gone out to Ashli Babbitt’s family, and I sure hope that they will find some semblance of justice from the courts. I’m also hoping that Roseanne’s family can find some semblance of justice through our court system also. From what I saw in the video, there are many Capitol Police, and others, that must be held accountable for the lost lives of these two women. I cannot imagine what these families are being put through emotionally! Even if “justice” is attained, nothing will ever bring back their loved ones.

  27. Matt says

    We all know why this murder went this way.
    Protect the “black” murderer.
    And every facet of this Biden administration mirrors the Chinese Communists with it’s lies.
    No truth anywhere.

  28. Herb says

    for sure, if that had been a white cop and a minority woman, he would have been in jail a year ago, without bail.

  29. Debra A Puccio says

    I agree with all of these comments.What can we do when the voting has been corrupted and no states have decertified the stolen election yet? January 6 showed us what happens when patriots fight back!! Our Country is in the grip of socialism but I believe conservatives outnumber the far left radicals.We must actively fight back on a state to state level.We will never give up because our freedom depends on it!

  30. Rocky says

    When we elect reelect TRUMP we will get satisfaction!!

  31. Fussy says

    Biden needs to be shot. As do the rest of the demonicrat party.

  32. Eileen says

    The parents will sue. They will be awarded and we, the taxpayer, will get the bill, again. Too many wrongs don’t make a right.

  33. James Richards says

    If Ashli was My Wife or Girlfriend Byrd Would be Dead Already Period! He’s a Murderer!

  34. Purpledog says

    Doesn’t surprise me, he’s black one of Nancy’s henchmen. The order was probably given to shoot to kill any of the protesters so they could have a sham committee and call it an insurrection. All to hang Trump from running again.

  35. flyingcoyote says

    I guess we’ll just have to locate this nigger and waterboard the shitty details out of him, then feed him to the Hogs “ALIVE”!!

  36. Lyudmila says

    The four agencies that exonerated the policeman who killed Ashley Babbitt without investigation committed a very serious crime, for which they will eventually be punished.

    I call on all honest people in America to declare January 6th the Day of Remembrance for War Hero Ashley Babbit, who was shot at point-blank range by a scumbag Capitol cop who hid behind America’s four criminal agencies from retribution.

  37. dslady says


  38. Grampa says

    Political purge ! You have my attention. As I review the footage I see a man with a goal. hischead never wavers. He has a goal because he is looking only at her With all the other activity present that is also classified as breaking the law , only she has his attention. I note that both shots werevrapid and cane without warning or one we could detect having his gun in a position for accurate fire. No other shots were fired at anyone else. She was the only target. This area was close, firing shots would injure others with a likely ricochet. Then as I continue to ponder,determined this was a hit. A hit yes but for whom? Was there someone that was to be coming through that area dressed with the same camos. Two shots fired at near point blank range with his advancement at the last second gun aimed and ready to fire having found his target had no reason to fire another round and didn’t. I am beginning to question the leadership of our nation and the ones that occupy all positions of power. The actions I have seen in the last few elections have shown me that America has lost its freedom. With deliberate actions of people who value this freedom won with the blood of so many of our heros can recover with the removal of the corrupt politicians. Time to stop letting people away with murder because of who they are or their political connection. Time to enforce the power and control of our constitution holding all accountable. Stop redefining words and twisting the meaning of how a law is written . Justice may be served but not by the people assigned to do so.——–Grampa

  39. Chuck says

    From the article …

    “Byrd was the cop who shot Ashli Babbitt to death on January 6, 2021, when the 5’2” and unarmed wife tried to crawl through a window at the US Capitol.”

    What would you do if you caught someone climbing through your window, … with an angry crowd behind them ?

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