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Eric Swalwell Picks a Fight with Marjorie Taylor Green and You Can Guess How That Went

Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) is not the dumbest current member of the United States Congress. But he’s definitely in the top five. Anyone who has seen him speak or break wind on camera realizes this.

Providing further evidence that Swalwell’s elevator doesn’t quite run to the top floor, he decided out of the blue to try to pick a fight with the most pro -America Republican besides former President Trump, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA). Yeah. Eric Swalwell thought he was going to win a battle of wits with Notorious MTG.

The second-funniest thing about this story is that Swalwell wasn’t even in the conversation to begin with. He decided to be a little white knight and rush to the aid of another congressional dim bulb – Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

Marjorie Taylor Greene has a lot of free time on her hands these days, since the lunatics in the Democrat Party decided to kick her off of her committee assignments. As a reminder, this was the first time in US history that the majority party in Congress has ever kicked a minority member off of a committee. But Marjorie Taylor Greene is so dangerous to the establishment because of her dedication to the truth that she gives them conniption fits.

Now that Greene has all that free time on her hands, she’s been making fantastic use of it. She now demands an actually recorded vote on every bill before Congress, instead of weaselly voice-votes that don’t allow anyone to know how their Representative actually voted. Imagine that! Congress actually voting on stuff and recording their votes? Ha! (Every Rep has the ability to call for recorded votes, but Notorious MTG is the only one using this power. What does she care? Not like she’s got anything else to do – and she’s slowing down the radical Biden agenda by doing this.)

Anyway, Greene challenged Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to a debate on the Green New Deal on Twitter. Since “AOC” sponsored the bill, she’s surely well-equipped to defend it in a debate. And Notorious MTG has been a successful business owner for 20-some years. This would actually be a good public conversation for America to have, since Democrats are so intent on ramming the legislation through. I’d watch it!

But Ocasio-Cortez just kept quiet and didn’t respond. Cue Eric Swalwell!

Late at night this week (perhaps because he was chatting on social media with his long-lost Fang Fang, the Chinese spy who duped him into giving up American secrets?), Swalwell threw himself in front Ocasio-Cortez by tweeting this to Marjorie Taylor Greene:

“When you aren’t on any committees you can propose stunts like this.”

Eric Swalwell has still not acquired Hank Johnson (D-GA) levels of dumbness, but I think he may have climbed up a notch or two by trying to protect AOC from Greene. And holy cow did she ever drop a MOAB on Swalwell’s head!

Her response:

“Well we all know how you serve on Intel, Judiciary and Homeland Security committees. With your pants around your ankles, giving it to China.”

Yikes! Swalwell must have slunk away in a green cloud of his own flatulence at that line. He pretty much went dark on Twitter and hasn’t been heard from since. He has absolutely no way to respond to that anyway.

The only reason Swalwell still has any committee assignments is because of the hypocritical mercy of Nancy Pelosi. Everyone now knows for a fact that Eric Swalwell was dumb enough to fall into bed with a Communist Chinese spy named Fang Fang while serving on the House Intelligence Committee. (Does anyone speak Chinese well enough to give us a translation of “Fang Fang?” We’re pretty sure it means, “I am literally a Chinese spy. Shhhh!”)

Say, have any reporters bothered to ask the current Mrs. Swalwell what she thinks about her husband’s decision to rush out and defend Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Since he already wrecked his first marriage by cheating on the mother of his kids with a Chinese spy, his current wife might want to keep a better eye on him late at night when he’s on social media.

If Eric Swalwell was a bit smarter, he might have been able to learn a lesson from this experience. But he won’t, so we’ll probably be hearing from him again in a week or two when this latest public shaming dies down. The lesson he should have learned, though is that you shouldn’t mess with the new crop of MAGA chicks in Congress. They’ll nuke you.

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  1. Zepher Zipping says

    Smartness doesn’t agree with democrates , biden believes he’s saving America ? With destroying it from the inside , that’s exactly what radical islamist said some 40 some years ago . So who does sound more like , obama ! Right , his grandfather was a communist , his father was a radical islamist , and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree . Hang on its going to get bumpy , biden is in contact with obama daily . Biden can’t comprehend anything , he’s the most dangerous man alive , never being right on anything , completely ass backwards . The proof is in the pudding .

  2. Lauren Hillquist says

    Very well written article! And the Reply by Zepher Zipping is well said also.

  3. Hal Lemoyne says

    ❤💥👍CHRISTrumpOwensGreene and all his US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2022/2024 Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen👍💥❤

  4. Hank Hodgkins says

    A true ray of hope and sunshine on am otherwise stormy day.

  5. Derrell says

    MTG—-you Go Girl. Maybe someday some of the men in the Republican party will grow some brass!!!
    Ill vote for you til ‘term limits’ prevent it. Keep up the good work!!!

  6. Carlos Sanchez says

    Dems will lose the House in a landslide in 2022. They know it’s now or never, but the more radical stuff they push, the deeper hole they dig. Scum like AOC, Swallows Well and the 2 raghead cunts will survive, they’re in doomed districts full of loser morons. But they will soon be in the minority. I predict Leatherface Pelosi will retire, once she’s no longer Speaker and the losses are pinned on her by the Marxist fringe.

  7. Michael Prater says

    Congress needs more Women like Margorie Taylor Green in Congress a Patriot Woman You Go Girl

  8. FRANK 629 says

    Keep battling congresswoman Green. We deplorables are all with you .Go get them dear we are the huge silent majority that backs you. Maybe some of the RINOS will wake up.

  9. Diana M Talmadge says

    The gross, gas-passing Swalwell should not be on any committee until his antics with a Chiese spy have been fully investigated.
    No surprise that he is Pelosi’s favorite.

  10. Kate says

    Amen to that. MTG is a true HERO. A true Patriot. Thank You for being a fighter for American values.

  11. Annabel says

    If the Republicans would only wake up and DEMAND pantsroundankles be shunted off ANY committee we would get somewhere. They seem so milquetoast and back down when anyone says “BOO” to them. Get a spine GOPers, get a spine. You’ve had dozens of opportunities to get rid of these communists of the left yet have done nothing.

  12. Jake says

    Well written and Excellent Article !! For any liberal to sign on with the likes of a Pelosi, Waters or a SwallowHard shows any smart Individual what is wrong and where the non Democracy of the Liberal left is going.
    My god they’re cultural woke ideologues taking our children and our country down!! They can’t protect our country, they spend away ours hard earned paid taxes. Liberals idea of a safe country is make the country all a union of Federal workers that couldn’t give a damn about you or your family but want all the $$$ they can get.
    Jesus let MTG TEAR APART THE DEM PARTY but it will take every one of us together making a difference!
    I love my Country but I condemn all liberals thinking they will have a hand over my mouth.
    We are the Best Country in human history but not with any liberals!!

  13. Becky says

    Marjorie Taylor-Green…..YOU ROCK!!! You are a true Patriot. Thank you for having the guts to continually fight for our great nation. REAL Americans (all who don’t bow to radical leftist ideologies) truly appreciate you. Keep kicking azz and taking names.

  14. Frank Kana says

    I am Canadian and a big supporter of Mr. Trump and all anti communist American, I have come to Canada from former Czechoslovakia which was almost destroyed by communists. Do not let especially Obamas, Bidens, Clintons take over USA. Jail Soros, get control of the big Tech and all alike. Where are all those 80 millions Americans? Get into the streets and peacefully protest all over USA. Bring these crooks down. Why are you calling Biden the president he is not, the election was stolen by big money and those who can be bought by few dollars. Will you allow Harris to be the president and in charge of the USA military? If you do, shame on you, this woman and all alike her in the government are stupid but dangerous. Remove the socialist and communist teachers and professors from schools and universities, they are brainwashing you children and the future of USA, do not allow your tax money to finance them, get them OUT! I am with you!

  15. Bruce C. Scott says

    I heard fang fang said ,just before she fled the country,that Swawell is hung like a thumb tack. Just sayin’

  16. Frank W Brown says

    Some articles are a TRUE JOY to read, this is one of those! Ol fartmiester smellbad slinks away like a beaten dog!

  17. Ric Parks says

    Marjorie, you’re doing great! True Americans are in your corner all the way. I hope that the GOP ladies running for Congress have your fortitude and join you after the 2022 election. And that goes for the Alaska Senate seat too!

  18. Kay M Moore says

    Frank Kana, Thank you so much for your message. It is appreciated. President Trump is the best person ever to hold that office. We know it was stolen from him and from America. I do not put Biden and president in the same sentence. Biden is a terrorist as far as I am concerned. He is destroying this great country and pushing his BS agendas as fast as possible.

    Thank you

  19. myeongkim says

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  20. Jo says

    Finally an Republican with a pair! Yes it’s a woman! Thank You Marjorie Taylor Green you go girl!!

  21. AC says

    Thats my girl!!!! Green for president, yeyy!!!

  22. Janice says

    Dumber than a box of rocks. Sleeps with the enemy and doesn’t get kicked off his post. This just proves that Piglosi is dumber than he is. God help us.

  23. Frank W Brown says

    Just read this article for the third time because I think it’s funny as hell and a perfect way to start my day! LOL!

  24. Patty says

    Hooray for Marjorie! A true patriot ! Glad you put old smelly pants in his place, what a perfect slap in his face! I love it! And aoc needs a lot of slaps as well. In fact the whole squad and Piglosi should be removed from congress along with waters, they are a danger to our national security!

  25. Matt says

    Republicans ALL need to act like Marjorie Taylor Greene. So tired of the wimp Lindsey Graham and Turkey head McConnell. They all need term limits – minimum wage and no benefits whatsoever.

  26. Glynda Cone says

    Wow! MTG you are pure American, so refreshing to see finally. I’m saving this article just so I can read it over everyday for a good laugh. This is the first time since lying joe stole the election that I have enjoyed reading an article. Keep destroying the pathetic dimwits. Hope when we retake House and Senate we get more like you with All American Spunk

  27. Notnow says

    Yes, get a life…..

  28. D-Day says

    Swalwell is nothing more than pond scum floating to the top of the DC swamp!

  29. Swan meadow says


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