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Election 2020: Even Bias Polling Data Point to Biden Lead Slipping

National and battleground state polling data indicates that Joe Biden’s favorability among likely voters has taken a nosedive since tapping Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate. A recent Rasmussen poll now has President Donald Trump edging out the Obama-era number two 47 to 46 percent.

It wasn’t long ago that Democrats were bragging about a Biden landslide victory in November. Such self-congratulations echoed Hillary’s arrogance in 2016. But the early turn in vocal Trump support shows Biden unmistakably fading.

“President Trump has now edged to a one-point lead over Democratic nominee Joe Biden in the latest Rasmussen Reports’ weekly White House Watch survey. While statistically insignificant, it’s the first time Trump has been ahead,” Rasmussen reports. “The new national telephone and online survey finds the president with a 47 percent to 46 percent lead over Biden among likely voters. Three percent prefer some other candidate, while four percent remain undecided.”

The recent poll also highlights that President Trump and Joe Biden each have secured 80 percent of their respective party’s support. However, the president surged to a 9-point lead among unaffiliated voters.

What’s even more telling about the recent numbers is that Biden held a 4-point lead two weeks prior and a 6-point in the previous week. In a short span, Pres. Trump has surged by 5 points and his job approval ratings are also on the rise. The president’s wave of successes may be behind the sudden uptick.

President Trump recently brokered a pair of Middle East peace agreements, marking the first such progress in decades. He has effectively isolated rogue Iran and many are calling for him to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for the historic breakthroughs. On the home front, the U.S. Census Bureau recently published the 2019 poverty statistics. The Trump economy drove poverty to its lowest rate since estimates were published in 1959. Household incomes rose and the pay gap between men and women closed substantially. The White House also rolled out its vaccine distribution plan as multiple medications entered late trials. All of these and other accomplishments have fake news outlets pushing information that runs contrary to even biased polls.

National Public Radio, for example, recently ran a post under the headlines: 2020 Electoral Map Ratings: Landscape Tightens Some, But Biden Is Still Ahead. What’s problematic with the far-left outlet’s analysis is that NPR puts Florida as a toss-up and Pennsylvania in Biden’s column. Recent data on Real Clear Politics show the Florida numbers running between 1-2 points. Biden has lost the Latino vote in the state, which accounts for 1 in 5 voters.  And Trump won Florida in 2016.

Rasmussen now considers Pennsylvania a tie with Biden’s numbers in rapid decline. The former vice president held an 8-point lead in late July. But his flip flopping on fracking and coal mining has lost him voters. Trump also won the state, albeit by a slim margin, in 2016.

Recent anecdotal reports point to a swelling “silent majority” in Minnesota who are fed up with left-wing riots and lawlessness. It is fast-tracking red as voters reject the Biden-Harris platform’s lack of law and order messaging. Trump only lost the state by 1 percentage point in 2016.

While the polling numbers appear close, many recall the 2016 elections when Hillary enjoyed double-digit leads only to lose badly in the Electoral College. Even the biased polling information the establishment media is leveraging this fall can’t hide the fact Americans don’t want higher taxes, more regulations on the Second Amendment, Antifa running city streets, or Iran getting pallets of cash. They simply can’t afford Biden’s vision of the future of this country.

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  1. A.Olsson says

    Without a doubt only a moron would consider voting for the senile fmr VP in November. They shoot horses, don’t they?

  2. Tony Bell says

    The author of this article has put fort a very telling analysis of the current election condition. The one fact that I might have added is POTUS’s position has improved despite a multitude of opposition from the Main Stream Media’s attempt to thwart his successes.

    1. jim jackson says

      Today’s Democrat Party is an abomination, desperately struggling to find relevance:

      The Democrat Party that lacks the moral values to protect unborn children against late-term abortion is a party that has turned away from Christian values and rejects the sacred words of our Declaration of Independence that proclaim that Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are endowed by our creator.

      The Democrat Party that lacks the fortitude to repudiate (and actually condones and encourages) violent anarchists who attack decent law-abiding people in the streets and destroy businesses and personal property is a party that no longer has credible relevance and is an abomination.

      The Democrat Party that fails to repudiate the destruction of churches, synagogues, statues, government buildings and national monuments is a pathetic empty shell of what used to be a proud American populist institution.

      The Democrat Party that supports efforts to eliminate guarding and protecting our borders (ICE) is a party that has lost all credible relevance.

      The Democrat Party that supports open borders, sanctuaries, taxpayer paid free education and health care for illegal immigrants adding to the burden of American taxpayers is a party that is desperately struggling to find relevance.

      The Democrat Party that wants to give voting rights to illegal immigrants is a party that is in desperation to depend on an influx of illicit voters to win elections.

      The Democrat Party that supports efforts of radical groups to eliminate police forces in big cities is a party that cowers down to anarchists with tunnel vision and has not given intelligent thought to the ramifications of such idiocy.

      The Democrat Party that fails to condemn anarchist violence against police officers is on the wrong side of the peace and tranquility espoused by our constitution and the laws of the land.

      The Democrat Party that is more concerned with the safety and well being of illegal immigrants than that of our own citizens, our police officers and our military veterans is a party that has lost focus and will willfully cower down to any radical group in the self-serving interest of obtaining votes.

      The Democrat Party that suddenly wants to eliminate the electoral system of electing the president and change the make-up of the US Supreme Court from 9 justices to 12 justices is a party in a state of panic.

      The Democrat Party that wants to abolish the constitutional rights of law-abiding American Citizens to hold and bear arms is a party with tunnel vision that would turn this nation into violent revolution.

      The Democrat Party that perpetrated all manner of falsehoods to stand in the way of confirmation of Judge Brett Cavanaugh to the US Supreme Court is a despicable, lying abomination.

      The Democrat Party that begrudgingly refuses to recognize and acknowledge the unpresidented economic success of this nation prior to the Coronavirus pandemic is a shameful self-serving abomination. Had this country not achieved the economic level of success enjoyed prior to the pandemic, the nation would currently be in a serious recession.

      The abhorrent “leaders” of today’s Democrat Party will say or do anything to win the votes of the ignorant, uninformed masses. Nancy Pelosi, Joseph Biden, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Maxine Waters, etc will lie and perpetrate any hoax in order to advance their own personal agendas. For 3-1/2 years they have done nothing but spew lies, distortions, exaggerations, vitriol and hatred to try to remove our duly elected President of the United States. They are only concerned with regaining power, and not the well being of this country.

      The Democrat Party that was once the proud party of Jefferson, Jackson, Roosevelt and Truman has become a disgusting abomination.

      Most Democrats don’t seem to understand basic economics and how the free market system works. They don’t understand the risks, challenges and tortuous work involved in starting and operating profitable businesses.

      Donald Trump’s tax reform didn’t just benefit the wealthy.
      Just look around. Prior to the pandemic, unemployment was relatively low, historically low for women and minorities.

      1. George says

        Very well said, Mr Jackson. I would have included the ‘squad’ members, Bernie Sanders, George Soros and Hillary Clinton to that list of democratic ‘deplorables’!

      2. Saundra Rees says

        Your message says precisely what I have been saying in slightly different words. This race is not about Biden vs. Trump. I’m not especially enamored of either one. As in 2016, we’ve been given two less than ideal candidates, but it’s got to be one or the other. So, instead of looking at these two men, we have to look at the issues being supported by the two parties. There is virtual nothing the Dems are putting out there that I can support. I pray more and more people come to this realization.

        1. William Arthur Siems says

          Spot on! I have said all year that the Dems have no game! All they have offered were investigations and impeachment, and now, they sidle up with violent radicals like Antifa and BLM by calling for the ambiguous “racial justice” and “social justice”. They and the Mainstream Media wing of their party also lie and offer distortions of the truth. They offer this country NOTHING!!

  3. JoeyP says

    How could that BUMBLING BUFOON even have a LEAD in the FIRST PLACE?!? . . . with his Communist – er . . . Democrat platform AND him being SENILE, only an IDIOT with an I.Q. of TEN (well, maybe ELEVEN) would vote for him. DON’T vote for Joe Biden if you VALUE your COUNTRY, State or TOWN. That would be a CRISIS and a DISASTER (which, of course, the Democrats want). One Wary Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  4. Badtrevor says

    Slipping from loser to sore loser

    1. Peggy says

      Democrats or Republicans Burn the Flag or Fly the Flag
      Abortion or Birth Control
      Illegals or Legals
      Marxist or Constitution
      Anti Law/Disorder or Law and Order
      Kill, Steal, Destroy or Love, Peace, Joy
      Hate America or Love America
      Anti Family or Family
      Kill police or Honor Police
      Made in Foreign Co. or Made in USA
      No Guns or Right to Bare Arms
      Gov. Health Care or Freedom to Choose
      No Fracking or Fracking
      Lies or Honesty
      Hate America or Love America
      Black Lives Matter or All Lives Matter
      Hate God or Love God
      If You don’t like America and want to change our Great America MOVE to Cub
      China, Vens., or other Communist Country, but don’t change my 𝗔𝗺𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗰𝗮𝗻 Freedom.

  5. Skip Plummer says

    So Far? There has not been a Biden campaign.

  6. Glenda Hammer says

    Biden and Harris will Ruin America’s health care, take down the Border which will Destroy Immigration, Destroy public schools, Destroy our Police, Destroy ICE, Destroy Homeland Security, Destroy America’s Suburbs by flooding them with Low Income Apartment Housing!
    Harris, Biden, and Demo-Rats will Destroy, Destroy, Destroy Everything Connected to America, and our Freedoms!

    The best reasons to vote for All Republicans and Trump, is to Save yourself, Save your family, and Save America!!

    1. paw paw says

      SO TRUE!!

  7. Glenda Hammer says

    Biden was never ahead, so how can he slip?

    Everyday CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, and MS NBC Lie, Lie, Lie about Trump’s poll numbers!

  8. JoeyP says

    REAL polling data (not this COMMUNIST propaganda) would show that POTUS Trump is WAY ahead of Biden. NO ONE in their RIGHT MIND would vote for a SENILE Communist FOOL like Biden! One ENLIGHTENED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  9. Irene Dimaggio says

    I just love what Jim Jackson commented on…I read it through and really gets to the point in view, which a lot of people I know would maybe change their Position from Biden to Trump! But starting a feud is not worth it! We will see what happens one way or the other, thanks for the excellent way of explaining the way Liberals are and their Antics. Etc.

  10. Amy says

    I can’t imagine any sane American voting for Joe Biden and Kamal Harris. He is an old perverted, creepy demented fool who doesn’t even know where he is half the time and can’t talk without reading off a teleprompter, which he sucks at doing as well. And she is the devil herself, hellbent on taking away all our freedoms and forcing us to live under government rule—SOCIALISM—because she thinks she knows better what is good for each of us. Plus she wants abortion to be performed up the very last minute before birth. What will she do? Force nurses to pull a crying baby out of a mother and let it scream until it dies? What is wrong with this woman? And yet, people out there are actually going to vote for these two fools in November? what has happened here? They have let cities burn down and be looted, people being killed by “peaceful protestors and have done NOTHING to stop it all from happening. I wonder how all of us would be voting if those riots and terrorist acts in cities like Seattle, Kenosha, Chicago were happening in your own back yard? Yeah, waste your vote on a hell bent Socialist and watch your homes and food and possessions be conviscated, and wind up homeless with your family and wonder what the hell just happened. Open your eyes…vote with your brain, not your emotions. I know people don’t like the President’s attitude sometimes (I personally love it…he tell sit like it is and if social media didn’t take it out of context all the time, maybe you out there would know what he actually said in the first place)…but this President LOVES THIS COUNTRY…AND WANTS ALL OF US TO HAVE THE SAME OPPORTUNITIES HE HAS HAD. He wants us to make our own goods, not import everything from China who has been ripping us off for years. He wants companies back in America (as he had been doing before this bull virus came along conveniently so for the lest), and he wants more jobs for all Americans (which hw had achieved before Covid to record amounts). What is wrong with that? Wake up…vote Trump 2020…He’s gonna win by a landslide anyway…might as well jump on the winning bandwagon.

  11. Howard says

    Jake TAPPER Nicole Wallace CUOMO Shelter, Steve Juan Williams And Chris Wallace Both are FOX news and that old grey headed hag from the EX DNC president just do not know the meaning of the THRUTh i hope they all come out and end up in jail

  12. Kay says

    If you stopped and paid attention to what is going on with the democrat politicians no one would vote for any of them including slow Joe the basement rat and his VP ho. From congress to cities elected democrats have told the terrorist looting and burning the law abiding citizens to go for but “don’t come after me cause I may take the police protection from the idiots who voted for me but I got plenty to protect my sorry azz,” and they do. They then say that the very citizens they allowed to be robbed and their lives work burned down that they want more taxes to pay to rebuild their cities while they are still allowing the thugs to continue to burn it down and they turn a blind eye to the people being attacked and murdered.
    These are the people living in their gated communities with their top security, sitting back filing their nails and watching the people THEY SWORE AN OATH to protect lose everything and in some cases their lives. Even the basement rat Biden’s VP pick is calling for more of the looting, attacks on citizens and destruction of our cities. Look at CA, NY, IL, OR and other states ran by liberal democrats. Would you want to live there? Vote Trump 2020.

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