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Don’t Fall for Joe Biden’s Promised “Unity and Healing” Trap

The day after the media falsely declared Joe Biden to be the winner of the 2020 presidential election (a contest that still hasn’t been sorted out as of this writing), more than two dozen newspapers in America ran the same headline: “Time for Healing.”

Healing from what? Four years of peace, prosperity, new wars that didn’t start and the best economy ever?

Joe Biden and the Democrats are now claiming that it’s time for unity and a unified America filled with unification. Sorry, guys. It can’t work that way, because here is what we remember from the last four years:

The day after Donald Trump’s inauguration in 2016, you guys blocked city streets and held the “Women’s March” in DC. Remember those stupid pink hats you all wore? Ashley Judd screeched an insane poem about her private parts and Madonna said she wanted to dynamite the White House.

Mad Maxine Waters told Democrats to “get in their faces” if they see any Trump supporter at a gas station or a restaurant. And they did! Sarah Huckabee Sanders tried to have dinner at a restaurant with her family and you guys screamed at them and chased them out. You did the same thing to Trump’s Homeland Security Secretary as well.

Hundreds of Trump supporters were violently attacked on an almost daily basis for four years. You punched little old ladies for wearing MAGA hats and tipped over the wheelchairs of disabled veterans. And that was all before the insanity of the 2020 Biden riots and looting got under way.

You guys ruined comedy because you couldn’t get Donald Trump out of your heads. Remember that “comedienne” who held up a severed Trump head? Yeah – not funny and not unifying. From Alec Baldwin’s retarded Trump impersonation on Saturday Night Live to Jimmy Kimmel crying about Obamacare, you guys were so filled with hatred of an American president that you tore your own houses down, brick by brick.

Same goes for Hollywood. You idiots gave Robert DeNiro a standing ovation for yelling “F Trump” on television. Shakespeare in the Park replaced Julius Caesar with a Trump lookalike, just so you could pretend your stabbing him to death. A high-as-a-kite Johnny Depp mumbled about “the last time an actor assassinated a president” and you all cheered him.

Oh, and two words: Steve Scalise.

You guys literally lied to the FISA court and held up the Russian potty dossier – which you knew was fake along – as evidence that Trump had “colluded with Putin.” You spied on the Trump campaign, ruined the lives of people who supported him and never apologized – even after proof came out that it was all a Hillary Clinton plot hatched with Barack Obama and Joe Biden in the room.

You wasted years of work on behalf of the American people and spent millions of dollars on a pointless Russian collusion investigation that you knew was fake. You damaged American foreign policy with Russia, rather than stop clinging to the completely fake and seditious Russian collusion hoax.

Nancy Pelosi let the middle class and poor Americans starve in 2020, refusing to pass another coronavirus relief package. Pelosi withheld aid from the American people for the sole purpose of damaging the economy, so they could use that to try to beat Trump in the election. Gee, that’s funny. When Donald Trump withheld weapons aid from Ukraine for two months, didn’t you guys impeach him and try to remove him from office for that, because withholding aid for political advantage was like the worst possible crime ever?

Do you still have those handmaid costumes, Democrats? You know, the ones you wore to the Supreme Court confirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh? And how you lied and described him as a teenage Catholic rape gang leader? Have your fingernails healed from the day when you literally tried to claw the doors of the US Supreme Court open while howling about Brett Kavanaugh?

There was also the time when you lied about a teenage boy in a MAGA hat and called him a member of the Klan because of his awkward smile on a school trip.

This crap went on for four years. Within the past month, Democrats have been calling for Trump supporters to be placed in concentration camps to be “reeducated.” How’s that for unity?

Needless to say, Joe Biden won’t be getting much in the way of unity from us, even if he should prevail in this attempt to steal the 2020 election. The Democrats will not get nothing but civil disobedience from the right – and they’ve earned every bit of it.

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  1. Dawn Doran says

    This presidential thing is a hot mess…

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  3. janet shanklin says

    Socialism DOES NOT work ! ! ! CAN ANYONE SPELL V-E-N-E-Z-U-L-A, the latest beneficiary of socialism? How many times do we have to see socialism fail to get it ??? Who wants to move to Russia or China today? Not many takers. Enemies of our way of life didn’t just try to steal an election, they tried to steal democracy, flaws and all and got caught. THEY DIDN’T COUNT ON YTHE AMERICAN SPIRIT – “GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH”. Even so, not until Americans rid themselves of the barbaric monsters who as we speak are disemboweling alive over 800,000 arms, legs, hands and feet from a woman’s body a year and throwing the pieces in the trash (63 million to date), can s force which existed before time ever BLESS AMERICA. One man gets it, the other one doesn’t. Some get it, some never will on this side of the grave.

  4. Kickaha13 says

    Just to clarify for the Democrats what we mean by civil disobedience. Civil disobedience is peacefully protesting against the Democrats and their policies, ignoring illegal edicts and speaking out against the Democrats. This is in contrast to the Democrats idea of peaceful protests of burning down cities, assaulting police and innocent civilians and advocating violence against Republicans or Trump supporters.

  5. Colin Kovacs says

    The lies and hypocrisy of the corrupt demoncrap party knows no bounds.

  6. Zepher Zipping says

    Our country has fallen under Democrate rule , a cult of biblical proportions . To incinerate it , because we’re so damn strong , President Donald Trump has stayed ( America First ) and it drove democrates insane . They don’t want America first , so what is it they want ? Socialism/ communism , this unreasonable assumption that it works is unreal , never in any free country .

  7. larry waugh says

    One thing for sure: If they manage to pull off this CORRUPT election thing and put BUTT HEAD and his IMITATION black in the white house! They will only be figure heads! No honest American citizen that voted will ever accept either one of them for any thing other than being FAKES and puppets of DEEP STATE CORRUPTION!

  8. PROVE ME WRONG says

    America has FAILED once again to restore it’s DIGNITY,it did the same stupid thing 12 years ago ,& DID NOT LEARN FROM THAT HORRIBLE MISTAKE !!! 4 years ago AMERICA saw what devistation was done the previous 8 years, &put a STOP to it !!! Then continued to bring PROSPERITY BACK to OUR GREAT COUNTRY , DESPITE the UGLY , HATEFUL, SINS OF DEMO–C–RATS ,mostly in THE WEST COAST, & THE NORTHEAST COAST !!! WE have to SUFFER THROUGH “AGAIN ANOTHER IMBICILEIC” WAVE of DISPARITY as our VOTES took us back to the “STONE AGE ” once again !!! You would have thought we LEARNED from every MISTAKE IN OUR AMERICA,& what is going on all over the WORLD ,BUTT “””NOT “”” !!!

  9. A says

    I believe we should forgive the Communist Democrat’s about 30 seconds before they are hanged.

  10. jeff says

    Let’s all get together and sing kumbha as they are making lists of people to go after. Much better that we protest this election and not let up until someone investigates these cheaters.

  11. Don Lindsey says

    Biden time for healing is a joke, he want to dominates to people as a dick-tator communist’s Ass.
    This American (USMC) will never bow to this communist piece of MANURE nor to the SHIT party that backs him.

  12. Down with democrats says

    This article is spot on. It doesn’t even mention half the crap that went on since 2016 when the deranged Democratic left began there false accusations about President Trump. To put everything in print would fill a book. We will try to get along with Democrats exactly like Democrats tried to get along with Republicans for the last four years. You Democrats are the biggest hypocrites to walk the planet. A thief like Biden and Karmala Harris will never be our President or VP. The Democratic Party will always be a Party of crooks, hypocrites, rioters, and liars.

  13. Tom says

    Did you mean V-E-N-E-Z-U-E-L-A? Lol!

  14. glenn edward davis says

    Harris/Biden—not my Presidents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Carlos says

    To the person who correctly cited Venezuela (same as Cuba), liberals will tell you that’s just not a proper application of communism and Sweden is a better example. What the morons ignore is Sweden is a small nation of 10 million WHITE people and even they have a Muslim infestation crisis, as well as 65-70% taxation to pay for mediocrity and rationed services. There’s a reason 4X as many Europeans come to the USA than vice versa.

  16. Cathy says

    Why don’t all of you crooked politicians get together and “heal”yourself? WE don’t need you preaching your lies to us. YOU don’t want to heal our country– you want to CONTROL it. Over 70 million didn’t fall for your bullcrap, and another million or so would not have voted for you IF THEY knew then what they finally got to figure out now. YOU WILL NEVER heal your party. It is based on LIES AND CORRUPTION. YOU CANT EVEN CONTROL THE TURMOIL THAT IS GOING ON WITHIN YOUR OWN PARTY. So, go away because you are not wanted or needed here. Accept the fact that MILLIONS of people will never accept or follow you. Think about that for awhile—in the meantime don’t worry about us smelly walmart deplorable people—we will be fine living in a free and fair nation while our REAL PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP is looking after us.

  17. tc pav says

    the demons have been let loose to destroy God’s church for the purpose of having control of us to follow them, don’t do it, Stand up for GOD and HIS WORD , HIS WAYS, HIS LAWS, do not buckle under for the demons, or antichrist ways……..they might torture us, try and control us, but the saints will live in eternity with GOD not in their pit of hell. We will not be thirsty, or hungry, but will be Praising our Lord and rejoicing with HIM and his Church Heaven won’t have any sinners it, only SAINTS. Stand Strong Brothers and Sisters, Stand STRONG

  18. Doug says

    What is so amazing about the left is they feel that they have every right to do anything – legal or illegal, violent and nasty – to those who are not of their ideology when they are losing, but when they win, they are now begging the very ones they have attacked, spat upon, beaten, assaulted, looted, denigrated, lied about, and stolen from to hold their hands around a campfire and sing Kumbayah. Not going to happen. Ever.

  19. rm says

    P I N O……president in name only…..

  20. mbr722 says

    Not my people! I didn’t vote for the Biden /Harris scam artists to run my country! They are one hot mess as a ticket. Harris was sworn in to the 117th congress on the 3rd of January. What did that mean for Biden? She doesn’t think he is going to be president and therefore she needs a job as she won’t be VP! I have to laugh at the shenanigans this party pulls out of the hat!

  21. Carla says

    I couldn’t have said it better than the multiple comments made. Every single comment hit the nail on the head. Democrats don’t really want unity. Many on the left have demanded all Republicans be punished for their support of President Trump.

  22. Peter A Smith says

    So Dementia Joe Biden wants UNITY? I’d like to unify my boot with his @ss. Is that good enough for you Joe?

  23. Bobby says

    The old fool china joe will never get unity or civility from folks like me. Educated, successful, retired, well traveled, tax paying, law abiding, God fearing, patriotic, police supporting, conservative, family oriented, free thinking, anti communist, rational, strong willed and unafraid of the commies.

    God Bless America!

  24. MikeinCo says

    We need to give them the same “unity” they us for pat 4 years. They truly believe they have the right policies and attitudes and only want our obedience to them. The only unity they will get from me is to show them my @ss. Unify that you dumb @ss MFr’s.

  25. Trudy Kruse says

    We’ll show unity alright We’ll be united in a force so strong against Socialism, BLM, Antifa, Marxism, any stupid Man or Woman that think we’ll stand by and watch them take our Great County and turn it into Communism!

  26. Bill says

    Biden is following the example from his racist un-American Obummer teachings to get back on track with his one world order run by Muslims under sheria law that he pushed for 8 years that Hellary was in line to do but failed to win. Also remember the Obummer interview where he stated that he can’t run for a third term but would have no problem speaking into the ear of the next to guide him.

  27. Tom Tucker says

    When Russian spies Schiff and Nadler hang in the public square for treason, talk to us about unity. Until then, we have nothing to talk about.

  28. Billy Richard Wilson says

    The Media and Democrat’s have lied for their own reasons why believe them now!

  29. Tim says

    the time for healing will start AFTER I have shot you, not before, you commie bastard

  30. DAV says

    When a Lie-beral DEMONocrat talks about “unity”, what they are really saying is: “When the conservatives think like we do.” IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN !!!

  31. Zepher Zipping says

    So do Republicans call biden on his Ukraine , handling of the billion dollar firing of prosecutor because of the corruption involved , and his son ?

  32. Wyatt Earp says

    If you liberal think SOCIALIST work. Why didn’t you move to SWEDEN? Or are you a LIAR? You protest during Trump four years! Now guess what get READY to receive it back! Might get more ugly than what you fool did! But you had all the opportunity to GET OUT OF AMERICA! Now we are going to pay you back in a way you wish you had left! You can take all those CRIMINAL IN THE CONGRESS WITH YOU. EVEN OBAMA AND BIDEN! Like an old motta GIVE US LIBERTY OR DEATH!

  33. STEVEN says

    Beijing Bidens unity trap is a load of crap and so is the DNCccp,threatening to go after Trump supporters censoring freedom of speech is not exactly a call for unity, more like suppression

  34. Marlene says

    Wake up people!! Biden is part of Communist China plan to infiltrate the United States…and take it over!!
    Capitalism was in the way and had to be stopped.. so Biden took out the good ole handbook AND STOLE THE ELECTION!!! PRIOR TO THAT.. ..THE CHINA PANDEMIC!

  35. Donald Thatcher says


  36. Che says

    Stay diligent. A turnaround like we have never seen is coming, and ALL WHO PARTICIPATED IN THE FRAUD, AND THE TREASONOUS ASSAULTS AGAINST THIS PRESIDENT, are coming down. Pray for the President, and watch as the left is overtaken and thrown into handcuffs and taken to prison. It will happen, and it will happen soon. Trump 2020

  37. Larry! says

    Too many stupid people, leading us to communist slavery. wake and learn what you are doing

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