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Cake Baker Jack Phillips Back in Court After Refusing to Make Gender Transition Cake

Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colorado, won a hard-fought battle over LGBT activists in 2018 at the U.S. Supreme Court. The Supreme Court ruled its illegal to compel a business owner to make something like a cake for a customer. While the LGBT crowd tried to make the court case all about discrimination, in reality this case was more about if you can force a business owner to do something.

It seems the Alphabet mafia hasn’t forgotten Jack Phillips’s win over them because the cake shop owner is now facing a new legal attack, this time for refusing to make a gender transition cake.

In a clear attempt to set up Phillips, transgender attorney Autumn Scardina called the cake shop to make her a cake celebrating a persons gender transition. When Phillops refused, Scardina sued for alleged discrimination under a lawsuit to the Civil Rights Commission. Scardina’s order came the same day of the Supreme Court announcement in 2018.

Coincidence? Absolutely not. The lawsuit marks another attack on American freedoms. Scardina is not suing against how Phillips treated her. She is suing against his right to reject doing business with those whose beliefs oppose his religious convictions.

The Civil Rights Commission ruled against Phillips in 2019. Phillips responded by filing his own lawsuit in federal court. He argued the move was an attempt to crush his business and personal finances, making an example of him as an American small business owner.

What’s at stake impacts every American. Should Phillips be free to run his business as he chooses, or is he legally required to cater to those whose beliefs oppose his?

Phillips has already given up making wedding cakes because of his previous case. The decision certainly cost him significant business, as wedding cakes comprised a large portion of his cake baking income.

A past Newsweek article shows the extremes some have taken to attack Phillips and his business. In addition to Scardina’s transgender cake request, he has received targeted attacks in the form of cake orders for Satanic cakes and even orders that are pornographic in nature.

Though Scardina’s case may only target a single cake baker in Colorado, the case presents a concern for every conservative. If every small business owner is legally required to serve those whose viewpoints are counter to their own, freedom of religion and freedom to conduct business no longer exist in America.

What happened to freedom of religion? The wrongly-labelled Equality Act is currently under discussion in Washington that would make cases like the one Phillips faces the new American norm. Instead of encouraging equality, the bill wrongfully outlaws many Americans the freedom to conduct business as they choose.

From photographers and wedding rental businesses, to every small business in the country, freedom is quickly a perishing commodity. Failure to act now could lead to failure for an opportunity to act in the future.

What can be done to turn the rising tide against people of faith like the case involving Jack Phillips? There is no easy answer, but one clear answer is that there is no staying silent.

We can no longer allow persecution of American patriots to persist without a response. Today, it’s Jack. Tomorrow, it could be you. Speak out, and stand for your American freedoms while you still can.

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  1. miles e drake says

    Jack Phillips has for some reason been selected for martyrdom by the perverts and inverts who, despite what they said when they prevailed on sodomite marriage at the Supreme Court, really do intend to displace and eventually destroy traditional sex and sexuality. They will be back with one lawsuit and rigged administrative proceeding after another on account of failure to celebrate every kind of deviance, decadence and degeneracy that satanism has come up with through the ages, and are probably making up new ones even now. Regular non-diabolical Americans must support him in the defense of these, and it is time to name any recurrent suit filers and the organizations behind them as vexatious litigants. The real worry is when the “Equality” Act is rammed through the Supreme Soviet, after which the illegitimate Chinese puppet regime may come after him and like-minded Christians with criminal accusations. We must be prepared to rise up and remove The Dotard and his entourage of debauchees and communists, Down with the dictatorship! Biden (and the pervert alphabet soup) delenda est!

  2. graceythecat says

    They have the right to be gay and the cake baker has a right to say what he bakes. When will the communist controlled democrats quit taking our freedoms and rights away.
    Nobody has the right to tell anyone else what they are suppose to do if they are not taking money for not doing it. If you want a certain cake, then find a place that will perform this for you and leave other people alone!
    LGBT should be glad that no one is bothering them for what they want to be, but leave everyone that doesn’t what to join your club alone.
    In order for the LGBT to feel accepted is they have to take all rights and freedoms from everyone else!

  3. Wyatt Earp says

    Nuthead trying hard to DESTORY a man business after LOSING the homosexual one! Now come back to use TRANSGENDER!!! REALLY? GUESS THEY JUST CAN’T ACCEPT THE FACT THEY WILL LOSE AGAIN

  4. Atina says

    Democrats, queers, and Muslims are destroying our country, how long are we going to stand by snd watch.

  5. Terry White says

    Totally agree. Deviates is being too kind to these degenerates.

  6. Drew Page says

    I guess these folks never heard of ” Do It Yourself”. Let the LGBTQs bake their own cakes however they wish. No one will care. These frivolous lawsuits are not aimed at ending discrimination, they are promoting discrimination. Not content to live and let live, the activists filing these suits are seeking to punish anyone who doesn’t support their perversions.

    These activists are the kind of people that would carry signs reading “SUPPORT MENTAL HEALTH, OR I’LL KILL YOU.”

  7. James B Jacobs says

    God made Adam and Eve, no Adam and Steve.

  8. jeff says

    We need an anti-harassment law. These degenerates are singling out the man who vanquished them once and will not stop until he is out of business.

  9. Catherine says

    I just received a poll question asking if I listed my preferred pronouns in social media!?! What the heck!?! They’re after all of us!😱

  10. Zepher Zipping says

    There cake should be the lake of fire ! To dishonor God won’t end very good , wise up Dumbo’s while you have chance .

  11. Grandmas Mad says

    My Dad had a Bakery in New York back in the 1960’s….I remember he had a sign posted…”I have the right to refuse service to anyone”….. Doesn’t that apply today??????

  12. Cordell says

    If Mr. Phillip’s made the perverts a cake, they would sue him because they didn’t like it. These people will never be satisfied or happy with anything because they know that what they are doing is what God calls an abomination. Argue with creator God, He makes the ultimate rules not the supreme court or any other man or woman or pervert.

  13. Jerry says

    Boycott anything and everything that supports
    anything liberal and extreme!!! Got that Nike
    and (too white) Coca Cola????

  14. Janice says

    This has got to stop. This poor guy is just trying to make a living, and they are trying to take that away from him. There are other bakeries, but they keep going to this one knowing he will not go against his beliefs. It’s so obvious what they are doing. I wouldn’t bake a cake for these freaks either. Hang in there Jack, we are all with you.

  15. Larry says

    The crybaby FREAKS are at it again

  16. 2A w says

    He should make it and poison them

  17. bobbie says

    The cake bakers, Mr. & Mrs. Phillips MUST be left alone by these radical people. They enjoy the right to refuse to bake a cake, bake a cake for a Christian, bake a cake, for a Muslim, bake a cake for an Asian, bake a cake for the President of the United States, bake a cake for any LGBT person, bake a cake for a child, for a single man, for a single woman, for a heterosexual couple, for a gay couple, or for ANYONE ELSE, you and I can come up with!!!!. Also, if a person wants to “be gay, or anything else someone can dream up for them to become, has the right to be that person!!! This does not mean they are doing the right thing, it just means they have the right to do it!!! As long as they do not push or force themselves on anyone else!!! These are just the facts in the case. ONE CANNOT FORCE THEIR VIEW AND BELIEFS ON ANYONE ELSE!!! This is a protection for every American citizen (and should be a protection of every citizen of any country, no matter where they live!!! So, all of you people who continue to harass and try to intimidate this fine couple, PLEASE STOP IT!!! Okay!!!

  18. Jeff says

    Whatever happened to we reserve the right to refuse business to anyone for no reason??

  19. Robert Wayne says

    Make their damned cake and fill it with Ex-Lax. Those queers won’t try their harassment games again on Mr. Phillips.

  20. William Krueger says

    This crap would stop if the liberal anti-freedom judges would throw these cases out as soon as the anti-freedom anti-God lawyers filed them. As long as our demon possessed courts accept these cases they will keep filing them. Now you know why Trump was trying to appoint conservative judges. We must put our faith and trust in God because He is still in control. And until this nation starts trusting Him and not government we can expect this to continue. As a nation we have given God no reason to bless this nation anymore.

  21. Joe says

    WHEN are we going to stop putting up with all this nazism! These communist democrats need to be stopped NOW! Those two criminals in the White House should arrested and tried and executed! Enough is enough!

  22. Don says

    Cake Baker Jack Phillips Back In Court After Refusing To Make Gender Transition Cake
    He has the rights to refuse any job same as any one does.
    If these sick in the head trans-sex wack-Os want a cake let them bake it

  23. Bs no more says

    Skin those cunts alive and then let them try to sue. Time to mass execute each and every one of those baby murdering, child molesting, natural born real woman hating terrorist dick suckers ! AFTER they serve us for the last time. AS RUGS !

  24. Zepher Zipping says

    Enjoy your time now because it’s your last , your disgusting display of confusion about your sex or is it a display of deviance , either way , it’s an abomination to God , I’d rather be in heaven than the hell you’ll be for .

  25. Jeffrey Hamilton says

    So is this the equality the left and their sodomite followers have in mind for the American Citizens? I think NOT! It’s time to teach these sycophants That if they want to play with the big kids, crying and sniveling isn’t allowed! Quit trying to shove your moral devoid life styles on those of us who find your behavior repugnant and stay with your own kind if you can’t get along!

  26. Patricia says

    As I have said many times, our Country is at a crossroads and we will need to decide which direction we are going to take. I for one will be willing to stand up for the beliefs on which our Country was founded.

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