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BLM Protestors Take Over Dallas Restaurant, Chant Terrifying Warning about Burning Sh*t Down

Militant Black Lives Matter protestors stormed a Dallas restaurant Tuesday night while people were eating. During the takeover they shouted, “Who burn sh*t down? We burn sh*t down!”

The protestors claimed, “Silence is violence,” while intimidating patrons and kicking drinks off tables. BLM riots have accelerated this week following the shooting of a Black man by a white police officer in a Minneapolis suburb during a traffic stop.

As Democrat Congressman Dan Kildee discussed his therapy for alleged PTSD during the U.S. Capitol building riot on Jan. 6 to mainstream fanfare, the left refuses to cover the current violent actions taking place this week in Dallas. Why the double standard?

Violent BLM protests simply don’t fit the media’s narrative. If you question violence over police brutality, you’re called a racist.

But the race card doesn’t work when protestors storm restaurants or loot stores. Committing crimes to protest crimes isn’t helpful; it’s illegal.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. showed a better way. His focus on non-violent protesting led to sit-ins, marches and other public actions that led to changed legislation and a better society. Today’s BLM are nothing like the iconic MLK, instead they often committing acts that deepen the racial stereotypes they blame others of holding. One founder of BLM was recently outed for buying multiple homes, some in areas where the population is over 90% white. Guess white people aren’t so bad if she’s willing to buy a million dollar plus home in the community.

People of all backgrounds oppose police brutality and violence against a person during a routine traffic stop. That’s called common sense. The occasional bad apple police officer does not give anyone the right to vandalize, commit arson or loot businesses.

I wonder how many people storming the Dallas restaurant even knew the police officer involved has already been arrested? These actions aren’t happening without a response. The courts will determine what happens next, not kicking over someone’s cocktail because you’re mad about something that happened 1,200 miles away.

Peaceful protesting has its place, but violence in response to violence leads to mayhem rather than positive change. The BLM bullies who messed up the Dallas restaurant would do far better to clean up their city to show the positive impact Black communities have instead of destroying it.

We need a Rosa Parks for the twenty-first century instead of, “We blow sh*t up.” Parks died a hero. Her humble efforts helped spark a movement that led to the end of Jim Crow laws and ended segregation in the American South.

If we want unity in our divided nation, it will take more than yelling. It’s going to require working toward peaceful solutions that help those in need.

Sadly, some leftist elites are working to hijack racial protests for their own political ends. The hundreds of millions of dollars flowing toward anti-racism non-profits aren’t just about creating equality. They’re about getting Democrats elected.

That fact doesn’t get highlighted on the nightly news, but too many racism concerns are becoming the basis for everything from voting right favoring the left to diversity issues as a key Democrat platform to increase votes in future elections.

America clearly needs a better response to racism. But it’s not destroying the nation’s businesses that will do it. We need people of conviction willing to do the hard work of building a better nation for people of all backgrounds.

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  1. jeff says

    Nice young mostly peaceful protestors. No, these are communists and paravectors.

  2. James says

    Who were Ashli Babbet and Miriam Carey? Bet very few people know one was a White Women, a Veteran. The other was a Black Women with a small child in the car. Both were shot and killed by Capitol Police. Neither was armed,one may have been considered resisting but they both were human. As long as you stay divided it wont stop. I am a White Police Officer,Retired. I tell you you can not have two systems of Justice and only one race mattering. We are all Gods children and until we awaken we will be divided by those who rule us.

  3. Gerald S Ladd says

    They are cowards. It’s time to start killing them. Piles of dead trash, sends a message. They know they are protected by law. It’s time the law starts using the guns they have.

  4. Son of Liberty says

    The law, the politicians, the judges are not on our side. They are too scared to stand up for what is right! WE THE PEOPLE need to take matters into our own hands (like our forefathers 244 years ago did) now, to rid our Republic of this vermin from the landscape. If you want law and order to return, you will have to fight for it or be silent! Freedom isn’t Free, but it’s worth fighting for!

  5. Hubert says

    I agree with Gerald, start shooting them, or how about turning the table around and start burning the LYING PRESS BUILDINGS DOWN……

  6. GRIZZ MANN says

    This can be expected by a Democrat approved Racist hate group. Mostly pieceful riot.

  7. Mike Hallum says

    People the only way we’re going to be able to solve this problem, it’s these people need to be taken out. We need to clean up the streets now United States of America people need to step up, we need to do it with force. The media and dems are fueling the problem.

  8. Ruth says

    They are lucky no one shot their ass. Texas is an open carry state. Don’t piss off the Texans.

  9. Zeke says

    If they come into a restaurant that I am eating in, with my family, and start their bullshit, 18 will be dead in less the 15 seconds! Guarantee!

  10. The NC Taxman says

    Time to take back America from BLM and Antifa. If you encounter any of these thugs and are armed, please shoot to kill all of them. They are racists, anti-American, communist/socialist thugs who are not welcome in our great America. Defend yourselves and remove them from our fine country. They are ALL felons and Traitors and only deserve to be removed from our fine Country by all lawful means, including self defense/2nd Amendment!

  11. Randall S Daniels says

    Sadly you’re 100% correct. They will never listen to words. They have gotten away with this behavior too long at this point.

  12. Gerry says

    You are right! These riots are intensional. The riots are meant to decide the people. Justice is not their aim. It is a front for what they stand for. They know people are held by drama and reaction. Truth doesn’t matter. Look at how people are controlled by social media. It was made a part of people’s lives by big tech. Remember, truth is not carried out by MSM and big tech you see that with all the censorship. Control and confuse people and censure the truth so people are hindered. Once defeated, people can be controlled.

  13. Randall says

    I most likely would have thrown a drink on him and fired him up !

  14. Patricia Link says

    We need to be able to protect ourselves and our families we need to up stand together and fight back that is the only way it changes we need to start using our guns our police officers need our support we need to talk about teaching our children that not ok to running away from the police stop resisting arrest white men also get arrested Chinese men and women and Spanish the only difference is they don’t resist arrest

  15. recent convert says

    A bunch of lead sandwiches, there’s the only reparations those defective products deserve and will receive. White Americans should sue the Muslim slavers still operating in Africa and Europe today.

  16. James B Jacobs says

    What are the police doing about this? Nothing? The only way this will stop is to start enforcing the laws. Put these people in jail, and fine them everything they have got. As long as nobody is held accountable and pay for doing things like this, it will continue and get worse. The police need to do their job and that is stop law breakers from breaking the law. Isn’t that what we got them for. Anybody that tells the police to stand down while watching people burning, looting are breaking the law in any way, needs to be thrown out on their butts. They not only are not doing their job, but are stopping the police from doing theirs. also.

  17. Duane says

    Since it’s a restaurant a round of pepper spray would be appropriate to serve these protesters on the house.

  18. Eydie says

    BLM and Antifa is orchestrated by the Rulers of Darkness also known as, the Deep State freaks, criminals, child rapist, Politicians, Free masons, multi billionaires, mainstream media, Pedo Hollywood etc who has been ruling our world for many years.
    No, I would never get the Covid 19 Vaccine.
    Bill Gates, Fauci and the global and wide spectrum of Dark Rulers or Deep State is controlling our world and has been for too many years.They controlled Trump in the end. No one will ever be able to go against these criminals, pedophile rings of child rapist, and dark souls. They are massive multi billionaires, who will threaten or kill anyone who stands in their way of being exposed. The dark rulers are very good at using George Orweillan psychological programming. Watch the movie 1984!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My rude awakening came on April 12, 2021 after reading the book Rulers of Darkness
    I love and have faith in God but in order to stop these freakish Dark Rulers the entire world needs to stand up and rise against them. Let me ask you, do you really think everyone is going to walk off their jobs and fight for our freedom and liberty? Too many people are still zombies, others empower these freakish dark rulers, and too many surrender and are now puppet’s including the mainstream media.What we need to do is stop empowering them and rise up against these FREAKS, CHILD RAPIST, AND CRIMINALS.

    Sorry but Trump is not coming back!
    I also needed my HOPIUM that he was coming back, but He isn’t.
    The Dark Rulers won’t let him. Trump doesn’t have the power to fight an army of such widespread evil doers or his plan would have been successful before Pedophile and criminal Biden became the Liberals President on Jan 20, 2021.
    So, we need to use another method to strengthen the American and global people to rise up against the Tyranny, Genocide and George Orwellan Brain washing or we will all be in a World of Communistic and Narcissistic Commands.


  19. "JustTheFacts says

    This appears not to be “peaceful protest” but an outburst of anarchy that should have been immediately shut down, and the anarchists arrested and jailed. Somehow I think Dr. King would be embarrassed seeing how his community devolved horribly into a movement of thuggery and mayhem. Interesting that you never seems to be these protesters addressing the horrible social issues caused by their own community, namely, rampant drug abuse, gang murders, unwed mothers having kids that they cannot afford to raised, high drop out rates in school, destruction of entire once beautiful neighborhoods, and a whole of social problems for which they are primarily responsible for inflicting on themselves. My family was poor and we barely lived paycheck to paycheck, but my immigrant parents who came here legally taught us to work hard, keep your yourself, home, and neighborhood clean and crime free, go to school and get an education to make a better life for yourself, and be responsible for yourself and stop looking to blame others for problems of our own making. You know, I have to say that was the greatest advice I ever got and it actually works.

  20. Chuck says

    Lock and load kick my table over game on.

  21. Donald J Sumner says

    hope i am not in restaurant and they come in it will be the worst day of their life be warned !!!!

  22. Willie T says

    They want to shut down the police? I am almost of a mind to say, let them. We have had continuous record gun sales since this started, millions of them first time owners, many after being terrorized by these thugs. get them to band together, with no law enforcement to stop them, and the brownshirts will soon be crying for the police they wanted shut down to come back and protect them.

  23. Marty says

    Black lives will never matter i love drive by shootings and black on black murders . The more the better.

  24. bruce says

    These people should be locked up.

  25. Lemont Cranston says

    We Americans have guaranteed rights given us by the Constitution. The people need to learn about those rights and where they come from. These rights are absolute, not as biden states, “there is no absolutes in the Constitution!” Apparently, he is as ignorant as they come. Even for a democrat!
    Our rights are “God given” and inalienable. Meaning they can’t be taken away by government because they were not given by government. They come from a higher power. In fact, the sovereigns in the Constitution are “We the People”. We are given the power over government to replace it if necessary. The Constitution limits the power of government. The purpose of government is to serve the people admirably and to benefit us.(When was the last time you saw a benefit from this government? Even the stimulus bills were arouse to send our tax money overseas by the billions!) Instead the congress designed to represent the people, are representing the government. That’s called tyranny! Thomas Jeffersonstaed, “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

  26. Barbara says


  27. Carlos says

    This is planet of the apes and it won’t stop until restaurant patrons begin carrying bear spray (5X stronger than normal pepper spray) and collapsible batons to fight back. When one of these mobs charges in and the men in the restaurant send a few to the hospital, they’ll have second thoughts. Oh yeah, also pack a firearm, just in case.

  28. Erleebird says

    Oh come on, folks! They are just using their right to free speech! (sarc)

  29. Gunny says

    The owner should have had the TRESPASSERS removed by any means necessary. (preferably Dallas P.D. swat) The
    scumbags do NOT get to pull that shit on private property, the property owner should have dropped a pair & not caved to the domestic terrorists that were issuing terrorist threats. The dog catcher & trash collector would be shoveling up a lot of SHIT had that been my property.

  30. Bev says

    Dallas is a Democrat run city in Texas. There lies the problem and why BLM got away with this. Send them on over to East or West Texas and they will learn a lesson with a quickness

  31. Estelle T. says

    WE THE PEOPLE: In 2020 Portland, Oregon has had violence” protest” most nights. Businesses have been destroyed, police buildings have been lit on fire, and people defining themselves have been charged with murder. This type of violence has been seen in New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, Los Angles, Police chiefs have resigned. The Major of Portland was advised by Ms. Pelosi in the summer of 2020 not to allow National Guard Troops into Portland because it would give Mr. Trump a victory. (This was in an email.) In March 2021 Portland, Oregon used $1.5 million dollars to hire UNARM individuals to stop the violent. When the established LAW AND ORDER group such as police, courts and National Guard were told to “stand down” the public becomes confused. WHO is in charge? The leadership of the Democratic party of 2021 is not the same party as of 1960’s. Individuals with GLOBLEIST ideals have become the leaders of the United States Democratic party. The GLOBLEIST objective is to turn the United States into a Third World county. The United Nations is prepared to come into the United States to restore order if needed.

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