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Biden Regime Isn’t Making COVID Vaccine Mandatory for White House Staff

Ever since a cabal of communists took over the White House back in January, we’ve been told that it’s super important for all Americans to get vaccinated for COVID. We can all get back to normal and take off the masks if we get the shot! Remember that? Today, the White House seems almost panicked.

And just to ensure that all you red-state flyover hicks are extra obedient, they’re going to start making life increasingly miserable for anyone who hasn’t got the shot yet. It’s so important to be vaccinated that they’re going to take even more of your civil liberties away. But if that’s true… why hasn’t the White House required its own staffers to take the vaccine if they don’t want to?

The White House is now seriously considering unconstitutional “vaccine passports” that will restrict unvaccinated people from traveling. The plan, if implemented, will also likely impose federal checkpoints on all border crossings between US states. Don’t want those pesky unvaccinated folks running around and enjoying the “privileges and immunities” – including the freedom to travel between the various states – that the Constitution guarantees them!

In New York City, Pothead Bill DeBlasio (the city’s Mayor, for some reason) has imposed the strictest coronavirus measures that anyone on this continent has seen since prior to the Revolutionary War. You can’t enter any public building in New York City without showing your vaccine papers. That includes “grocery stores with sit-down restaurants” inside them (which means grocery stores like Target, Walmart and anywhere else that has a Subway or Burger King in them). The White House is praising Pothead Bill’s efforts to “defeat” the coronavirus.

The people in charge of the country right now want to make it as uncomfortable as possible for free citizens who have exercised their own medical autonomy and made the decision to not get the mRNA gene-altering medicine made from aborted babies and who knows what else. You will be made completely miserable by the White House and tyrants like Pothead Bill if you think you can continue to exercise your own freedom of choice about medical decision.

Your body – but not your choice!

The White House is encouraging private businesses to force their employees to choose between getting the shot and keeping their jobs, or not getting the shot and letting their families starve. It’s disgusting, government-encouraged coercion. They’re trying to force all healthcare workers to get the shot, whether they want to or not. About 150 nurses walked off the job in Houston recently when faced with that choice (good for them!), and now Houston is complaining that it’s facing a critical shortage of nurses for some odd reason.

A reporter in the White House Press Briefing was smart enough to ask the regime the other day: Are White House employees required to get the vaccine?

Press Secretary Jen Psaki replied, “No, we have not mandated it.”

Isn’t that curious? Even as they’re encouraging state and local officials, private businesses and labor unions to force the shot on everyone else, the White House isn’t forcing its own employees to get the shot. For an illegitimate regime that’s already known for its flaming, white-hot hypocrisy, that is some serious chutzpah. That takes “Do as I say, not as I do” to a whole new level.

Of course, the reporter didn’t ask the obvious follow-up question: “Have ANY White House employees been vaccinated?” And the White House isn’t providing any elaboration.

One thing that’s really remarkable – and which Israel and Great Britain are starting to say out loud, even as the government here continues to lie to us – is that the coronavirus vaccines aren’t the miracle drug they were made out to be. Israel and Britain are both admitting that the coronavirus vaccine efficacy collapses about six months after a person gets the second shot. That’s why everyone is running around now claiming that you need a “booster shot.” The latest CDC guidance suggests getting the booster at the 8-month mark of the process (six months after the second shot, in other words).

That’s why so many politicians who rushed out to get vaccinated back in January are catching COVID all of a sudden. Texas Governor Greg Abbott and three US Senators caught the virus this past week. All of them received their second dose six months ago. The “vaccines” don’t provide long-term immunity, and don’t work as advertised.

But don’t you find it curious that the White House is considering forcing you to take the shot at gunpoint if you don’t want it – while not requiring it for their own employees?

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  1. Willie1955 says

    Just shows this administration are hypocrites, they are the most inept bunch of clowns who have no idea what people want or need. The pro abortion fools say my body my choice but when it comes to other things to do with the body it isn’t our choice. The vaccines are breaking down after six months means they are not ready to be FDA approved. The whole vaccine thing is a sham to control the populace. Why is it that people don’t have to get a flu shot or a shingles shot, a pneumonia shot if they care not to. Listening to fauci and the CDC flip flop about the virus, about mask mandates proves they don’t have a clue. They are not following the science like they claim they are.

  2. Boaz says

    Biden Government.Worthless S O B’s Need to be put out of office, it’s overdue!

  3. Pat Dyer says

    Of course that is what is expected from the Obama-Biden-Harris-Pelosi Administration. They dish out idiotic rules for everyone else but violate their own rules. Everyone else is beneath them and they believe themselves to be Socialist Royalty who can violate everyone else’s freedoms and rights !

  4. Don says

    The whole party is nothing but frauds.

  5. Jeanne Ballard says


  6. Jeanne Ballard says

    Smells like NAZI Germany

  7. SOLDADO says

    Not Mandatory for CAT house Clowns, but for military? Not mandatory for Pfizer, J&J or maderna employees either. See a pattern?. The Ones who did take the JAB, as show to the people, the jabs were Saline solution & a Mild antibiotic or Vitamin supplement such as B12. Not the poison they are pushing on the Citizens. The Border is wide open with 20% or better of the infiltrators having SARS or other disease without being quarantined. This was done on purpose to re-infect the USA so another SCAMDEMIC could be claimed. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

  8. Festus says

    Joe and the hoe, along with pelosi, shimmer and the rest of the democrats are treasonous commies and must be tried and executed when found guilty.

  9. joseph firestone says

    come to my house with guns and i will use mine on you
    come and get some…fucking traitors
    its time for citizens to arm up and take our country back..its pretty obvious that our gov is worthles and unwilling to do what must be done

  10. Rebecca Tobey says

    Those of us with a brain have researched this pandemic since Fauci spoke from the White House lawn. Amazing the information at your finger tips that’s removed now to help cover the lies, but there’s always somebody telling the truth.
    People are stupid.
    But Biden’s stupider.

  11. Dan Ianneo says

    666,,, is this the Beast coming to fruition ? Seems to have been all foretold, maybe no an actual tattoo but an injection ? Makes one wonder,

  12. Gerry says

    Soldado — you are exactly right !!!!!

  13. Gerry says

    Festus —- Exactly right !!!!

  14. Dr. Jerold Theis says

    By Fraud or Stupidity the voters elected the idiots now in power. Lets make sure the elections are fool proof in 2022 and begin to rid the country of the socialists in DC.

  15. Randall says

    if i remember when Jackazz Joe came into a fraudulent office, he has made the statement enough people have not died from covi. does anyone recall that news? my opinion.
    also i believe there was news when Berry O. was president stated people should not live past 60. does anyone recall that and he is past 60. my opinion. the question is does anyone see a pattern here?
    is this to get our minds off the situation in Afghanistan? is he sending his son to Afg.? my opinion NO of course not?
    is Joe holding Dr Fauci and O. and China accountable while O. is enjoying his Island? and while Fauci collects on the Death Immunizations? my opinion
    why is it the White House Staff are not leading by example and taking the Death Jab, should had that not been a red flag before they set up the Jab to be switched with a antibiotic or something to say yea they got the JAB? should they have not been first to get it? beings they are working for the so called Elete. just a question.
    has anyone been to the NLA National Liberty Alliance and read the Articles on the population cut down with the Covi. there is more unbias information out there my opinion.
    in my opinion the politacal parties in Makority are working together and have been a very, very long time the corrupt courts from stealing our children and grand children , to the Supreme courts that ERROR in the matter and do not return the stolen children why? so the parties can steal inheritance’s, the Federal and supreme court justices of the U.S.A. also favoring in bad light with unclean hands all in my opinion, and we all have the right to our opinion right? or do we?
    further more in my opinion besides the southern borders being wide open using up the funds that we paid into taxes to wipe out SSN, and Medicare and Medicaid, and to supply the foster to adopt families money to support the children unlawfully taken through corrupt courts and government by parental interference, perjury Fraud, so more money is given to families of crooked relatives to include sons of Magistrates and other political parties. all in my opinion. and is this why FBI, GBI, sheriff department’s will not investigate the crimes against our families?
    i believe if they did and not acted in coercion and collusion to commit these i assert Felonies then leave it on the families to travel through the courts that continuously Block the actions just to try to get their children baCk from corrupt government many would come up with the same if not more evidence than i did,
    it is time to separate yourselves from the corrupt corporation known as government in my opinion and take a look at Hudok 2020 Bill of Peace while many are still being blind sided i believe i read the supreme court has ruled NO one has the right to place a Nullity before a persons Natural inalienable right. it is a infraction against your natural inherited commo God given right, and (man) is immune from attacks by people in our government because we are the one that pay them., well beside China. and Lawyers are second hand information where do they get their information from, and they that ask questions can be asked questions; the question that should be asked is where did you get your information from. most times proving they are second hand information and that does not fly in a true court of law, in my opinion. lawyers are FARA, Foriegn Agents on the Registry Act they have NO parity with you in a court of law my opinion, but then corporations do not belong in our courts now do they?

    be prepared for a tralor soon to be released with a documentary supported by material facts that have been documented as the FBI said i had NO evidence will soon come to light.
    guess i said all i want to say at this time in my opinion,,,, as some of this may be Narrative speaking but very close to the truth as i know it, please see Hudok 2020 Bill of Peace and NLA National Liberty Alliance they are both good places to start if ya want to understand more

  16. Edward Overpeck says

    Yes! It smells too much like like the mark of the beast in its infant stage and be warned in what the Scripture says about those who receive the mark can not enter into the Kingdom of God, so is it worth gambling on whether or not this is it, or just a forerunner, I surely don’t want to take a chance on loosing my salvation, even at the demands of our present corrupt government. I have already had the virus and if it means getting their updated manufactured virus, I’ll take my chance with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and die if I must. Too much is at stake to do anything less. How many of these boosters do you think they will require and which one will contain that most deadly consequences, which will mean being lost for all eternity in the lake of fire, where there will be no more hope, think about it, after billions of years of our time you would still be there, where the smoke of your torment will be continually. If this sounds horrible, yes it is and God does not want you do go there, that is why He made provisions for us not to go there by the way of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, who was the only sacrifice for us, that was acceptable to our Heavenly Father. If you have not asked the Lord to forgive you, all your sins and become your Lord and Savior, you can ask Him now and be sure of where you will spend eternity.God loves you and does not want to see anyone lost, but saved, as it is written in the book of John 3:16 and 17. Please! WE ARE ALL ONE BREATH AWAY FROM ETERNITY.

  17. Paul Otto says

    Why MUST everyone get a Covid shot?. I do NOT need to get a shot. If you get one, your supposedly totally protected, if they work so well. If you want one, that’s great. You can get 20 shots and I don’t care. Don’t UNCONSTITUTIONALLY force me. Just let me die. Thank you.

  18. CharlieSeattle says

    You must get the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$hot!

    Your friends at Big Pharma that can not be $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ued!

  19. Brontefan says

    For the Staff–no intimidation to take the Vax?? But he’s willing to intimidate the rest of us? How utterly criminal of him.

  20. D-Day says

    This all started with the fraudulent theft of the 2020 election. Our government is no longer trusted, and for good reason! The worst president in our country’s history was Barack Hussein Obama, and right now he is illegitimately serving his third term with Kamala Harris, and puppet Joe! No one, I repeat no one is going to make me get the shot! Until the fraudulent election of November 2020 is corrected, we legal American citizens know that we will never have another fair election in this country. The 2020 election has to be corrected, or our voices will never matter again in this country!

  21. Marcus Rogers says

    Anyone with a lick of common sense could have found bona fide information Other than your gar did not go for it.den variety pseudo-science about the SARS 2 Corona. All manner of baloney is now the hype of the century, with new pronouncements each week. one DOES NOT need a science degree to see through the Top Down control that has become this jab, yet most of my own health professional colleagues opted out!

  22. Blackberry says

    Covid vaccines are bioweapons kill shots.
    Natural immunity is always safe and effective. The beast system has to force the kill shot just like Stalin forced murdered over 50 million of his country.

  23. Buster Dearing says

    If they’re going to “police” the state boarder like the Mexican boarder we’ll have nothing to worry about

  24. Sharon Taylor says

    I’ve read that 70% of our people have been inoculated. Isn’t that when “herd immunity” is supposed to kick in? So, if we’ve reached “herd immunity” WHY is there still the push to give everyone that shot?

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