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Biden DOJ Forming Domestic Terror Unit to Target Americans

President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) announced on Tuesday that it will create a new unit to address domestic terrorism.

Testifying at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, Assistant Attorney General for National Security Matthew Olsen revealed the change during his opening statement before the Committee.

“The number of FBI investigations over the past two years since March 2020 has more than doubled.”

“The attacks in recent years underscore the threat that domestic terrorism continues to pose to our citizens, to law enforcement officers, to public officials, and to our democratic institutions,” Olsen continued. “Based on the assessment of the intelligence community, we face an elevated threat from domestic violent extremists.”

The announcement leads to concerns about the definition of a domestic terrorist in a turbulent year following the events of Jan. 6 in Washington, D.C.

A key question is how the new domestic terror unit will define a domestic terrorist. The Biden administration has sought to label many Trump supporters as domestic terrorists who were part of the crowd on Jan. 6 but had no part in entering the Capitol building or other illegal actions.

In addition, Attorney General Merrick Garland issued a letter last year that addressed parents voicing views at school board meetings as potential domestic terror threats, a controversial move that received much push back from conservatives and other Americans.

Many Americans are concerned the new domestic terror unit will make it easy for the government to classify anyone who disagrees with it as an enemy of the state. For example, the Department of Homeland Security’s list of “categories of domestic violent extremists” include a group called “anti-government/anti-authority violent extremists.”

This alleged group includes those with an “opposition to perceived economic, social, or racial hierarches; or perceived government overreach, negligence, or illegitimacy.” This definition could include anyone who opposes vaccine mandates, the results of an election, or an unjust law.

It wouldn’t take much to apply this vaguely worded definition to those who refuse a vaccine or even oppose the teaching of critical race theory in public schools. You, too, could soon be a “domestic terrorist” just for voicing your beliefs as an American.

The line between freedom and tyranny continues to be blurred as the left increasingly redefines any opposition as hate and even crime. Even some of the views of the nation’s founding fathers could now be defined as extremist rather than the views of liberty.

The problem is clear, but the answer is not. Simply supporting new candidates may not be enough. Instead, Americans concerned about this country will need to get involved in various areas of life where change can be made in practical ways, from education to business to the military and more, to show that those who hold to conservative American values are not extremists, but are the best way forward for the future of the nation.

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  1. Billy Bob Clinton says

    Sorry, But All Evidence Points To Hillary Running For Cocksucker of the Decade in 2024.

  2. bruce says

    I assume they mean the real domestic terrorists. BLM, ANTIFA, etc.. The ones who attacked and took over our cities and the “defunding the police” people sitting on city counsels. Hate and fear mongers in the media or in congress, violent illegal aliens crossing our borders, teachers unions forcing the teaching of hateful racist doctrine to our children. Those domestic terrorists?

  3. graceythecat says

    Well of course everyone who is against the communist democrat pedophile racist cult party would be a terrorist, it gets in the way of their plan for a one party government!

  4. Amanda Miller says

    I thought it was against the Constitution to spy on American citizens is this not the same thing does it have to be the CIA or FBI that does it can it not be the Department of Justice who has now become the Gestapo the secret police like Nazi Germany spying on American citizens just because I don’t agree with the Communists Democratic policies

  5. Wyatt Earp says

    Did we see the video of an FBI INFORM talking to an ANTIFA AT THE CAPITAL BUILDING? YES the antifa had the cap turn around backward! So If these DOJ WANT TO CALL ANYBODY DOMESTIC TERRORISM IT THEM AND EVERY ANTIFA AND BLM WHO RIOT OVER THE SUMMER ! Biden just trying to scare us into NOT VOTING!

  6. Zues says

    Nope….Trump is Xi’s nemesis and all roads lead to China and Xi…..

  7. Kathe says

    Joe Biden wants to call the Jan. 6, 2021, a coup. He should know all about Coups as he, Obama, Clintons, E. Holder, Susan Rice, Kerry, the FBI/DOJ plus Others were performing a coup against Trump even before he took Office. Amazing at our Corrupt Government which includes Congress. Had Justice been done, none of these individuals would be free to continue their destruction of the Greatest Nation, the U.S. of America. The Ugliness of the Democrat Party and its Members along with their criminal aspect continues to intimidate the Honest, Patriots of this Nation. The Far Left , Left Progressives and RINOS continue to lie, deceive and corrupt. The Stolen Election of 2020 will Always be known that Joe Biden and his Skins along with the Deep State (who are made up of Democrats and RINOS and Foreigners) and no, I am not leaving out such notables as Kamela Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, etc. of the makeup of Congress since 2009. Reid, J. McCain, so many that turned their coats to traitors of this Great Nation. It will continue because there are so many stubborn, blind and deaf Individuals as well as too busy trying to survive, to live their lives to care about Government, when it is this Present Government that is causing all the problems, not just the present but the past too. This all did not happen just over night, but Decades. But apparently many just do not care. What a Shame, so many have died for this Nation…was it all for nothing?

  8. Rose says

    Garland is in himself a DOMESTIC TERRORIST under Beijing Joe Administration.

  9. Theresa says


  10. Jj says

    Joe Biden’s version of unity. Biden’s most recent speech are straight out of History and straight out of the mouth of Lenin himself. One of the biggest murderers to ever exist.

  11. James Richards says

    This Illegitimate Administration and the Entire DNC has Declared that Everyone Who Disagrees with are the Enemy! They Saying this Out Loud and in the Open Now as if They have Already Won the Ideological Struggle, and can do Anything They Please to Their Opponents! Everyone Needs to Know the Agent at Their Door is Out to Get Them! Do Not let Them in, Do Not Go with Them, Do Not Provide a Statement, and Most Importantly of All They Won’t Hesitate to Shoot You! Act Accordingly!

  12. Ron says

    I guess the DOJ( department of jerkoffs) will start with the fbi and cia 2 of the most corrupt US departments. The fourth amendment prohibits the JOs from unlawful search and seizures. So I would say this too is against the constitution. But we all know Beijing Biden has never read the constitution.

  13. linda harrison says

    If Biden does this shit just because we are Trump supporters he now has a target on his back and this has that cunt Pelosi written all over it. The end of their communist regime is in sight. They only reason they put that fucking nut bag into the oval office was to get their one world order put into place and the only thing holding that up was Pres. Trump and our free America. Well you can let those ass holes know it isn’t going to happen now or ever!!!!!!!!!!! They just popped their heads out of the hole they were living in and committed fraud and showed just how corrupt they are and all the laws they have broken will come back to bite them in the ass and all the money they stole from hard working tax payers will be gone from what ever accounts they are hiding it. We are coming for their homes,cars money, and their families they took ours we we are coming for yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. john says

    Trump supporters are NOT “domestic terrorists!” This is an attack on people that don’t agree with the liberals or their philosophy. Everyone has an opinion and they shouldn’t be singled out for their opinion whether conservative or liberal as long as i’s an opinion and “not in you face” opinion. The real domestic/economic terrorists are those who allow thieves to loot and take the property of another and the end result is millions of dollars are lost by the thieves and the cost is passed on to the consumers.

  15. Gerra says

    So Ole Stinky Joe and Kameltoe Harrass are getting the DOJ to form a unit to combat anyone who disagrees with them? They ain’t talking about BLM or ANTIFA either. Folks, this is getting to be more and more like NAZI Germany and the USSR in that our ~government~ is having a specific constabulary to target citizens and imprison them for having spoken out! The Democrats are setting up an EVIL government intent upon throwing out the USA’s Constitution and it’s Bill Of Rights!

  16. Fred LeMaster says

    The ONLY Questionable People That Are Going To Have To Be US Constitutionally Held To Account, Are The Ones That Have Been Continuously IGNORING = CIRCUMNAVIGATING = CIRCUMVENTING The Whole US Constitution, Which Definitely Includes That Last Big Part Called The 7/27/1993 AD Version Of The US Immigration And Naturalization Act’s Rules And Regulations, Where Every Single Illegal Foreign Alien, Who Have Been Residing Inside The USA’s Very Own Boundaries, Including All Of Those Illegal Foreign Aliens That Are Crossing The USA’s Unsecure Southern Boundary Right Now, And Hear That There Are A Lot More Illegal Foreign Aliens Coming And Crossing As Time Keeps On Marching Into The Future, Which Has To STOP AND GO BACK TO WHEREVER THEY CAME FROM, Because These IFA’s And Illegal Migrants Had To Start Their Legal TREK To The USA’s Southern Border, Is To Their Previous Home Countries US Embassy, To Fill Out Sincerely, Truthfully = NO LIES On That US Immigration Application 1st! And I Would Say Ever Since 1 Questionable US President That Did NOT Get Vetted Thoroughly Enough Before His/Her/IT’s Very First Illinois Legislature Seat/ ?Left Side Of The US Political Career = #44 = Who Has 1 Too Many 1st Names And 3 Too Many Last Names = Mr. Bathroom Barry Alias Barack Hussein Soetoro Alias Soebarkah Alias Dunham Alias Obama And His Anti-US Constitutional Communistic Socialistic Progressive Liberal Democratic Donkey Party And Their WOKE, Indoctrinated Snowflake RINO Puppets Of The Likes Of Missy Lizzy ‘Borden’ Cheney From Wyoming, Mr. Kinzinger And Others That Make All Of Their Conservative Republican Promises, That Is ONLY When These Buffoons Run For Their US Congressional Districts And Seats, But ONLY When They Win Their Races, The Second That They Are IN Their DC Offices, They Throw Out Or Incinerate Every Single Promise That They Made During Their US Congressional Race, Oh, Yes, Mr. Mittens Romney Is Another Snowflake RINO, That Truly Needs To Be Thrown Out On His/Her/IT’s Derriere/Caboose/Upside Down Heart That Every Single Human Being Set’s Down On In That Chair Of Theirs, Even At Their Own Homes Too! Which Also Includes All Of Those Mis-Information Spewing World Wide Web CEO’s And Their Employees And Their Main Stream Propaganda Machines = Mouthpieces Like CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times/Tribune/Post = Just Like Socialistic Russia’s PRAVDA!!

  17. Fred LeMaster says

    The USA’s Domestic Terrorists = BLM, ANTIFA, The Whole Anti-US Constitutional Communistic Socialistic Progressive Liberal Democratic Party And Their WOKE And Indoctrinated Snowflake RINO Puppets Named Above And There Are More Like The 1’s Mentioned Above!!!

  18. Oldwestman says

    Hey You idiots in the white house and congress and the other agencies of the government you better read the Constitution of the United States of America especially the first Amendment of that sacred document.

  19. flyingcoyote says

    If these chickenshits show up around here, they’ll be shot and fed to the Hogs!!

  20. Richard says

    All of these communist need to go down they should be brought to justice immediately for treason plain simple these are treasonous acts against our country and constitution including the illegitimate president America is not and never will be a communist country and yes this is my name and not a fake email address communist scum

  21. Sue says

    I agree with all of the above and if we do not stand up for our rights and for the US Constitution and the rest of our freedoms that are left we will lose them too and our government will totally be Communism. Thanks to all of these evil socialistic people like Obama, Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Newsom Gruesome, and any other evil people there are in this country the left do not see what is truly going on and they have their eyes closed to it all. I know several people that are of the left and they are so stupid to believe the current administration and all of their lies that they will not see the truth until it is too late. God help us all that believe in the truth of our forefathers that they laid before us and also the millions of people that were slaughtered during the Dark Ages that noone seems to want to remember anymore. There were more people that were killed during that time than there were of the Jews during WWII and more than of course that have died from the stupid Corona virus. Most of the protestant churches do not teach their people about the Dark Ages anymore and I am sure that most of the Christians do not even k now about this important part of our history. The Lord is coming soon and we need to be ready for His Soon Coming. We are living in the last days of this earth’s history. Then the Lord will free us all from the regime now that we live under. May the Lord bless His people whereever they are on this earth. Amen!

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