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An Open Letter to the Incredibly Stupid Suburban Housewives Who Voted for Biden

I can’t stop laughing at that viral suburban housewife who voted for Joe and then learned to her shock and horror that her husband – who worked in the oil industry – lost his job on Day 1 of the Biden regime. We’re in for two years of pain, people. Harsh, character-defining pain that I hope will forge you and me like iron. But before that knock comes on our door, we should pause and have a good laugh at the expense of the people who actually voted for the basement dweller because Orange Man Bad.

If you missed that viral text message exchange from the housewife who got her husband fired, here is a screen shot of it:

Here’s my response to any emotional toddler who voted for Joe Biden.

Dear Suburban Housewife,

Even though your husband is technically a blue-collar worker, the two of you have been enjoying a white-collar lifestyle. This was all thanks to the amazing oil and gas renaissance happening in America under Donald J. Trump’s leadership. That house, the brand-new Honda CR-V you’re driving, and the fact that you can stay home and raise the kids yourself without slaving away in some corporate cubicle is (or rather, was) due to Donald Trump’s leadership and the sweat of your husband’s brow.

First, I’d like to offer you a piece of advice, on the assumption that your marriage will somehow survive the fact that you literally voted against your own family’s self-interest. In order to continue enjoying all of the perks and benefits that your husband’s job provided to YOU, your duty as a wife is to have your husband’s back at all times. This includes when you head into the voting booth and cast your vote. I really do hope your marriage works out after this.

Also, in the tumult of costing your husband his job and the upcoming loss of your house, your cars and your way of life, you may have missed some other important things that happened on Joe’s first day on the job.

You might want to sit down and have a chat with your daughter Ashley right now. Thanks to another executive order from President Biden, Ashley is about to get crushed to a pulp on the soccer field this year by a hulking transgender teenager who thinks he is a girl and who insists that everyone call him they/them. After losing the game, Ashley will probably be crying in the school showers due to a broken collarbone. But when they/them steps into the shower with Ashley – and it’s really important that you warn her about this now – Ashley must remain silent.

If she complains, Ashley will be expelled from school for her bigotry and privilege. And not to add insult to injury, but you might want to put those dreams of that athletic scholarship for Ashley on hold as well. The they/them transgender dude will be winning that now.

You made a really dumb and illogical choice on November 3rd based on your feelings, rather than voting for the guy who gets results. If you had connected just a couple of dots before voting, you would have realized that the guy who upset you with his mean tweets had actually made your lifestyle possible. Adults should not care about the personality or the tweets of a president. We should care whether he gets results and improves the lives of the American people through those results.

It’s not like these Joe policies were a big surprise or something. He told us all year long that he was going to crush the oil and gas industry if he somehow got elected. He also supported every woke transgender policy under the sun – policies that are clearly designed to destroy the rights of biological women and girls.

I hope that the pain that your family is about to go through as a result of your emotionally childish voting habits is a learning experience for you. You are getting exactly what you voted for.

But it’s not too late to redeem yourself! It’s never too late to abandon the destructive liberal path that you’re on. Come over to the side that gets results. Attend a rally. Join the Republican Party with your husband. Vote a straight pro-America ticket in two years so a red wave recaptures the House and Senate. Maybe we can begin to stop the bleeding at that point.

But until then… good luck.


All the American Adults Who Voted for Donald Trump

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  1. Noe Rodriguez says

    And that was just a few of the bad policies Biden and Democrats want to impose on America.

  2. Marlene says

    To those liberals I knew I said quite clearly Trump is rude, crude, and socially unacceptable. And he was exactly what our country needed. You want a smarmy diplomat? Go buy one, they’re a dime a dozen. Trump could have appointed a slew of them. Now you have a puppet who says all the nice words but will destroy America and American workers. Great choice morons

  3. kurt gandenberger says

    you now have a demented dimwit in the white house who will sign anything put in front of him by his handlers. and they do not have the best interests of the people (the “little people”) at heart. instead, they represent the interests of large corporations, the CCP and the “immigrants.” the large corporations want cheap labor and will now get plenty of it. yes, you are going to lose your job, but you can “learn how to make solar panels” for one of our failing green energy companies. let’s have john kerry and crooked joe lose their jobs and learn how to make solar panels.

  4. Buzz Waldron says

    Trump was NOT socially unacceptable! He just had the balls to stand up for what is right against the perverts, criminals, USA-haters, and murderers!

  5. Nate says

    The moral of the story? “Be Careful What You Wish For, You May Just Get It”!

  6. Randall says

    This surly is a unfit president ” joe biden ” his un-American politician’s continue to rewrite the American way , he most likely never seen anything that he’s signing in the executive orders . it’s God , country , family and without those values it’s called communism . The letter from God is called the Bible have you read it ? All men are created equal , it’s how you present yourself , live free , pray to the Father and his son Jesus Christ our savior .

  7. jerry d WOOD says

    We just cannot fix ‘STUPID!

  8. Merle Freeze says


  9. yakaback says


  10. Joseph M Nelson says

    The lady that wrote this is right on, I wish everyone that voted for this crook drives a 10 cylinder car that get 10 miles to the gallon and see what they thank about joe and his policies, It is just to bad his mother did not know where to get a abortion and you know she would have if she knew how he turned out what a shame for our country.

  11. Jack says

    We all know the biden idiot has done with all his congress years…ZERO….WE the U.S. is all going to lose big time!!

  12. Phyllis says

    She got what she wanted, now all of us will be forced to live with it. It’s only taken 5 days for Biden to destroy all of the progress made, since Obama left office. Having Biden and Harris in the WH is equivalent of having an Obama 3rd term. We barely survived the first 2, I don’t know if we can survive a 3rd.

  13. Beverly Robinson says

    I know a lady who had to stop her internet/cable, change to generic facial and hair products and almost had to move out of her beloved home under Obama/Biden. Under Trump she was living large again (you could say). Now I’m waiting to hear how she will be struggling again. She can take comfort in knowing she likes Biden morals over Trumps.

  14. Terry Hoagland says

    How can some people be so stupid and vote democrat just because they are a democrat Trump help the middle class and the poor as much or more than any democrat has ever done it’s been nice going to get gas and filling up for less than $20.00 but now we will be lucky to fill up for less than $50.00 just for a small car! The next time you go to the voting booth use common sense.

  15. Walter Deveau says

    That’s what stupid gets you. If she’s not happy now, how will she feel when biden gets dumped & harris is shoved into office?

  16. Walter Deveau says

    I would agree with anyone who says Trump has an abrasive personally, but I’m 110% behind him, because I vote policy,not personality!

  17. Lillie says

    And just think….the fun is just starting…smh!

  18. Maya says

    and sincerely Sorry for you!
    You know, I am a former political refugee from the central EU, so I lived under commies. I wrote about that on my first websites already in 1990- including warnings.

    Still, how easy it was for you to get real facts today, via videos, photos, readings, talk to such people, check-up data, etc…
    Socialism! Meaning communist ruling Russia and Central Europe:
    1946 start *commies took it and people lived under the so-called “Iron curtain.”
    Why? Because commies made sure nobody from the West would see it, the poverty, loss of freedom… prisons, killings, etc…pictures from those times are easily available. Empty shops, endless lines of mothers trying to get food for family…and nobody could get out, because people would uncover the real situation outside. West Germany, for example; Just think what commies did. Built the wall between East and West, divided families, forbid visiting…OH!!

    All finally crashed in 1990, commies gone and freedom visited those suffering nations: Kindly visit Russia and central Eu today.
    The miracle is a weak word!
    Freedom, all build-up, fantastic in every way, something to be seen, admired, and be in shock with a difference. There is now something, and even better, what you now LOST! You changed the roles, voluntarily, listening to brainwashed idiots, and those who were clearly after power. Now, you have it!
    I feel sorry for you, sincerely, especially for those who lost votes for Trump.
    He is a rich man, (the possibility to reach wealth in the USA was available) but he loves his country and its people. He miraculously lifted the economy, which got quite slide down under B.O.
    Do you remember where that one was all the time? Either playing golf or visited countries around, loving attention is given to him.
    OH, OH, old America! Where are you now, the 1st world country?
    You allowed your children to be brainwashed, look how they behave? Yelling slogans taught by communist teachers. Against their country and actually parents…
    I am not a religious person, well, lets God Bless You!


  19. Kimberly says

    The house Wife who voted Biden didn’t elect him, supported by solid proof he was elected by a lot of dead people and illegal votes in six republican run states. If nothing is done soon the Democrats can do great harm to our Republic. The Republicans in those states can have honest audits done, and if Trump truly won as solid proof has shown, they can still pull their electors back and submit new ones. The Supreme Court would have to sort out. Same with 4 senate seats that were stolen.
    Or using the 14th. Amendment the military can take control, sort it out and put the true winner in. I understand that military intelligence have all the proof of foreign interference and the military might be planning this. They seem to be held back by a couple general level officers. But Biden and the Democrats recent activity may be turning the tide. The military swear allegiance to the constitution and the Democrats seem to shitting on it and the Republic.

  20. RD says

    Unfortunately, 99.99%+ of the Socialists will not read this article, even if CNN, i.e. the Official US Socialist Government News Agency, reported on it. The Left gets their news via headlines and edited soundbites. They never have facts to back up their lame arguments, just anger, misplaced passion, hate, and rage at anyone that doesn’t agree with them 100% across the board.

    Which of course is impossible as they move the goalposts every single day.

  21. edwina aston says

    after reading these comments and comments from other sources I have to wonder how Biden won 9 out of 10 people I talked to voted for Trump, doesn’t add up.

  22. Marsha G. Cox says

    Joseph Nelson, while I strongly oppose abortion, in this case you are so right.

  23. Wilber Williams says

    i am old and slow but i am not the president as he should not be.. a poor excuse of leadership. he is being told what to do…he hasn’t a clue to what’s going on. a air head puppet….. follow the strings and you will find the true communist lover ,obama will lead my list of many…taxes is all the dems know how to do.. give it to nations that could care less about us….take the cash and run….all the leaders we have now are rooted in the communist party.. and hate what the USA stands for. .Time to stop the UNFAIR TAXES being put on the people at a very bad time…..democrats don’t care about the tax payers because they will get their kick backs from all the free cash going else where….still need to drain the swamp….term limits for all government people in congress…as well as a age limit…..

  24. Rae says

    Being in politics is about forging policy not personality. We knew who Trump was, he had warts, we all do but his vision for US was why he was elected. And he worked hard for US all of US. We had some of the best numbers for growth and unemployment of the past 50 years with him, he took NO salary! AND … he couldn’t be bought! On the other hand now we are stuck with “Sleepy Joe” & “Kameltoe” for 4 years. Together they have, what ? 60 years combined time in politics and nothing to show for it as far as initiating policy or building anything with the exception of increasing their own wealth??

  25. CARL says

    To the writer of this Open Letter:
    You spent a lot of time in the “TskTsk!” department. I am hoping you spent at least as much time in sculpting your opinion of the Republican Party. More than half of this wayward political organization has proven itself a feckless sellout mob. If there was a true Republican Party, we would have Trump in the White House, right now. What we have is a Deep State that owns a majority of reps and senators on both sides. Mostly through blackmail. Mostly through sexually based acts. These traitors follow their orders. To vote Republican will not change the straits we are in. That will require a much more forceful course. While I completely understand your frustration, I alert you to the fact that it has turned you into a rather loose-cannon adolescent that sees only what he wants to see. Look at “your” Party. It is not what you think it is, and certainly not what it once was.

  26. Esther Guerrero says

    To Maya says: We have not been defeated and will come back even stronger after the lessons we’ve been taught. The difference between the United States and other nations was simply this: The United States was founded on a solid and unwavering belief in God. We are beginning to realize our error and are turning back in large numbers. With God’s guidance, help and blessings we will overcome the evil that has permeated our nation and arise victorious once more. God is in control and has a plan for the entire world! One that will not be overcome by the greedy and self-serving servants of Satan. Praise His Name forever!

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